Limitless Sword God Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: One Sword, Two Blades Training

The vast grounds were lightly shaking like an earthquake. Su Yun quickly jumped off the giant boulder he was on and looked around.

However, the grounds began to shake more and more violently,  causing surrounding rockslides and even a rift began to open up from the ground.

“An earthquake?”


The sword elder continued, “There is a dense amount of spirit power….observing the property….it really is True Divine Aura! Kid, be careful!”

“True Divine Aura?”

Su Yun’s heart was startled, but he still managed to quickly step back. He was surprised to find that not far from the ground that was split open, a massive stone skull emerged.

Su Yun’s eyes bulged as he looked at the underground monster with a surprised face.

If one only looked at the height, it would be five meters tall. It was a small giant that was covered with pebbles and rocks. There were many strands of grass stuck around the rocks. On the head of it, there were two green eyes the size of green peas.

“This…is…a Profound Stone Golem?” The sword elder was completely stunned.

“Profound Stone Golem??” Su Yun thought what he heard was prosperous.

“So the thing that hid underground that was feeding was a Profound Stone Golem?”

“There is no way I am wrong!”

The sword elder continued, “This Profound Stone Golem has already been living here for a long time. The special rocks underground of this cliff has already been eaten from him. I reckon that this guy just wants to find another place. He wants to just find another special rock vein and just continue feeding!”

Su Yun was overjoyed as he heard this, “It is said that the spirit core of Profound Stone Golems have very powerful effects. Once it is worn on a body, it can be activated during a battle. It can greatly enhance the person combat capabilities!”

“Oh? You are thinking about this? The cultivation level of the Profound Stone Golem should be at the fifth stage of Spirit Core Disciple. You are only tenth stage spirit novice realm. You alone cannot even be considered as an opponent for this Profound Stone Golem.” The sword elder just shook his head.

“The Profound Stone Golem is a giant. It has amazing physical power and especially high defense. It is called the king of the monsters of fifth stage of spirit core realm. However, since there are advantages, there will be disadvantages. The Profound Stone Golem s extremely slow. It was even reported that its speed cannot be compared to a mid stage spirit novice cultivator. My current speed is about three times the normal spirit novice cultivator. Therefore, I am at least two to three times faster than it. I should be able to deal with it if I just rely on the Limitless Sword Arts to kill it.”

“Ha ha ha….” After hearing Su Yun’s words, the sword elder just laughed, “Boy, what you just said was too good to be true. This guy has only its defense and power? I reckon that you cannot even break through the spirit aura of this beast! Fundamentally, you shouldn’t even be able to hurt it!”

“What senior says is correct! However, it’s that actually a good thing? I can just cultivate Spirit Lord Aura and form a sharp, pointed and highly lethal aura that even if it might not necessarily break through its defense, I will still be practicing it. By practicing and gaining combat experience, there is no harm to it. However, once I kill this Profound Stone Golem, it is one sword, two blades!” (Tl: idiom: Killing two birds one stone)

“The idea is good…but your spirit power is depleted. What means do you have that can allow you to recover?”

“Profound Spirit Power Heart Pill.”

“Oh…I had forgotten you have that little guy!”

“The Profound Stone Golem has no long ranged attacks, so just use the first sword of the Limitless Sword Arts!”

“Since it is like this, why don’t you try it out? However, what are you going to do about Su Family’s matter?”

“I will set it aside for now. After all, I am an outer sect disciple, but was actually called in for the first time!”

Su Yun breathed out and equipped his engraved dragon blade. Then, he charged to the statue Profound Stone Golem covered in rocks. As he neared it, his engraved dragon blade extended out and headed straight for the Profound Stone Golem.


The blade penetrated its defense, and stabbed right through one of the pea sized eyes. However, it only went two inches deep.

“Roar ! ! ! !”

The Profound Stone Golem let a painful and furious cry. Then it recovered and charged straight for Su Yun.
“The eyes are fragile, so I can easily break through its defense. However, the power of the attack was clearly too light and not enough.” The sword elder said.

