LSG Ch46 Teaser

Hey, if everyone saw the schedule, it is mainly b/c I will be going on vacation this Thursday, so that’s why there is a lot of chapters in 2 days. I will bring my laptop, but not sure if I will have time to translate.

here is teaser, full chapter will be up in a couple of hours 😛

Chapter 46: One Sword, Two Blades Training

The vast grounds were lightly shaking like an earthquake. Su Yun quickly jumped off the giant boulder he was on and looked around.

However, the grounds began to shake more and more violently,  causing surrounding rockslides and even a rift began to open up from the ground.

“An earthquake?”


The sword elder continued, “There is a dense amount of spirit power….observing the property….it really is True Divine Aura! Kid, be careful!”

“True Divine Aura?”

Su Yun’s heart was startled, but he still managed to quickly step back. He was surprised to find that not far from the ground that was split open, a massive stone skull emerged.

Su Yun’s eyes bulged as he looked at the underground monster with a surprised face.

If one only looked at the height, it would be five meters tall. It was a small giant that was covered with pebbles and rocks. There were many strands of grass stuck around the rocks. On the head of it, there were two green eyes the size of green peas.

“This…is…a Profound Stone Golem?” The sword elder was completely stunned.

“Profound Stone Golem??” Su Yun thought what he heard was prosperous.

“So the thing that hid underground that was feeding was a Profound Stone Golem?”

“There is no way I am wrong!”

The sword elder continued, “This Profound Stone Golem has already been living here for a long time. The special rocks underground of this cliff has already been eaten from him. I reckon that this guy just wants to find another place. He wants to just find another special rock vein and just continue feeding!”

Su Yun was overjoyed as he heard this, “It is said that the spirit core of Profound Stone Golems have very powerful effects. Once it is worn on a body, it can be activated during a battle. It can greatly enhance the person combat capabilities!”


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