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Chapter 44: Medicine Lord

Cuisine that is not magnificent cannot be considered good cuisine. Similarly, if the medicine is not magnificent, it is not good medicine.

There were rare and famous medicine herbs growing everywhere in Blossom Heart Valley. The medicine herbs and flowers that quilted over the fields were truly like a dreamlike illusion. Furthermore, throughout the entire year, the medicine herbs and flowers gave a sweet aroma, causing the place to feel like a paradise on Earth.

In the middle of Blossom Valley Sect, there was a junction in the roadway. The right path of the junction led to a single dominating building: a grand pavilion. The pavilion design was original. It was not wide and not tall. Furthermore, it seemed exceptionally spacious, while on the right side of the pavilion, there was an chimney attached to the roof. Curls of smoke was floating out from the chimney.

On the first floor, a plain elderly bald man was in the middle of arranging herbs in a alchemist formation on a large table. The elderly man had a long white beard, who looked like he was awake for seventy days from his sunken eyes. Nonetheless, he looked very serious as both of his dry hands were constantly arranging the herbs as the pile of them just kept increasing.

He wasn’t even looking, as his hands touched the herbs, he quickly took the right amount and organized it into the right pile.

After the medical materials were organized, a violet light immediately bursted out from the area. The elderly man immediately stepped back to avoided being burned by the violet light. After a few moments, the light faded. He nervously stared at the alchemy formation as the process began.

A pitch black pellet appeared in the center of the alchemist formation.

However, this did not make the elderly man happy. Instead, when one looked at his face, it was filled with disappointment.

“With the alchemist formation…seems to be even more difficult to use than the medical furnace, but it is certainly more efficient. Although the medical furnace is a stable, it is still a slow process. On the contrary, the alchemist formation is unstable, but the it is fast. Medicine Lord is very skillful to be able to utilize the alchemist formation for refining Absolute Foundation Pellet, which is able to stabilize spirit aura. It is commonly used to complete breakthroughs because it decreases the chance of mistakes that could occur. It significantly decreased chances of death in devil techniques. However, the medicine currently had a side effect. That is, after ingesting it, the production of spirit power would drop by a lot.” A voice emerged from behind.

As the elderly man heard this, he uttered, “ah?” Then he turned around to look at the people walking towards him.

The person was a tall man wearing a white robe. He was young and handsome. He was tall, straight, and had a piercing gaze. His physique was certainly not bad.

“Who are you?” Medicine Lord Zhang Mo frowned.

“Young Su Yun, greetings Medicine Lord Zhang Mo.” Su Yun said as he bowed.

“Su Yun?” Medicine Lord Zhang Mo moved closer to Gui Mo Jue beside Su Yun and asked, “Mo Jue, where did this Su Yun come from?”
“I don’t really know. However, elder, this person is highly adept at medical knowledge. He says that he can solve the side effects of Profound Spirit Power Heart Pellet!” Gui Mo Jue responded.

“Solve the side effects of Profound Spirit Power Heart Pellet?”

Zhang Mo face sank even more, “Truly arrogant nonsense! Young man, do you even know what are you talking about?”

“Of course.” Su Yun just nodded.

“If that’s the case, then go do it. I don’t like people that speak nonsense!”

After Zhang Mo shouted this, he turned his head back to his research.

Gui Mo Jue became tense as his eyes fell on Su Yun.

Knowing that he, Su Yun was now on stage, he went towards the alchemist formation beside the table. He skillfully used both of his hands to arrange the herbs in the right piles around the specific points of the alchemist formation. In addition, he incorporated his prior purchase, the Withered Death Wood, which he broke off piece by piece that was also placed in the alchemist formation.

Zhang Mo was slightly stunned, as his eyes began to be attracted by Su Yun’s actions.

Exact amounts, perfect combinations, with only a few moments, the arrangement seemed perfect. It was clear that this person was knowledgeable in alchemy.

Slowly, Zhang Mo’s cold face began to change.


To be continued…



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