Limitless Sword God Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: He left just like that

However, after they saw that it was Su Yun that jumped off the boulder, with a pair of joyful eyes, they both said, “Finally, we found the person we wanted. Fellow brothers and sisters, may we present Su Yun.”

“Su Yun?” The female was slightly surprised even now, and asked, “You are the one they call trash Su Yun?”

“That is me!” Su Yun said as he nodded.

“How can only one person be here? What is your team doing?” The yellow dressed young man stopped his assault as he lightly asked.


“Dead?” The response stunned all five disciples, “how did they die?”

“Green Jacket Demon killed them!”

“Green Jacket Demon?” The five disciples hearts fluttered spontaneously. Their faces became full of horror as they spun and looked around.

“Spirit Core Realm Green Jacket Demon is here? How can that be?” The yellow dressed man eyes were beginning to fill with horror. Then he hurriedly asked, “Where did you meet it?”

“Just right here?” Su Yun said.


“Yes, right behind you!” Su Yun suddenly looked very frightened.

The several nervous disciples immediately turned around to look, but….

There was nothing behind them.

The yellow dressed man hastily turned his gaze back and could only see Su Yun was suddenly fleeing across the trees behind the boulders, heading straight for the mountains.


The five people were completely stunned.

The yellow dressed young man’s face burst with red and white anger. He discovered that Su Yun was just playing around and became furious. With his teeth clenched down, he shouted, “Chase Him!”


The red sleeved female behind him quickly said, “He is nothing but trash. He probably does not even have any Blood Jade Crystals. Chasing him is useless! We already killed many inner sect disciples and luckily did not meet any powerful entities on the Martial Bone Mountain. If we meet something too powerful, we’ll be wiped out. We are only wandering around the outskirts of the mountain and only fishing around for small fish. We are waiting for the time to end and the go out to complete the task. Wouldn’t it be the better option to just exchange the badges for rewards in the Su Family, rather than just go chasing after that guy?”

“What red sister said is right. We’ve got more than enough of Blood Jade Crystal. We should not repeatedly risk ourselves. Instead, we can randomly wander around the outskirts of the mountain and take some more of the disciples returning. We must not lose our lives. I’ve heard other teams are beginning to kill anyone on sight. They are too enticed by the benefits of the inner sect of the Su Family. If we meet some elite disciples of the inner sect, we’ll be no match!”

After the yellow dressed man listened, he could only endure the turmoil in his heart. He nodded and said, “Fine, we’ll just stay around the outskirts, but if we meet that trash Su Yun, we will not listen to any more of his nonsense. We will directly kill him.”

“I’ll help you kill him.” The red sister said.


As for the fleeing Su Yun, he was just fleeing around the other direction of the outskirts of the mountain. On the contrary to his direction, the five disciples were travelling down the mountain path.

After arriving at the bottom of the mountain, he accelerated his pace towards the place that the explosion originated from.

Although these five disciples were all from the outer sect, but they did have power. In particular, the yellow dressed young man and red sleeved lady were at spirit novice realm tenth stage. The rest were around ninth stage cultivation, but none of them seemed to have activate their Spirit Aura attributes. Compared to Su Yun’s Spirit Lord Aura’s spirit power, they could hardly put up a fight.

As Su Yun carefully sneaked near the explosion, he did not just step out from the underbrush. Instead, he was carefully hiding the bushes as he was staring in full alert and patiently waiting.

The explosion had left the land filled with bumpy texture covered with blood. There were several broken bodies lying on the ground. The female and male disciples were all just lifelessly lying on the ground. There were even a few bodies with their heads even gone.

He waited for a stick of essence, but seeing that the surrounding area was still very silent, Su Yun came out of hiding. He quickly ran towards the corpses.

The yellow dressed and red sleeved disciples fled towards Su Yun not long after the explosion sounded. They were presumably worried that the explosion would attract other teams, which coupled with some injuries of the five disciples, they quickly left in fear. If they were fighting with this team’s opposite, they would have been doomed. Therefore, they probably just took the Blood Jade Crystals and fled.

Su Yun guessed that they probably didn’t have the time to check these disciples for treasures and valuables. Therefore, he boldly decided to pick up the valuables from the corpses of the disciples after waiting for a bit.

The countless corpses on the ground was charred black, which would scare most people to death. Across all the corpses backs were large holes, which was caused by the yellow dressed young man’s five member team sneak attacks. However, to Su Yun’s surprise, these disciples were all completely dead. Furthermore, they were all disciples from the inner sect.

