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Limitless Sword God Chapter 49


Hey everyone! Happy New Year if it hasn’t happened yet!(I still got like 80 minutes more) I will release the yearly report tomorrow morning, instead of a monthly recap. From now on, I will release monthly reports on the 1st of each month, easier to keep track this way.

As for the schedule of releases, most likely they will start on Tuesday night, since I get back on Monday midnight. (I only managed to translate this chapter by waking up extra early for 4 days)

Anyways, enjoy!

Please support the site by turning off adblock, ty 🙂

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Limitless Sword God Chapter 48


Wow, I managed to actually translate 2 chapters today. Anyways, as I said before I’ll be going on vacation, so release schedule might be weird, really will depend on how much time I have. I’ll see what I can do.

Also, it would be great if you guys rated up LSG on novelupdates since it seems the ratings have dropped for the past few weeks. It is my biggest referer website, so a higher rating would mean more people would try it. Also, when 1100 people has it on the reading list, I will release an extra regular chapter for that week.

Lastly, it is unlikely that I will release two chapters regularly, since this took a little over 7.5 hrs+ for translating and editing (both my editors are busy).

Hope you guys enjoy!

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Limitless Sword God Chapter 47


Alright, first chapter done today. I will release the teaser in an hour or so. The final chapter will take a while longer, can’t translate for more than 3 hrs straight without rest. I’m guessing next one will be out in like midnight EST

Also note, chapters I think normally are now this long (2200 words from 1800 words), so it would be great if you support me by turning off adblock.

Anyways enjoy!

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