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Chapter 44: The Pill King

Cuisine that is not magnificent cannot be considered a good cuisine. Similarly, if medicine is not magnificent, it is not a good medicine.

There were rare and famous medicinal herbs growing everywhere in Blossom Heart Valley. The diverse and numerous medicinal herbs and flowers that quilted over the fields formed a picture that was truly like a dreamy illusion. Furthermore, throughout the entire year, the medicinal herbs and flowers gave off a sweet aroma, causing the place to feel like a paradise on Earth.

In the middle of Blossom Valley Sect, there was a junction in one of the roadways. The right path of the junction led to a single domineering building, a grand pavilion. The pavilion design was original. It was not wide and not tall. Furthermore, it seemed exceptionally spacious, while on the right side of the pavilion, there was a chimney attached to the roof. Curls of smoke could be seen floating out from the chimney.

On the first floor of the pavilion, a plain,elderly bald man was in the middle of arranging herbs in a alchemist formation atop a large table. The elderly man had a long, white beard and, by the state of his sunken eyes, looked as if he had been awake for seventy days from his sunken eyes. Nonetheless, he looked very serious as both of his dry hands were constantly arranging the herbs into piles that seemed to be increasing without end.

He wasn’t even looking at them; as his hands touched the herbs, he quickly took the right amount and organized it into the right pile.

After the medical materials were organized, a violet light immediately bursted out from the formation. The elderly man immediately stepped back to avoid being burned by the violet light. After a few moments, the light faded. He nervously stared at the alchemy formation as the process began.

A pitch black pill had appeared in the center of the alchemist formation.

However, this did not make the elderly man happy. Instead, anyone who looked at his face could only see that it was filled with disappointment.

A voice emerged from behind him.“Using the alchemist formation…it seems to be even more difficult to use than the medical furnace, but it is certainly more efficient. Although the medical furnace is a stable, it is still a slow process. On the other hand, the alchemist formation is unstable but fast. The Pill King is very skillful to be able to utilize the alchemist formation for refining Absolute Foundation pill, which is able to stabilize spirit aura. It is commonly used to complete breakthroughs because it decreases the chances of making a mistakes that usually occur. It significantly decreased chances of death in devil techniques. However, the medicine currently has a side effect. That is, after ingesting it, the production of spirit power would drop by a lot.”

As the elderly man heard this, he uttered, “ah?” Then he turned around to look at the people walking towards him.

The person was a tall man wearing a white robe. He was young and handsome. He was tall, straight, and had a piercing gaze. His physique was certainly not bad.

“Who are you?” Pill King Zhang Mo frowned.

“Young Su Yun, greetings Pill King Zhang Mo.” Su Yun said as he bowed.

“Su Yun?” Pill King Zhang Mo moved closer to Gui Mo Jue beside Su Yun and asked, “Mo Jue, where did this Su Yun come from?”
“I don’t really know. However, elder, this person is highly adept at medical knowledge. He says that he can solve the side effects of Profound Spirit Power Heart pill!” Gui Mo Jue responded.

“Solve the side effects of Profound Spirit Power Heart pill?” Zhang Mo face sank even more, “Truly arrogant nonsense! Young man, do you even know what are you talking about?”

“Of course.” Su Yun just nodded.

“If that’s the case, then go do it. I don’t like people that only know how to spout bullshit!”

After Zhang Mo shouted this, he turned his head back to his research.

Gui Mo Jue became tense as his eyes fell on Su Yun.

Knowing that he, Su Yun was now on stage, he went towards the alchemist formation beside the table. He skillfully used both of his hands to arrange the herbs in the right piles around the specific points of the alchemist formation. In addition, he incorporated his prior purchase at the market, the Withered Death Wood, which he broke off piece by piece and also placed in the alchemist formation.

Zhang Mo was slightly stunned, as his eyes began to be attracted by Su Yun’s actions.

Exact amounts, perfect combinations, with only a few moments, the arrangement seemed perfect. It was clear that this person was knowledgeable in alchemy.

Slowly, Zhang Mo’s cold face began to change.



Meanwhile, at the  Su Family’s Main martial arts field.

Two figures were standing in the martial arts field.

Wind was blowing gently…..

As strikes of sword qi flew through the air, several iron statues that were erected in the martial arts field were shredded in an instant. The sharp waves of sword qi clashed with the edge of a force field, causing the entire barrier to shake with a deep ring.

A long-haired, young lady was wielding a sword. She was sweating profusely and panting violently as she gazed at the result of her actions. Despite the destruction, she quietly let out a sigh, then tightened her hands around her snow sword and activated her spirit power again.

“Still not enough!” At this time, a cold voice shouted from the side.

