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Chapter 45: Su Family’s Summon

After leaving Blossom Heart Valley Sect, Su Yun immediately travelled to Broken Rush City with his newly earned two hundred thousand spirit coins. He would purchase all the ingredients that the sword elder required by following the list he had been given.

Although the ingredients were readily available, there were still some rare ones. It would take nearly two days, before Su Yun could obtain the all the ingredients from the list.

After the ingredients were ready, equipped with the money leftover, he went to an upscale inn in Broken Rush City and rented a cultivation room. He was going to live there for awhile.

Following Sword Elder’s instructions, he began to slowly refine all the herbs and ingredients.

Unlike ordinary living quarters, the cultivation was special. It was a room dedicated to contain spirit power using special furnishings that covered the room.

After using “Demonic Blood Array” for ten days, all the materials were completely refined. Following Sword Elder’s instructions, he began to flush his meridians.

Firstly, flush his system.

The ingredients such as “Severing Tree Sap” and “Three Sun Mud” were used as the base. It was soon followed by adding “Birthing Flower Buds,” “Luo Wolf Seeds,” and “Heavenly Beast Heart Bones.” These were all thrown into Spring Crystal Furnace to be thoroughly combined. After a few moments, a watery paste was created, which was then used to smear all over his body.

After three hours, the watery paste seemed to have be absorbed from by his skin and disappeared.

Ten more days passed and his spirit power recovered. Once again, he used the leftover ingredients to refine some cultivation pills.

Six more days passed and some cultivation pills were made. He ingested some of them.

Combined with the effects the watery paste that was absorbed by his body, the two substances worked hand in hand by flushing his meridians. Then it began to strengthen his muscles and tissues, especially his meridians.

Su Yun was sitting cross-legged in his cultivation room at the inn for four more days as he persisted in flushing his system. A large dark sludge discharged from his body by the end.

“This is really a great technique, not only does it strengthen body tissues and muscles, even a large amount of impurities were discharged from my body!” Su Yun sighed with delight.

“This is one of my Limitless Sword God Sect’s secrete techniques. It is natural for it to have numerous benefits!” The Sword Elder proudly responded.

Su Yun nodded his head. As he grasped the Everlasting stone hanging down from his neck, he immediately laughed: “Master, after flushing my system, are we now able to practice “Spirit Lord Aura?”

“Of course! After flushing your meridians, with the Everlasting Stone, coupled with a few of the cultivation pills you refined, transforming your regular spirit aura to Spirit Lord Aura will not be difficult! However, this will be somewhat painful, so kid, you better be able to endure this!”

“I will definitely endure through it!” Su Yun nodded with eyes filled with determination.


“That’s good! I will tell you the instructions and you execute exactly according to what I say! Remember, once you have converted to Spirit Lord Aura, your future cultivation results will lessen, meaning more time is required for cultivation. The techniques to stabilize your aura require all four factors: steadiness, determination, precision, and quickness to develop and improve your aura!”


“Listen up!” Sword elder took a deep breath, then he began to explain the methods one by one: “Spirit Wind Core, Cyclone of Lunar Ocean, Valley’s Sharpened Fang Eruption all will be opened to allow the channels for spirit power to flow through…”

Spirit Wind Core, Cyclone of Lunar Ocean, Valley’s Sharpened Fang Eruption…these are special points that control the flow of spirit power, so they are usually left alone. However, listening to what the sword elder said, it seems that for me to utilize the spirit aura, I would need to activate this acupuncture points…isn’t this just courting death?

Su Yun heart was scared just by thinking about it.

However, after pondering for a bit, he did not think that the sword elder was trying to harm. If the sword elder was ruthless, he would have already done it himself.


Su Yun just decided to go along with it and directly activated his acupuncture points in an instant. His whole body began to writhe in pain as it felt like his bones were scraping with each other. He tried to keep himself up as this happened. Su Yun’s complexion had begun to pale. Large beads of sweat was now streaming down his face.

Initially, he could still tolerate the intense pain.