After looking at one of the corpses brand across his belt, Su Yun sucked in some air in surprise.

These disciples actually dared directly attack disciples of the inner sect. They were truly bold.

Nevertheless, he didn’t dare waste any time. He search through all the corpses and obtained numerous anti-poison pills and satiety pills. These would easily keep him supplied for over ten days. There were over twenty Spirit Power Regeneration Pills and seventeen healing pills. There was even a stealth talisman among the corpses.

Since his supplies were scarce, with these newfound supplies, Su Yun could support himself for a  longer period of time.

The remaining items were all useless, since these inner sect disciples seemed to be really poor. Therefore, Su Yun did not take the rest. They could not even afford a spatial ring to store the items. Instead, all these items were attached to their waists.

Otherwise, all these materials would have been stuffed inside their spatial rings. Soon after, Su Yun quickly left.

Too many disciples died in the area, therefore, even if it didn’t attract any of the other groups. Su Yun was afraid that before long, the corpses would attract a large number of wild beasts.

He returned to the original place he stayed. He decided that he would continue to stay in the outskirts at the bottom of Martial Bone Mountain.

Only, most of the disciples decided to stay at the bottom of Martial Bone Mountain. One could note the sound of violent explosions floating through the air coming closer. The surrounding air at the foot of the mountain was thick in spiritual aura. However, soon after, one could hear a chilly sound emitting.

“Su Xuan Yuan! You really have a lot of courage, you actually dared to strike our heads! ! What? You want our Blood Jade Crystals? Hmph, then just make sure you have the ability to finish the job!”

“Su Hong Xiu, I was really too blind. I actually trusted you snake-hearted people! Fine! Fine! Now you guys are following Su Xuan Yuan! Alright! Today, I’ll just send you guys on your way!”

“Do you really want to fight? Why are you talking so much crap?”

After the shout was uttered, the sounds of fierce fighting began to rang.

After Su Yun heard the noise, he rolled his eyes. He quickly circled around to get a closer look as he held his stealth talisman. After a while, he stepped closer to the scene of the fighting.

After taking a closer look.

An opportunity.

The three male and two female disciples that were going to battle against Su Yun were now fighting against another four disciples. These nine disciples were now in a fierce battle to the death.

Just judging from the conversations, it seems that the yellow dressed Su Xuan Yuan was acquainted with the four disciples that they were battling. However, Su Xuan Yuan and Su Hong Xiu was ruthless to these four disciples. They were actually aiming to kill these four disciples in an ambush. They wanted to obtain the Blood Jade Crystals, but these four disciples were alert. Therefore, the ambush did not succeed.

Su Xuan Yuan and Su Hong Xie were only tenth stage spirit novice cultivation, but the other four disciples were only stage nine cultivation. There was a noticeable cultivation gap. However, Su Xuan Yuan’s five man group was already in a battle, so they already consumed a lot of spirit power. They were already in a poor state and five against four was not an overwhelming advantage anyways. The two groups were now in a stalemate at the bottom of mountain.

As Su Yun saw this, his heart pace quickened.

Although during the previous competition, he killed Su Kuang, which banned from further participation, but it was not to say that he could not enter the inner sect. However, it seemed that it Su Shi Long was biased and Su Yun would have no peace. Obtaining massive amounts of Blood Jade Crystals were of little use, unless….

Suddenly, Su Yun thought of some great ideas.

Perhaps, he, himself did not need to enter the inner sect. By letting some of his trusted fellows enter the inner sect, it would also yield the same benefits.

After thinking about this, he quickly took a breathe. Then he quietly removed the engraved dragon blade from his spatial ring and pondered his situation for a moment. Then he also removed the mask that he used at Gu Xie Xin and covered it over his face.

Half of the mask was broken off, so it only covered a part of his face. Nonetheless, it was enough.

The Su Family explicitly prohibited disciples from killing each other, but during this trials, as long as people were not found out, killing within the sect was fine.

Su Yun was not confident that he could eliminate all the disciples, so it was necessary to disguise his own identity. Otherwise, if he didn’t managed to eliminate everyone, after leaving Martial Bone Mountain, he would be in trouble.

He draped the black swordmaster’s robes over his clothes and equipped his everlasting sword sheath. With his face partly covered by the damaged mask, long hair floating over his shoulders, he felt truly free and at ease. He was completely unrestrained.

Su Yun was stilled hidden behind a clump of shrubs, vigilantly string at the fight on the other side. Nonetheless, he was secretly watching how both sides of the battle was faring.

