Limitless Sword God Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Inside Martial Bone Mountain

Su Yun had forgotten about the outer sect steward.He only knew that the old man was sly and calculating. The outer sect’s resources and rewards that were issued were all deducted by him. He was stingy and sarcastic. Many people behind his back just called him the old fox.

The steward squint to see Su Yun and chuckled. He sarcastically barked, “You actually decided to come, young master Su Yun!”

Su Yun walked over and glanced at the steward. Then he glanced at the enchantment formation behind him, and asked, “I do not know why the steward’s guards have brought me here for. What do you want me to do?”

“What can you do? Senior Su Shi Long order has already been given. You will participate in the trials at Martial Bone Mountain!”

“To participate in the trials?” Su Yun was surprised for a moment.

“The trials are an important task given by the Main House. It is open for all the disciples of the inner and outer sect. There are even numerous benefits, how about it? Do you want to join us?” The steward said as he glared at Su Yun.

“Of course not!” Su Yun quickly responded.


The old Fox’s face change and loudly shouted, “You are a disciple of the outer sect. You want to reject a task given by the Main House. To tell you the truth, because you did not return in a timely manner, as punishment, you will not receive all the supplies provided by elder Su Shi Long. Instead, you only get five satiety pills and ten anti-poison pills! Su Shi Long issued an order, you have to attend the trial! You obviously cannot just leave!”

“Right now, there is just me!” Su Yun eyes blazed in anger, “I am only at spirit novice realm and am going to go alone to Martial Bone Mountain. This is simply seeking death. Furthermore, there is only this much supplies, aren’t you guys just sending me to my death? To the point of no return?!”

“So that is to say that you do not want to go?” The old fox steward narrowed his eyes as he said this suspiciously.

As Su Yun saw this, his heart darkened.

He reluctantly asked, “If I do not go….what will you do?”

“What?” The old fox shouted, “Su Shi Long already said explicitly that you must participate during this time in the trial. You must enter Martial Bone Mountain. If you do not enter, you will be defying Su Shi Long’s command. To go against Su Family’s elder, you will be expelled from the entire Su Family! You’re cultivation will also be destroyed!”

After his harsh words, the other guards behind him moved away from Martial Bone Mountain and began to surround Su Yun.

As main guards of Su Family, their strength was already in spirit intermediate realm. They were powerful and unfathomable for the current Su Yun. It was impossible for him to beat them right now.

Su Yun took a deep breath and pondered for a moment. Then he raised his head and said, “So, well, I will go to Martial Bone Mountain, but before then, could I go to some markets to purchase some supplies!?”

“No, you can only have the two pills with you! You are not allowed to bring any other items!” The old fox chuckled.

Su Yun’s heart almost leapt out. However, to maintain a calm appearance, he took the two bottles of pills and silently went inside Martial Bone Mountain.

“Open the enchantment!” The old fox shouted.

Ka ! ! ! !

An odd sound echoed through the mountains.

As everyone watched the massive blue colored barrier split to form a two-meter gap.

Su Yun was still somewhat hesitant to enter, but in the end, he just walked through the barrier.

“Brat, even in your former position, the Su elder did not like you. Now that you are in the outer sect, but still dare to be arrogant enough to kill an elder’s son, Dong Fang! Well, looks like Su Shi Long wants you dead!”

As the old fox gazed at Su Yun’s leaving figure, his mouth flashed in a creepy smile.

It left in a flash.

Su Yun did not see the expression.

The old fox turned around and quickly left the area.


Just then, a piercing sound burst forth and was aiming straight for the guards of Martial Bone Mountain.

“Be careful your excellency!” The surrounding guards shouted.

The old fox turned around and looked at the incoming blade. He suddenly became terrified.

It seemed that the slender flying blade was directly flying here.

On the blade’s slender body, there was a glimmering, yet chilly dragon engraved on it. As he looked at the marking, he felt horror. His scalp was tingling and he was very uncomfortable.

The old fox’s legs became soft. He was scared and quickly ran back. He was just a steward for the outer sect. He was old and his cultivation was not much. he has experienced a lot, but he had never saw such fierce flying blades.