However, as more acupuncture points were activated, the spirit power that was circulating in his body began to fluctuate more frequently as the intense pain continued to increase.

“Ah…..” Su Yun began to growl.

As the sword elder heard Su Yun’s painful screams, he still did not stop.

This was the critical moment, he must not stop.

“Endure this pain, every spirit cultivator should have this amount of willpower. Su Yun, I do not need you to carry the burdens of the Limitless Sword God Sect. I just ask if you can utilize “Limitless Sword Arts” and demonstrate its former glory throughout the world. Then, I would be able to rest in peace.” The sword elder had a tranquil look as he said this.

The day began to brighten.

Outside was quiet. The inn was the same. However, inside his cultivation room, a violent growl suddenly erupted.

Gradually, the loud growling began to calm down to regular breathing.

“Su Yun, following the activation sequences of the mentioned acupuncture points, the process is now completed. The final step to transform your spirit aura’s attribute would be to forcefully activate it. It requires to be circulated throughout your body once. By forcing it, you will be able to transform your spirit aura and begin to use Spirit Lord Aura. This is a crucial step, so you must not be careless! You must pass through this obstacle!”

Upon hearing this, Su Yun slowly calmed his nerves.

Break through this! He must break past this obstacle!

As his body was still throbbing with searing pain, which still did not disappear. The extreme pain was almost to the point that it began to feel numb.

In his spirit aura, the invisible barrier was met with a fierce collision. The main point was to open every acupuncture point one by one, and thereby transforming his tendons and muscles. However, the second part involves withstanding the recoil of his new Spirit Aura. The turning point was soon crossed and crackling noises soon arose from Su Yun’s body like the noise of firecrackers exploding.

On the surface of Su Yun, one would see a large number of protruding marks. The marks were only the size of small grains, but they were spreading throughout the entire body like galloping horses across the plains. These marking were present on Su Yun’s torso and limbs…

“Pay attention! The collisions has begun! Inject spirit power! Reinforce your defenses, if they manage to break down your defenses, your meridians will be destroyed. You might even die from the side effects! You must persevere!” The Sword elder shouted.

After the sword elder said this, the chaotic process throughout Su Yun’s body began yet again.

The surrounding area was filled with sword qi in disarray, which would any regular person endlessly shocked.

Su Yun did not have the slightest shred of laziness. He attentively waited for the incoming collisions throughout his body.


With the first collisions, the walls surrounding his meridians were filled with deep dents caused by the chaotic spirit power. The spirit power lashing out was really damaging the surrounding area.

He could clearly feel the place of the collision. Su Yun quickly took advantage of the break in the collisions to use his spirit power to fill the defenses caused by the collisions. He then braced for the second collision.


Another collision!

Quickly repair!

And it continued!

The third collision!

Quickly repair!

The fourth collision!

Quickly repair!

The fifth collision!

Quickly repair!

The sixth collision….

Su Yun was sweating all over his body. The spirit power inside his body was almost completely exhausted. He repaired the barrier once again. The padded barrier within his meridians was scattered and smashed through after the sixth impact.


His spirit power was now completely exhausted and was unable to continue to repair the barrier.

Su Yun’s heart tightened as his body tensed. He could not imagine what would happen in the next second.

However, the next phase left him completely stunned.

His spiritual perception of his entire body stopped functioning. It no longer gave birth to spirit power of his former spirit aura. The collisions between his meridians had calmed down.

“Could it be…that it ended?” Su Yun muttered.

The sword elder responded.

“Spirit Aura depleted. Your meridians were not broken. The transformation to Spirit Lord Aura was successful. In the next hour, you will not be able to recover the slightest amount of spirit power. Then, your whole body would begin to output spirit power of Spirit Lord Aura. Su Yun, this is great! I have not seen many people as resilient as you. Congratulations on transforming your spirit aura to Spirit Lord Aura!”

After Su Yun heard this, a smile of joy suddenly emerged on his face.

Nonetheless, he could not laugh long. His eyes soon darkened and he collapsed to the ground directly….

