News on Vacation

Alright, so here is a separate post on some info with the vacation that I will be going from 12/17 to 1/5.

Firstly, I will be driving for like 9 hrs and got a lot of things to do. Therefore, there is almost no chance other than a teaser release for this week. Remember that I still follow 1.5 release/week for 2015, so 3 more regular chapters for the next 2 weeks. Since I come back on 1/5, during that week, I should be able to translate 2 chapters during that week at least.

Truly, I really have no idea how busy I will be in my last semester as an undergrad, but I’ll try to keep you guys informed. All the support is greatly appreciated.

Lastly, I do read all the comments, sometimes I can’t respond to all you guys, but I do try to respond to some when I’m on.

P.S. We probably broke the record for most views in a day, today 😀


  1. Warp says:

    Vacation is fine, I only hope you do not drop this novel translation, becouse it is really interesting, one of the best I read so far)


    1. yaoz889 says:

      Don’t worry about that


  2. Have fun, we hope it works out well next year.

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    1. yaoz889 says:

      Yep, I hope so, too


  3. Kazekid says:

    Have a safe trip!


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