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Chapter 45: Su Family’s Summon

After leaving Blossom Heart Valley Sect, Su Yun immediately travelled to Broken Rush City with his newly earned two hundred thousand spirit coins. He would purchase all the ingredients that the sword elder required by following the list he had been given.

Although the ingredients were readily available, there were still some rare ones. It would take nearly two days, before Su Yun could obtain the all the ingredients from the list.

After the ingredients were ready, equipped with the money leftover, he went to an upscale inn in Broken Rush City and rented a cultivation room. He was going to live there for awhile.

Following Sword Elder’s instructions, he began to slowly refine all the herbs and ingredients.

Unlike ordinary living quarters, the cultivation was special. It was a room dedicated to contain spirit power using special furnishings that covered the room.

After using “Demonic Blood Array” for ten days, all the materials were completely refined. Following Sword Elder’s instructions, he began to flush his meridians.

Firstly, flush his system.

The ingredients such as “Severing Tree Sap” and “Three Sun Mud” were used as the base. It was soon followed by adding “Birthing Flower Buds,” “Luo Wolf Seeds,” and “Heavenly Beast Heart Bones.” These were all thrown into Spring Crystal Furnace to be thoroughly combined. After a few moments, a watery paste was created, which was then used to smear all over his body.

After three hours, the watery paste seemed to have be absorbed from by his skin and disappeared.

Ten more days passed and his spirit power recovered. Once again, he used the leftover ingredients to refine some cultivation pills.

Six more days passed and some cultivation pills were made. He ingested some of them.

Combined with the effects the watery paste that was absorbed by his body, the two substances worked hand in hand by flushing his meridians. Then it began to strengthen his muscles and tissues, especially his meridians.

Su Yun was sitting cross-legged in his cultivation room at the inn for four more days as he persisted in flushing his system. A large dark sludge discharged from his body by the end.

“This is really a great technique, not only does it strengthen body tissues and muscles, even a large amount of impurities were discharged from my body!” Su Yun sighed with delight.

“This is one of my Limitless Sword God Sect’s secrete techniques. It is natural for it to have numerous benefits!” The Sword Elder proudly responded.

Su Yun nodded his head. As he grasped the Everlasting stone hanging down from his neck, he immediately laughed: “Master, after flushing my system, are we now able to practice “Spirit Lord Aura?”

“Of course! After flushing your meridians, with the Everlasting Stone, coupled with a few of the cultivation pills you refined, transforming your regular spirit aura to Spirit Lord Aura will not be difficult! However, this will be somewhat painful, so kid, you better be able to endure this!”

“I will definitely endure through it!” Su Yun nodded with eyes filled with determination.



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