What’s more, the blade was flying?

Was it the actions of the Immortal Sword Sect? However, the Immortal Sword Sect would never aim for a simple target like him, especially killing a cultivator of a major sect.

As the flying blade was about to pierce through the old fox’s heart, the sinister atmosphere began to spread out.

“Stop attacking the steward!”

A guard with quick reflexes, who had not been stunned by the strange weapon immediately jumped from the side and slashed away the flying blade.

The flying blade that was slashed away was still constantly rotating. However, it did not fall to the ground, instead, it maneuvered back aiming for the old fox again.

This strange phenomenon confounded everyone present.

The old fox dodged a little too late, so one of his arms was cut off. Blood was spurting out from the wound. He was rolling on the ground screaming again and again in pain. His face was completely pale.

The other guards also began to recover. Seeing this situation, how could they dare to stay in a daze? They quickly rushed to confront the strange  flying blade.

Except….as the flying blade made several maneuvers in the air, it abruptly stopped. Then it suddenly flew back into Martial Bone Mountain’s direction. The enchantment formation was not closed off yet, so the blade just disappeared from view.

Ba da!

A hand stretched toward the empty air and seized the blood stained engraved dragon blade flying through the air. Su Yun’s eyes gazed at the old fox writhing in pain, who eventually fainted. Afterwards, he began to walk towards the depths of Martial Bone Mountain.

Martial Bone Mountain.

The largest forbidden area of the Su Family.

Just wanting to enter Martial Bone Mountain required ingestion of anti-poison pills, which effects at optimal conditions would last one full day.

However, these supplies were clearly not sufficient. He currently had nothing. The materials left inside his spatial ring had no use in this survival situation. If he stayed like this at Martial Bone Mountain, he was afraid that it would lead to a miserable fate.

That being the case, it was not a good decision to just wait around the edges for the trial to be over and quickly leave once it was over. He still needed to obtain some of the Blood Jade Crystals for this task. He did not want to enter the inner sect using this.

After making his decision, Su Yun found a huge boulder around the edge of the barrier and sat down. He was cross-legged as he began meditating.

From the Five Colored Cliff, his Spirit Lord Aura was still very erratic. He could finally begin to calm down his spirit power.

The sun gradually disappeared over the horizon to signal the day was over.

In the entire day, except for the explosions and screams that transmitted through Martial Bone Mountain, there was nothing exceptionally strange that happened.

After a while, his Spirit Lord Aura was finally fully restored with spirit power. However, Su Yun did not dare to practice techniques using his Spirit Lord Aura. Once his spirit power ran out, if unexpected situations arose, it would be terrible.

With nothing else to do, Su Yun removed the Heavenly Crystal to analyze it.

When the Heavenly Crystal had been used at Gu Xie Xin, it was still in the recovery phase.

Fifty days have passed since that month and the Heavenly Crystal was restored to about eighty percent.

Suddenly, a thought had occurred to Su Yun.

Energy recovery?

If the Heavenly Crystal could not be used because of the lack of energy within it, then….if he took the initiative to inject spirit power or a form of energy into it, that should accelerate its recovery.

With this amazing idea, Su Yun hesitated for a long time. He had wanted to ask the sword elder from his Everlasting sheath, but the sword elder was still in a deep slumber within the sheath. The golem that required him to transfer some spirit power to Su Yun really took its toll. This was just an inconvenience.

After thinking about it over and over again, he decided to try it.

With the Heavenly Crystal in his palm, Su Yun fiercely took a deep breath. With one hand covering the remaining blackish parts of the Heavenly Crystal, he settled down and began to activate his Spirit Lord Aura. Then he began to inject his spirit power inside it….

Jiue! !

Like a rocket about to take off, the Heavenly Crystal suddenly bursts forth with energy waves.

Su Yun whole body was slightly shaking as his spirit power was transferring to the Heavenly Crystal. It was difficult to pull away from the crystal as it forcefully consumed his spirit power and greatly weakened his Spirit Lord Aura.

After a while Su Yun was taken aback and laid down. He hastily withdrew his right hand and the Heavenly Crystal fell on the ground.

