4th Month Recap

Hey everyone, so it has been about 4 months since I started to translate LSG.

Anyways, big shout out to the editors, which volunteer their time to help me edit 🙂

Thanks for the continuing support! I try to respond to most comments, but sometimes I am just really too busy.

The Stats:

# of Posts 109, will be 110 after this (from 88)

# of Views: 1,262,390 page views (from 916,536)

# of Visitors:215,710 unique IP (from 157,267)

Average visitors/day @ chapter release: ~4500 (roughly same as last month)

Average visitors/day with no chapter: ~2000 (roughly same as last month)

Best Day of Month: 19,480 views (November 27) (lower than 27,057, but makes sense, since I am releasing at a lower rate than September)


WordPress Followers: 409 amazing people (from 359)

Email Followers: 180 amazing people (from 146)


Anyways, I’m am very grateful for all the support you guys give me! It really does keep me motivated to translate. When I’m done with my classes, I’ll be sure to give you lots of chapters. Although I will be on vacation with my family, I’ll find a way to translate, too. Somehow, so cya in 2 weeks guys! Good luck in your school/jobs if you got deadlines/exams, too!






  1. Cruelflix says:

    I was wondering if there really won’t be any chapters for 2 weeks, This in fact saddens me because i really want to see what happens between Su Yun and immortal beauty… Simply too interesting to wait for new chapters.

    Will they fight again or will he somehow find out she’s tracking him with a spell? ughhh… This is unbearable 😦 , That being said. Is it possible for you to look for someone to help you translate at least 1 chapter during these 2 weeks?

    Thanks for your hard work and good luck on finals!


    1. yaoz889 says:

      I’ll see if I can release 1 chapter in the next couple of days, but no guarantees…


      1. Cruelflix says:

        ohhhhhhh, you just made my day!
        thanks for the reply!


  2. Been a good 4 months for sure.


  3. kawaiikilaz123 says:

    thanks for your hard work and second maybe possibly second


  4. eveneel2 says:

    Thanks for your hard work!


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