From his hiding place, he was able to counter against both sides. Furthermore, he was not restrained in the front or the back.

The battle in front of him had already became very frantic, so they could afford to pay attention to the there. Therefore, none of the disciples discovered Su Yun’s hiding place. Nonetheless, they were still paying attention to the surroundings, since when a fight breaks out, it would perhaps attract other groups to arrive. If that happened, the disciples were disperse as soon as possible.

Fortunately, the disciples were presently at the edge of Martial Bone Mountain. The surrounding area did not even have any movements.

Puchi! (Tl: sound of a slash, if you have any suggestions, just leave it in the comments)

A tense groan sounded.

Su Yun could see that within the four man group, a handsome male disciples eating a slash. His entire arm was almost completely slashed off. He seemed to be in severe pain as his face became paler and paler.

The male disciple could only retreat. He wanted to avoid Su Xuan Yuan’s continuous onslaught. However, Su Xuan Yuan was like a drug addict and crazily launched his onslaught as he launched a divine sword skill. A massive amount of spirit power and sword aura was unleashed towards the fleeing male disciple.

“Be careful Senior Xiao!” A female disciple dressed in dark green cried out as she moved to redirect the incoming divine sword skill.

With surprisingly ease, she effortlessly redirected the incoming sword aura and managed to protect the male disciple.

Only, with four against five, this action would only yield more despair. Right after the dark green dressed female disciple deflected the attack, her previous opponent quickly came over to to launch a sneak attack against her.

Just like ice and snow, the swaying sharp blade arrived. She could wait as it arrived before her eyes….

Chi! !

“Uggh….” The dark green dressed female disciple could only tremble a bit as her heart was already pierced through by the blade.

“Han Xiang!” Su Xiao stared at the female disciple in front of him with her mouth overflowing with blood. Her body slowly slumped down and his mind slowly blanked out.

“You….you actually killed sister Xiang. I will eradicate you!” The other male disciples eyes turned red as grief and rage engulfed their hearts. With a huge roar, they desperately rushed forward.

“Too overconfident, even if we are slightly wounded, killing you guys will be very simple.” Su Hong Xie sneered as her hands gripped tightly around her dagger, facing the two incoming male disciples.

The handsome male disciples clutched his injured arm as he looked at the dead Su Han Xiang. Tears began to fall from his eyes.

Men do not cry easily, but his heart ached with pain.

One of his friends were now dead, how could he not be consumed by sadness?

If it was ordinary people, would they even be able to stand up at this time? Perhaps, if he moved earlier, he may have prevented this from occurring.

Despite this, Su Xiao still retreated a few steps and a resolute complexion appeared on his face. He clamped down his teeth into pieces.

He painfully looked at his two fellow disciples frantically battling against  Su Xuan Yuan and Su Hong Xie. He abruptly turned around and painfully dashed off.

“Su Xiao!” The two remaining disciples were stunned as they witnessed his action.

In this moment, he…he actually decided to escape.

“Ha ha ha ha, this is your good companion, in the critical moment, he left on his own because of of fear! Su Han Xiang’s death was wasted on him! Pity she is dead! Ha ha ha….” Su Xuan Yuan laughed.

“No! We believe in Su Xiao!”

At this moment, one of disciples suddenly clenched his teeth. Although his eyes were heavy and cold, it did not have a speck of hatred within them.

“Brother Su Xiao knows that he would inevitably be defeated if he was your opponent. If this battle were to continue, we would all be killed. Instead of this, it would be better to run away!”

“In the coming months, Su Xiao will help us take our revenge!” The other male disciple shouted loudly.

Both of the disciples had already understood the reason for Su Xiao’s actions. Nonetheless, they decided not to retreat, but instead stayed to fight to the death.

Their objective was very clear.

They were stalling Su Xuan Yuan for Su Xiao.

Since it had come to this, they already accepted their fate of death.

Su Xiao turned his head as his distance increased and watched the scene occurring. A lot of tears overflowed from his head, but at the moment, he refused to regret his actions.

Only by preserving his life would he be able to take revenge! Only then, for Su Han Xiang, for Su Luo and Su Jian would he be able to take revenge!

Only if he survives, would he be able to take revenge….

Su Xiao clenched his fists and turned around.


As he began to turn around, a tall and thin figure appeared before him. It was quietly just standing there.

“You left just like that?” It uttered.

Su Xiao trembled and slowly stepped back. Then he asked, “Who are you?”

“The Limitless Sword God.” The figure said.


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