The Heavenly Crystal simply fell off his palms in an instant. In a flash, the his was on the ground and his body did not have an ounce of strength left. His body became abnormally weak as if he incurred a serious illness.

“What….what happened?” Su Yun weakly gazed at increasingly more dark Heavenly Crystal. His heart was filled with doubts.

He carefully sat cross-legged again and took some deep breaths. He restored a bit of his spirit power.

Then, he picked up the Heavenly Crystal and took a closer look at it. However, it did not seem that the energy within the Heavenly Crystal was restored even a little.

Was it even effective?

Nonetheless….the Heavenly Crystal was instantly able to suck his energy away, leaving him weak and frail. Just how deep and profound was the need of this mysterious artifact?

Now that the only insurance he had was the Heavenly Crystal. He had no more cards. The Everlasting Stone could only be used in cultivation. As for the Limitless Sword Arts, even though he gained some insight in the first sword form, but it was still very mysterious. It would be best not to compete with any elites.

Exhaling, Su Yun carefully put away the Heavenly Crystal. Of course, he did not dare inject anymore spirit power inside. Otherwise, he could accidently inject too much and put him in a crisis.

After resting at the huge boulder for a night, his Spirit Lord Aura finally recovered thirty percent.

At night, the entire Martial Bone Mountain was terrifying.

The sky was hazy, so the light from the moons and star did not seep through the clouds. At night, everyone’s eyesight would be very limited. In fact, it was unwise to move at night. Therefore, during the night, there were no movement from the disciples in Martial Bone Mountain. There were even less roars from beasts.

Finally, dawn was approaching.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang ….

The chain of consecutive explosions caused the cross-legged Su Yun sitting on the huge boulder to be awakened.

Su Yun quickly opened his eyes and gazed at the surround area in the mountains.

The sounds of the explosion were not far from here. At his position, he could survey the surrounding area halfway up the mountain, which seemed to have more than a dozen trees toppled over. A little of Swift Wind Aura was emitting from that area in the mountains. It was mixed with the rancid smell that floated down to where Su Yun was at.

Was it some Su Family’s disciple?

Was it possible that someone met a fierce beast or was it civil strife between disciples?

The Main House issued a mandate for the inner sect, which then transferred the mandate to the elder Su Shi Long. He took this task to the outer sect. Although Martial Bone Mountain was dangerous, but the rewards were also very attractive. How could there not be fights between the outer sect disciples? One thousand Blood Jade Crystals were not a lot, since the conservative estimates of Martial Bone Mountain was that it had around two thousand Blood Jade Crystals. If one removed the most dangerous places, the Su Family should be able to collect one thousand crystals.

Su Shi Long’s roles was not simple. It involved leading the inner sect disciples to come help him. The inner sect disciples that offered help would probably also be rewarded after this task was completed. For his objective, any disciple could use any despicable means to obtain the crystals.

Such as murdering disciples that managed to gather some Blood Jade Crystals.


At this time, at the grasslands beside the giant boulder, a few shadows suddenly rushed out.

Su Yun nerves jumped, and he immediately pulled out the engrave dragon blade. Like a cheetah, he was vigilantly staring at the disciples that had just rushed out.

As he analyzed the three male and two female disciples in front of him, he noticed they were covered in blood and were all panting. They seemed to have already suffered through a lot. Everyone’s hands were holding a lot of Blood jade Crystal. Whereas a man dressed in brilliant yellow clothing and a female was draped in a rich red long sleeved dress. They both emitted killing intent and the two disciples weapons were both covered in bright red blood.

The Martial Bon Mountain gave birth to beasts mostly in the dark species. The monster blood was usually black or if not blue, but was just a little red.

Therefore, the blood on the two weapons were most likely human blood.

As the five disciples were fleeing, they saw that Su Yun was on the boulder. Many of them was completely surprised.

Despite this, soon after, the young man wearing the yellow armor emitted even more killing intent. With the blade in his hands raised in the air, he quickly charged towards Su Yun’s place….

Su Yun eyes bulged, “This mother******….”


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