LSG CH48 Teaser

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Chapter 48: Inside Martial Bone Mountain

Su Yun had forgotten about the outer sect steward.He only knew that the old man was sly and calculating. The outer sect’s resources and rewards that were issued were all deducted by him. He was stingy and sarcastic. Many people behind his back just called him the fox.

The steward squint to see Su Yun and chuckled. He sarcastically barked, “You actually decided to come, young master Su Yun!”

Su Yun walked over and glanced at the steward. Then he glanced at the enchantment formation behind him, and asked, “I do not know why the steward’s guards have brought me here for. What do you want me to do?”

“What can you do? Senior Su Shi Long order has already been given. You will participate in the trials at Martial Bone Mountain!”

“To participate in the trials?” Su Yun was surprised for a moment.

“The trials are an important task given by the Main House. It is open for all the disciples of the inner and outer sect. There are even numerous benefits, how about it? Do you want to join us?” The steward said as he glared at Su Yun.

“Of course not!” Su Yun quickly responded.


The Fox’s face change and loudly shouted, “You are a disciple of the outer sect. You want to reject a task given by the Main House. To tell you the truth, because you did not return in a timely manner, as punishment, you will not receive all the supplies provided by elder Su Shi Long. Instead, you only get five satiety pills and ten anti-poison pills! Su Shi Long issued an order, you have to attend the trial! You obviously cannot just leave!”

“Right now, there is just me!” Su Yun eyes blazed in anger, “I am only at spirit novice realm and am going to go alone to Martial Bone Mountain. This is simply seeking death. Furthermore, there is only this much supplies, aren’t you guys just sending me to my death? To the point of no return?!”

“So that is to say that you do not want to go?” The Fox steward narrowed his eyes as he said this suspiciously.

As Su Yun saw this, his heart darkened.

He reluctantly asked, “If I do not go….what will you do?”

“What?” The old fox shouted, “Su Shi Long already said explicitly that you must participate during this time in the trial. You must enter Martial Bone Mountain. If you do not enter, you will be defying Su Shi Long’s command. To go against Su Family’s elder, you will be expelled from the entire Su Family! You’re cultivation will also be destroyed!”