Limitless Sword God Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: Mandatory Trial

At the Five Colored Cliff.

Clang clang clang clang clang….

A magic-like long sword was flying through the air and trying to drill through a huge profound stone golem.

The flying blade was spinning as it constantly bombarded one point on the stone golem’s body.

When one looked at the stone golem, it was covered by extremely dense rocks. However, at this time, cracks began to appear throughout the rocks and a large web-like crack began to spread over its body.

The Profound Stone Golem’s speed became slower and slower. It seemed to have spent most of its strength. However, to control the flying blade, Su Yun was also upset at the costs.

His spirit power was almost all exhausted and the Spirit Lord Aura he was using was also almost exhausted.

Although the flying blade was nimble and quick, it was still extremely simple to control.

Firstly, the flying blade was wrapped with Spirit Lord Aura, which was absolutely essential. If not, the flying blade would have no penetrating power and it would be difficult to keep fighting. It would be slow and could very well be easily knocked away.

Secondly, the flying blade could only be controlled from the range of Spirit Lord Aura. Otherwise, if it was outside its range, the Spirit Lord Aura would dissipate and the flying blade would fall to the ground immediately.

Finally, there is still the maneuvers of the flying blade during the battle.

This required highly skilled use of Spirit Lord Aura to control the maneuvers during the flying blade’s clash.

The current Su Yun could only use basic sword strikes like stabbing or slashing. He was certainly unable to use any martial techniques with the flying blade.

This was just the first sword form of blade manipulation of Limitless Sword Arts. Imagine handling dozens of blades or…..hundred of blades, how difficult would that be?

No wonder Limitless Sword Arts practitioners were all complete masters with blades.

Su Yun had now become breathless as he continued to control the blade. Sweat was raining down from his face.

The spirit power within his body was depleted, but the Profound Stone Golem refused to fall to the ground.

Su Yun’s heart was anxious as he tried to prolong his Spirit Lord Aura with his spirit power. They continued to bombard each other with attacks.


The engraved dragon blade began to shake.

Su Yun no longer emitted the slightest amount of Spirit Lord Aura. His spirit power was completely exhausted and he was too tired to continue. He did not even have any energy to run now.

“Kid, you can’t seem to hold on now!” The voice of the sword elder emerged at this time.

“I never would have thought, that this golems vitality would be so tenacious. I almost clashed with it for a full day and it still won’t fall down….” Su Yun was almost sitting on the ground as he quickly said this in one breath .

“Who told you to be so arrogant boy? The strength of this golem is much higher than you, how could you have ever killed it?”

The sword elder laughed as he said it, but continued, “Never mind, just let this elder help you out.”

“Help?” Su Yun asked.

At this time, he felt that the spatial ring containing Limitless Sword Arts began to shudder.

Su Yun quickly extracted out some spirit power. This time, it was a lot more deep and profound spirit power transferring from the Sword Arts. This spirit power was much more focused. The spirit power pierced through his palms and spread throughout his body, filling up the dried up spirit power.

“Spirit Lord Aura!” Su Yun surprising said with confused eyes.

“This elder transferred some of my Spirit Lord Aura power to you. It wasn’t easy. Kid, remember to thank me later!” As the sword elder said this, his voice began to weaken a bit.

“For the sword elder’s kindness, Su Yun would never dare to forget.” Su Yun seriously responded.

As the spirit power coursed through his body, the spirit power was restored somewhat. As his spirit power was recovered, his entire body began to recover its strength.

Su Yun exhaled, and he extended his right hand again and use Spirit Lord Aura to wrap around his engraved dragon blade.

The blade that was controlled immediately was restored to its former sharpness, but it did not directly fly towards the golem. Instead, it quickly rotated in Su Yun’s hands and one could see Su Yun charging towards the golem. He was directly going for a frontal assault against the golem.

Crash ! ! ! !

A loud sound emerged from the golem’s body.

The huge stone body gradually split apart and stone blocks fell to the barren ground.

Among them, a walnut-size core exhibiting a pale yellow light fell with the smaller stones that crumbled to the ground.

Compared to this yellow piece of gravel, the other small stone seemed to be very insignificant.

After Su Yun saw this, he became breathless. He was finally relieved and dragged his weak and tired body to pick up the stone.

“This is really a golem’s spirit core! Awesome!”

Su Yun wiped the seat from his forehead as he delighted celebrated.

“At long last, this old fellow here has no other business to attend to! Time for me to rest!” The sword elder said with relief.

After these words were said, his presence quickly disappeared without a trace.

Su Yun hung the golem spirit core on the Everlasting Sword Sheath. Then he quickly placed the engraved dragon blade back into the sheath, and quickly packed his luggage. Then he turned around to return back to town.

After he arrived back in town on his stallion, he went directly back to the Su Family.

The Su Family’s talisman was a simple thing that was used when the Su Family wanted to contact the disciples for something.

If the talisman emitted a red light, it represented that the Su Family had gave out an important task that required all the disciples from outside to return back.

If the talisman emitted a yellow light, it represented that a famous person had asked Su Family to accomplish something on their behalf.

Usually, the task was just an order issued for the inner sect. If the Main House released an order, it would be white light. Furthermore the white signal would not be just that simple, the patriarch of the Su Family could even directly talk to the holders of the talisman in the ear.

This treasure was not constructed by anyone Su Yun knew of. He only knew that the creator was from the Su Family. This ability is related to the mystical void escape skill, even though it was only used to transmit information. Most disciples could never grasp a complicated skill like that.

He wanted to return back to Su Family a day ago.

