LSG CH 47 Teaser

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Chapter 47: Mandatory Trial

At the Five Colored Cliff.

Clang clang clang clang clang….

A magic-like long sword was flying through the air and trying to drill through a huge profound stone golem.

The flying blade was spinning as it constantly bombarded one point on the stone golem’s body.

When one looked at the stone golem, it was covered by extremely dense rocks. However, at this time, cracks began to appear throughout the rocks and a large web-like crack began to spread over its body.

The Profound Stone Golem’s speed became slower and slower. It seemed to have spent most of its strength. However, to control the flying blade, Su Yun was also upset at the costs.

His spirit power was almost all exhausted and the Spirit Lord Aura he was using was also almost exhausted.

Although the flying blade was nimble and quick, it was still extremely simple to control.

Firstly, the flying blade was wrapped with Spirit Lord Aura, which was absolutely essential. If not, the flying blade would have no penetrating power and it would be difficult to keep fighting. It would be slow and could very well be easily knocked away.

Secondly, the flying blade could only be controlled from the range of Spirit Lord Aura. Otherwise, if it was outside its range, the Spirit Lord Aura would dissipate and the flying blade would fall to the ground immediately.

Finally, there is still the maneuvers of the flying blade during the battle.

This required highly skilled use of Spirit Lord Aura to control the maneuvers during the flying blade’s clash.

The current Su Yun could only use basic sword strikes like stabbing or slashing. He was certainly unable to use any martial techniques with the flying blade.

This was just the first sword form of blade manipulation of Limitless Sword Arts. Imagine handling dozens of blades or…..hundred of blades, how difficult would that be?

No wonder Limitless Sword Arts practitioners were all complete masters with blades.

Su Yun had now become breathless as he continued to control the blade. Sweat was raining down from his face.

The spirit power within his body was depleted, but the Profound Stone Golem refused to fall to the ground.

Su Yun’s heart was anxious as he tried to prolong his Spirit Lord Aura with his spirit power. They continued to bombard each other with attacks.


The engraved dragon blade began to shake.

Su Yun no longer emitted the slightest amount of Spirit Lord Aura. His spirit power was completely exhausted and he was too tired to continue. He did not even have any energy to run now.

“Kid, you can’t seem to hold on now!” The voice of the sword elder emerged at this time.

“I never would have thought, that this golems vitality would be so tenacious. I almost clashed with it for a full day and it still won’t fall down….” Su Yun was almost sitting on the ground as he quickly said this in one breath .