Su Yun woke up the next day. Su Yun did not dare waste his time. After eating his breakfast, he immediately sat cross-legged and began to cultivate once again.

After the transformation to an attribute spirit aura, his meridians expanded to more than double their original capacity. The capability of his spirit perception also increased, amounting to three hundred and eighty one. However, the even more amazing part was that he repeatedly broke through cultivation stages. He directly leapt into tenth stage of spirit novice realm. (Tl: last stage of 1st realm)

He really did not think that Spirit Lord Aura would actually enhance his cultivation level.

This one…the Everlasting Stone must have played a crucial role in that.

Su Yun gloomy pondered.

Although he condensed his Spirit Lord Aura, learning the first sword of the Limitless Sword Arts would become easier, his current Spirit Lord Aura was still very weak and dull. He needed more practice.

Practice aura.

The easiest method was to frequently utilize his spirit aura, which would allow his body to become familiar with his spirit aura. Allowing his meridians to flow with spirit power again and again would allow his body to adapt. Like a person exercising, as long as he exercised in the long term, his body would become more resilient.

The most important factor affecting the speed of practicing aura was the recovery of the spirit power after use.

Su Yun was rather familiar with the continent, so he had one way to restore his spirit power quickly. It was a precious area.

After a distance of four hundred kilometers beyond Broken Rush City: Five Colored Cliff.

Obtaining some rations and a fine stallion, Su Yun rushed there at full speed with a steady pace.

The Five Colored Cliff was very remote. It was over a fifty kilometers away from the nearest village, so there was rarely people here. Su Yun could freely practice in this place.

Of course, the only thing that was worth noting there was to always beware of the clashes at Five Colored Cliff.

The next few cultivation sessions were fairly boring. Every day, he would need to deplete his Spirit Power in his Spirit Lord Aura. He had to become familiar with his new Spirit Lord Aura and constantly experimented.

Over time, coupled with the sword elder’s patience to thoroughly explain Spirit Lord Aura, Su Yun gradually began to improve.

He began to use his Dragon Engraved Blade. He attempted to activate his Spirit Lord Aura on the Dragon Engraved Blade to…..manipulate.

Initially it was very shaky, the sword was like a paper airplane in the air. It was always shaking and could not stabilize. However, after a few days of training, he became proficient with the Dragon Engraved Blade.

Nonetheless, its lethality was still weak.

Nearly a month of training at this point, Su Yun had to say that the Limitless Sword Arts were exceedingly difficult. He never imagined that it would be so difficult to master on blade, but ten million blades….to what extent was his limit?

Despite this, even if it was difficult, it could not be delayed. After several months of hard work, he still had not entered spirit intermediate realm. Until that time, did he even have strength to achieve anything he needed at all?

After thinking this, he did not dare be lazy at all. He focused on training himself.

“What is the source of this determination in this kid’s heart? Why is it that once he started to train himself, he just can’t stop…”

The sword elder could not help but mutter as he saw Su Yun hyper focused in his training.

This continued for half a month more.

Su Yun had now become familiar with Spirit Lord Aura. It was now possible to control a single sword to kill his enemy. Although his spirit blade was small, but it was always improving.

Today, after his Spirit Lord Aura was exhausted, he sat cross-legged at the Five Colored Cliff. He meditated to recover his breath.

Suddenly, a urgent buzzing sound emerged from his waist.

Su Yun opened his eyes and fetched the talisman around his waist to look at the urgent message.

It was a summon for the outer sect of the Su Family.

“What is it?” The sword elder puzzlingly asked.

“It was a notification talisman from the Su Family. Once there is an emergency situation for the Su Family, they might use the talisman to recall members of the outer sect of the Su Family.”

“After saying this, you mean that Su Family is basically ordering you to go back?”


“Then what do you do?”

“I do not know!” Su Yun shook his head.

After allowing him to ponder for a bit, the ground suddenly began to tremble.

“Now what is happening?” Su Yun asked after he was startled. He was standing while swaying from the shaking ground.

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