Su Yun was riding his stallion and changed from his black robes to his previous uniform. He was carrying his Everlasting Sword Sheath and walked into Su Family’s Bronze Avenue.

As the stallion’s hooves galloped through the streets, it let a rhythmic ge deng, ge deng sound echoing the streets.

Su Yun rode towards his residence.

Along the way, he saw that the streets were deserted. He could not even see any disciples from the crowd. He only managed to glance at some middle-aged or older people….

Su Yun’s heart began to feel suspicious.

Where are the disciples?

“Disciple Su Yun, is that you?”

At this time, a middle aged man quickly came over. He glanced at the majestic stallion that he rode and his face lit up in surprise, “You are actually riding stallions. Could you have made a fortune outside?”

“Ah, it’s uncle Su Zhi.” Su Yun smiled, “I did not make a fortune, a stallion such as this isn’t worth much money anyways!”

“Oh….” Su Zhi did not ask for more, but instead looked worryingly at Su Yun, “Nonetheless truth be told, now that you are back at the Su Family, every young disciple is attending the mandatory trial to Martial Bone Mountain. Since you are still here….I heard the seniors talking with elder Su Shi Long announcing the trial details yesterday. He specifically mentioned you, because you were not there, he was ready to ruin you! You better hurry and go to the outer sect to ask the steward for more information. Then he will be free from the guilt you caused him!”

“Go to the Martial Bone Mountain to train?”

Su Yun was taken aback, “However, it is in Su Family forbidden grounds. Furthermore, there are countless beasts there. How can Su Shi Long send outer sect disciples to accomplish this, isn’t it just sending the disciples to die!?”

“This you do not have to worry about.” Su Zhi honestly smiled, “It is said that the inner sect is led was a master a group of elites, all right?”

“Is it?” Su Yun brow knitted as he worryingly said.

Martial Bone Mountain was usually off-limits. According to each master of the house, every follower of the Su Family was buried under Martial Bone Mountain.

Some say that there are an extravagant number of elites buried in the mountains that cultivated. If they were to find them, they could live carefree lives forever.

The Martial Bone Mountain was never open, why would it be suddenly opened now from the the inner sect?

Su Yun tried to recall a few things from his memory.

However, after pondering for awhile, he still could not recount any memory of this.

he could not help but clench his fists. Remorse bursted from his heart.

No memory of this?

Why? Because at the time, I, Su Yun was still completely drunk….I missed the trial and did not ever know about it….

This life, I will never repeat the same mistakes again!

I will never be a debauche again.

“Uncle Su Zhi, when did they enter the Martial Bone Mountain?” Su Yun asked after he sighed.

“Today, early in the morning, they went in. Most of the day, they were entering.” Su Zhi was feeling regret as he was thinking of all the disciples.

Su Yun nodded, lifted the reins and said good bye to Zu Zhi. His rode his stallion back to his cabin in the woods.

He did not intend to actively search for the outer sect steward.

Martial Bone Mountain was too dangerous. Otherwise, considering the best conditions, even with the patriarch of the Su Family leading, it would not be easy.

Not to mention the large forces that were entering throughout the day, he was sure that the beast asylum within the family was not so simple. Now entering the forces that were going to the Martial Bone Mountain alone, it was no different than courting death.

“Su Yun!” Just then, a loud shout came from a distance.

Su Yun pulled his stallion to a stop and raised his eyebrows as he looked at the source of the shout.

He saw a column of guards appear, all wearing black helmets marching towards him.

It was a bunch of the guards of the outer sect that was part of the inspection team.

He saw them running quickly toward him. Then they surrounded him.

“Dismount!” The leading guard shouted.

Su Yun frowned, glanced at cultivator that was only spirit novice ninth stage. He considered for a moment and then dismounted.

“Come with us!” The guards shouted.

“Where to?”

“Go with me to see the steward!” After Su Yun heard this, he did not say anything.

Two guards walked over and tried to escort Su Yun back.

However, just as their hands touched Su Yun’s shoulders, they were subjected to an abrupt burst of power surging forth. The two men were jolted back.

The two guards stared in shock at Su Yun and was surprised to see that he lead his stallion and whispered, “I can go there myself.”

The several guards looked at each other and then glanced at the captain.

The captain nodded with a stern face and guards did not try to take action.

Just like this, after just arriving back at Su Family, he was already being taken away.

However, this was the obvious outcome.

The bunch of guards did not take him to the inner sect steward at town hall. Instead, they led him directly away from the area and to the direction of the disciples in Martial Bone Mountain.

Su Yun looked at the sight with disbelief.

“Where are you guys really taking me?”

“Martial Bone Mountain!” The guard captain coldly said.

“Martial Bone Mountain? Are you sure you are not mistaken?”

“Mistaken? How is it possible! Hurry up!” The guards seemed to be too annoyed to explain and loudly urged.

Su Yun took a deep breath and endured this treatment. For the time being, he would follow them. However, his hand had already secretly extended to his Everlasting Sword sheath. If the matters led to it, he could immediately release his engraved dragon blade.

After about an hour later.

The guards who took Su Yun elder Su Shi’s area that was south at the bottom of the mountain.

This mountain was dark and hazy. It pierced through the dark skies, the green hills with thick with grand trees that were airtight. From gazing at the mountain outside, the whole mountain seemed very ominous. It made everyone very cautious, especially the atmosphere that it emitted.

A revolting and foul smell floated down from the mountain and made everyone uncomfortable.

In front of the mountain road ahead, stood rows of armored guards. Behind the standing guards, there was a huge enhancement formation will all the entrances sealed. Yet in front of all these guards, they were waiting for the outer sect disciple Su Yun….

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