He could only gaze as Su Yun was covered with Spirit Lord Aura. It was the result of Su Yun’s capabilities. Soon after, another thrust of the engraved dragon blade followed.

Hua! ! !

As the qi strike flew right into the Profound Stone Golem, it quickly spread out and tightly wrapped the Profound Stone Golem. Right after, Su yun followed Limitless Sword Arts first form to execute his move.

One could see the engraved dragon blade piercing through the golem’s right eye.

Like a drill, the rapid spin formed a large number of sparks as the Spirit Lord Aura clashed with the golem. Countless fine fragments broke off as the drill like aura penetrated the golem.

“Roar ! ! ! !”

The Profound Stone Golem was now in more pain. It had become more and more furious and quickly struck a huge fist out to grab the rotating engraved dragon blade and take it out. Soon after, it flung the blade mercilessly back at Su Yun.

The blade quickly circled back in a loop and once again shot straight towards the Profound Stone Golem.


How sharp was the engraved dragon blade covered with Spirit Lord Aura? However, as it clashed with the Profound Stone Golem’s body, it could only leave a scratch on the surface of the golem. The next strike only left a small dent.

Doesn’t hurt, doesn’t tickle! (Tl: idiom: superficial, weak)

The Profound Stone Golem decided to rush Su Yun and intended to tear him to shreds.

As Su Yun saw this, he quickly retreated back to keep a suitable distance between him and the Profound Stone Golem. If he was too daring, he would have been truly torn to shreds.

He did not dare disperse his attacks. Instead, he focused on one point and repeatedly continued his barrages.

At first, it was only a shallow indentation. Like this, one after another, the strikes stacked up. Gradually, the results began to show themselves.



After a whole day.

In Su Family’s Market Square.

At this time, a large number of people were gathered here. Inner disciples were keeping the area under control. The rest were from the outer sect.

On the stage of the Market Square, stood the elder Su Shi Long of the inner sect began survey the crowd.

The people began to quiet down and were afraid to speak after the elder stepped onto stage. They were waiting for elder Su Shi Long to say something.

After the crowd quieted down, Su Shi Long nodded his head, and said, “Are there anyone else that is going to arrive?”

“Reporting to elder. Other than Su Da, Su Xin Lu and a couple of outer sect disciples, everyone else has already returned!”

An orderly person came up and respectfully said, “Senior, Su Da and Su Xin Lu should be arriving back soon!”

Then he added another comment.


Su Shi Long nodded his head, but did not say anything.

Just then, somebody uttered a cry.

“Su Yun?”

Su Shi Long brows knitted, “Where did he leave to?”

The steward in charge of the outer sect hastily said, “Senior, I do not know the whereabouts of this disciple.”

“Oh, did you not send him to perform some tasks?” Su Shi Long asked.

“No,  the outer sect disciples are not barred from travel. At this moment, I do not know where Su Yun went to, but you already activated the distress signal. I believe we will see him very soon!”

“Return back?”

Su Shi Long sneered, “The Su Family is so mighty, yet how did it produce a good for nothing like Su Yun?”

The steward could not speak and could only lower his head.

Su Shi Long shouted, “Everyone listen to me. This time, an important task has been assigned from the Main House! There is a trial that everyone must participate. If any dares to refuse, you shall be punished accord to Su Family’s rules and expelled from the Su Family. Does everyone understand?”

“Yes, sir!” The outer sect disciples shouted.

“Very good!”

Su Shi Long lightly nodded his head, “This time,for the task, the main house has prepared a thousand badges: Blood Jade Crystals. This object is located in Su Family’s grounds, Martial Bone Mountain, which is able to produce a huge amount of it. For the first mission, the Martial Bone Mountain will be opened tomorrow. The Inner Sect will provide everyone with twenty Expelling Blood Meridian Pills, ten Spirit Power Regeneration Pills, five anti-poison pills, and ten Satiety pills. Furthermore, the inner sect will provide a certain number of weapons. Those who manage to obtain Blood Jade Crystals can exchange them for contributions. One badge will equal to five contribution. Those who obtain five hundred points will be eligible for promotion to the inner sect! Good luck everyone!”