The young female raised her eyes to look at the middle-aged man. He was cold and serious as he shouted, “This sword qi is still not enough! Continue to practice sword qi strikes!”

Continue to practice? She had already practiced for three consecutive hours.

Although the girl’s brow knitted, she did not resist. With only her willpower, she dragged her exhausted body, grinded her teeth and continued to practice sword qi strikes.

By sunset, she was still practicing.


The middle-aged man finally relented and waved his hand. Then he said, “Wait for a moment before you take some medicine from the medical pavilion to recover your spirit. Then go back to cultivating, Qing Er, your time is very limited. You must understand that you cannot be lazy.”

“Yes master, Qing Er understands!”

Qing Er finally put down her sword as she weakly remained standing.

His master nodded and turned to leave.

“Master!” At this time, Qing Er suddenly yelled.

“Huh?” The master stopped in his tracks as he turned around to look at her blankly.

Qing Er hesitated for a moment. Her cheeks were pale, but after a while, she finally asked, “Master, Qing Er has heard some rumors, that master set up a marriage for Qing Er. Is this really true?”

As master heard this, he was stunned. After a moment, he continued and said, “It is only words in the wind, do you really believe it? I am training you with the utmost care, so that you can contribute to the Su Family. I do not train you because of some baseless rumor. If you ask one more time, you will have to cut off your own ears! Hmph!”

After he said this, he left.

Qing Er stood quietly in place. After a long silence, she sighed. Her eyes were full of sorrow.



Inside Blossom Heart Valley Pill King’s pavilion.


Many sounds of applause and joy burst from inside the pavilion; they was soon followed by bursts of laughter.

“I did not expect that this mere Withered Death Wood could actually synthesize with Soul Blossom and Vast River pill’s effect. This is really incredible! Little brother, quickly tell me, how do you know about this? Dare I ask who are your masters? Could this Zhang Mo actually have an opportunity to meet them?” Inside the pavilion, Pill King Zhang Mo eyes were blazing with excitement. His face was looking expectantly for the answer.

It was obvious, the young man in front of them, already evoked their entire attention, so the Pill King could not help but ask.

“My Medical Sect commanded to not disclose its name, but I can tell you a little bit. The sect comes from Gui Valley, it is very close to Blossom Heart Valley. As one of the many small sects that you are aware of.”

The person standing in front of Su Yun was just laughing at the spectacle.

The words were half of true and half false. The master already understood this much; but as for the medical knowledge, it was actually learned from Blossom Heart Valley.

In his past life, he worked in this field for a period of time. The person that he was in contact the most was Medical Lord Zhang Mo. The crazy Su Yun at the time was full of questions and Zhang Mo often carefully took the time to answer them.

Therefore, in Su Yun’s mind, Zhang Mo was equivalent to half of his master.

No matter how high attainments Su Yun had in mind of medical knowledge or how strong his cultivation, in his mind, some bottom line must never be broken.

For the questions asked by Zhang Mo, Su Yun lacked no answer. As the Pill King asked question after question, Gui Mo Jue could only sit on the side. He didn’t even get a chance to interrupt.

This continued until midnight. Even then it still wasn’t over.

“Genius! You are really a genius, to actually have a medical knowledge of this magnitude at such a young age is magnificent! You really are a genius! Nevermind this master that resides in Blossom Heart Valley. Logically speaking, you could be considered as the genius of the entire Blossom Heart Valley! No, no! You are affiliated with my Blossom Heart Valley Sect, how are you still living outside? You must join my Blossom Heart Valley Sect!”

The Pill King Zhang Mo stood up and seriously gazed at Su Yun.

After Gui Mo Jue heard this, he was shocked, “Brother, recruiting disciples is not even your job?!”

Zhang Mo brow wrinkled as he responded, “What? Is it possible that with my position in Blossom Heart Valley sect, I am not even allowed to recruit disciples?”

“Of course you have the ability, but…” Gui Mo Jue returned a glance, but there was a clear reason there was an obstacle.

Although this person has vast amounts of medical knowledge, but with only this one point, how could they just recruit him. No one truly knows about him, how could they just recruit him like this? If they recruited him, wouldn’t it cause a commotion?

However, Zhang Mo apparently just ignored this. Instead, with an angry face, he shouted, “I do not care! I do not care! Today, I guarantee I will recruit this guy into the Blossom Heart Valley Sect! In a moment, I will go directly to the Valley’s Patriarch to complete this matter!”

Gui Mo Jue, “………………”

Su Yun’s heart warmed up from this event. He smiled and said, “Honorable Zhang is kind, but junior has to say no thank you. Junior is already part of the Su Family, so I cannot join the Blossom Heart Valley Sect. Although I understand your offers, I have to abstain. Nonetheless, on the matter related to medical knowledge…if senior ever has any questions, you can feel free to contact this junior. This junior will personally come and answer them without withholding an information!”

