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Hey everyone, happy holidays! Anyways, I’m still on vacation, and really difficult to find the time to translate. (I got to help out my family) Anyways, I’m pretty sure I can get 1 chapter out at the end of this week, so probably 4 chapters next week.

Enjoy the teaser 😛


Chapter 49: He left just like that

However, after they saw that it was Su Yun that jumped off the boulder, with a pair of joyful eyes, they both said, “Finally, we found the person we wanted. Fellow brothers and sisters, may we present Su Yun.”

“Su Yun?” The female was slightly surprised even now, and asked, “You are the one they call trash Su Yun?”

“That is me!” Su Yun said as he nodded.

“How can only one person be here? What is your team doing?” The brilliantly dressed young man stopped his assault as he lightly asked.


“Dead?” The response stunned all five disciples, “how did they die?”

“Green Jacket Demon killed them!”

“Green Jacket Demon?” The five disciples hearts fluttered spontaneously. Their faces became full of horror as they spun and looked around.

“Spirit Core Realm Green Jacket Demon is here? How can that be?” The brilliantly dressed man eyes were beginning to fill with horror. Then he hurriedly asked, “Where did you meet it?”

“Just right here?” Su Yun said.


“Yes, right behind you!” Su Yun suddenly looked very frightened.

The several nervous disciples immediately turned around to look, but….

There was nothing behind them.

The brilliantly dressed man hastily turned his gaze back and could only see Su Yun was suddenly fleeing across the trees behind the boulders, heading straight for the mountains.


The five people were completely stunned.

The yellow dressed young man’s face burst with red and white anger. He discovered that Su Yun was just playing around and became furious. With his teeth clenched down, he shouted, “Chase!”

“Wait a minute!”

The red sleeved female behind him quickly said, “He is nothing but trash. He probably does not even have any Blood Jade Crystals. Chasing him is useless! We already killed many inner sect disciples and luckily did not meet any powerful entities on the Martial Bone Mountain. If we meet something too powerful, we’ll be wiped out. We are only wandering around the outskirts of the mountain and only fishing around for small fish. We are waiting for the time to end and the go out to complete the task. Wouldn’t it be the better option to just exchange the badges for rewards in the Su Family, rather than just after that guy?”

“What red sister said is right. We’ve got more than enough of Blood Jade Crystal. We should not repeatedly risk ourselves. Instead, we can randomly wander around the outskirts of the mountain and take some more of the disciples returning. We must not lose our lives. I’ve heard other teams are beginning to kill anyone on sight. They are too enticed by the benefits of the inner sect of the Su Family. If we meet some elite disciples of the inner sect, we’ll be no match!”

After the yellow dressed man listened, he could only endure the turmoil in his heart. He nodded and said, “Fine, we’ll just stay around the outskirts, but if we meet that trash Su Yun, we will not listen to any more of his nonsense. We will directly kill him.”

“I’ll help you kill him.” The red sister said.

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