After this speech was uttered, a moment of silence fell upon the entire Outer Sect Market Square.

“Martial Bone Mountain?”

“Su Family’s Forbidden area….the soldiers that served the Su Family are buried in Martial Bone Mountain? This place… it actually open to us?”

“This Martial Bone Mountain is extremely dangerous. Rumors are that everywhere on the mountain has highly toxic miasma gas. There are numerous powerful beasts, even beasts worse than spirit intermediate third stage….If we enter this Martial Bone Mountain….wouldn’t we be unable to even come back??”

“My god, sir, this…..this task, if we go…isn’t it very dangerous?”

After the silence, the inner sect disciples immediately broke out in discussions. They had all kinds of doubts, fears and hesitations. The area became a bustling scene and people’s emotions began to come out.

“Silence!” A cold voice shouted.

Next, a mist-like spirit aura flew over and covered the entire market square.

Everyone could not help but shudder. They stopped shouting and the square immediately quieted down. No one dare to make another sound.

Su Shi Long scanned the entire plaza with his cold eyes as if he wanted to devour everyone.

After a few moments, he opened his mouth and shouted, “This is the task that was issued by the main house. The figures are what our Family needs. I do not care what methods you use, I just ask everyone to participate. No matter what you want to do, you must all enter Martial Bone Mountain tomorrow. Within ten days, you must obtain one thousand Blood Jade Crystals for me!”

“However, you do not have to worry about the issues concerning safety. We will arrange seventeen elites of the inner sect to accompany each team. What do you guys have to worry about? Well, this tasks has now begun, everyone go and immediately prepare!”

“Yes, sir!” The crowd just replied without asking anything.

Although what Su Shi Long said sounded good, the outer sect disciples were not completely fools.

The main task for the inner sect from the Main House was just too dangerous, so it was given to the outer sect. It was extremely dangerous for the outer sect disciples to brave the Martial Bone Mountain and obtain Blood Jade Crystals. The outer sect was basically worthless, plus Su Shi Long had the backing to do so. They even had a time limit for the trail.

Su Shi Long deliberately ordered the outer sect to do his bidding, knowing that they were basically giving their lives to him, but everyone was helpless. In the Su Family, other than the patriarch, no one else dared refute Su Shi Long.

Fortunately, however, at least they were being led by a dozen inner sect experts. Otherwise, if a bunch of disciples from the outer sect went into the Martial Bone Mountain, don’t even utter annihilated, at least seven out of every eight disciple would have died. With an elite leading, they at least had a chance against the more powerful beasts.

The disciples dispersed and went towards the equipment warehouse to receive the supplies that were prepared from Su Shi Long.


Just then, Su Shi Long suddenly shouted as he was a far distance from the outer sect.

“Senior, do you have any other orders?” The outer sect steward hastily said.

“Outer sect disciple Su Yun is delaying Su Family’s important matter. As for punishment, for him to participate for this time, other than the anti-poison pill and satiety pills, eliminate all the other items. If he refuses to participate at this trial, just immediately follow Su Family’s regulations and destroy his cultivation, do you understand?” Su Shi Long coldly said.

The outer sect steward was immediately stunned.

“Did you not catch it? Do I need to repeat it?”

“No, no….small….this small guy is very clear on your orders!” The steward quickly responded.

Su Shi Long gently crooned, turned around and left.

At this moment, at the square edge.

“Su Xing Yang, where did Su Yun go? You’ve got to find a way to contact him. Ah, such trials must be attended, otherwise we will be prevented to eat!” Su Xin Yue anxiously glared at her brother as she said this.

“I….I will drag people to find him.” Su Xing Yang said as he touched the back of his head.

“Be sure to let him catch up during the trial, otherwise we’re finished!”


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