After Zhang Mo heard this, his eyes flashed a hint of sadness. But the other party had already explained about this matter, so it was not polite to force his intentions. It was impossible and certainly a pity, so he responded, “Boy, I loved having a conversation with you! Your temperament is commendable for your age. You are an exceptional person! Despite this, you have to remember what you just said- Oh, in the future, you must come visit Blossom Heart Valley Sect numerous times!”

“This young junior will remember!” Su Yun responded.

Gui Mo Jue felt strange as he saw the exchange. Prior to this encounter, Su Yun was always lukewarm in conversing with him at best. Why was it that when he was conversing with Zhang Mo, he was this respectful?

“The hour is late, this junior still have some medical jobs! At this point, it is time to say good bye. Ghost Master, the agreement prior to this matter…will you honor it?”

At this time, Su Yun got up from the chair that he sat on while he conversed with Zhang Mo.

“Of course!” Gui Mo Jue nodded, “You solved numerous medical flaws of Blossom Heart Valley Sect. I won’t go back on my word! Quickly come with me!” After he said this, Gui Mo Jue left the pavilion.

However, right at this time, a sharp and crisp shout echoed through the air.

“Only correctly identifying the Nine Leaf Grass, how is it so difficult? Is it possible that my Immortal Sword Sect are really this behind in debts?”

This sound?

Su Yun froze for a moment, he had recognized the owner of the voice.

Gui Mo Jue accelerated his pace as he went towards the lobby.

In the front hall, several disciples with tense faces were standing there. Before them stood a female wearing a face veil. She was wearing snow white clothes and seemed like a goddess figurine.

“What happened?” Gui Mo Jue asked.

The goddess’ followers quickly walked towards them. They instantly saw Su Yun beside Gui Mo Jue.

“Is it you?” Both of the followers asked in unison.

“Why are you here?”

“To withdraw money!”

Su Yun exhaled and faced Gui Mo Jue, “Ghost Master, may you first get my spirit coins. I am in urgent need of them!”

“Alright, I will send someone there to withdraw the sum!”

Gui Mo Jue asked a disciple to complete this task. The disciple quickly nodded and immediately ran down the hall.

Afterwards, Gui Mo Jue faced towards the goddess’ followers and greeted her, “May I ask who are you?”

“I am the Immortal Sword Sect’s third elder, Long Xian Li!” (Tl: wow, took like 30 chapters to get a full name) The female coldly responded.

After the words came out, Gui Mo Jue and Su Yun became a bit scared.

Damn, how was she an elder of the Immortal Sword Sect. Was she related to the female at the battle of Gu Xie Mountain?

Nonetheless, this female did not recognize me, so there should be no problem.

Su Yun hastily calmed his surging heart. He still secretly remained wary of this person.

After the woman announced her identity, the surrounding audience took a deep breath. Gui Mo Jue immediately took action and quickly responded, “It turns out that you were an elder in the Immortal Sword Sect! Quickly, quickly, come inside. If some caused you any inconvenience, please forgive in that matter.”

“It is not necessary to officially receive as a guest. This time I just need to bother Blossom Heart Valley Sect for a moment. During my stay, I would like to not disclose my arrival. I wonder if that is possible?”

“Naturally, this isn’t a problem!”

“Also the Nine Leaf Grass?”

“If Immortal Sword Sect Elder requires it, Blossom Heart Valley will be happy to help!”

Although Blossom Heart Valley Sect’s influence was stronger than Immortal Sword Sect, its strength was still inferior. It was just not worth it for giving one batch of Nine Leaf Grass to offend such a major power.

For this female, Su Yun did not dare try to converse with. He just need to get his two hundred thousand spirit coins and two Profound Spirit Power Heart pills. Then, he will be ready to leave.

However, when he left, Pill King Zhang Mo asked a disciple to give a symbol to Su Yun. This way, Su Yun could freely enter and exit Blossom Heart Valley Sect.

Su Yun politely accepted it.

As Su Yun began to leave, Long Xian Li’s face suddenly changed.

She hastily removed the round mirror and looked into it. The point in the round mirror was actually moving.

“Why did it suddenly move? Was the Sword God aware that I sneaked here and is preparing to escape?”

Long Xian Li pondered for a moment. Suddenly she seemed to have thought of something and raised her head to ask, “May I ask, Ghost Master, who was the person that just left? What is his name?”

“Oh? Just that young man, ah? He is called Su Yun. It also seems that he is affiliated with the Su Family!”

“Su Yun….” Long Xian Li murmured.


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