Limitless Sword God Chapter 43

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edited by Brian L. & HoronXi

Chapter 43: One Hundred Loopholes

“What are you trying to say?”

The young man froze for a moment. After he woke up from his stupor, he approached Su Yun and grabbed his clothes. He shouted angrily, “No matter who you are, I forbid you to insult my benefactors from Blossom Heart Valley. Apologize quickly to me and my benefactor!”

The young man moved on impulse, since he reckoned that Su Yun was just an ordinary person. After Su Yun used the Demonic Blood Array, he did not emit the slightest amount of spirit power. But even now, how was this guy his opponent?

However, Su Yun was not fazed. He turned to face the Blossom Heart Valley disciples and smiled as he said, “What? You guys opened the sect for treatment, but cannot take any criticism on your own, obvious mistakes! Ah, if it is like this, then the reputation of this sect isn’t worth much!”

“You…you cannot just insult Blossom Heart Valley Sect!”

The Blossom Heart Valley disciple did not all come down at once, but one by one, the other disciples began to shout.

The young man grabbed Su Yun with brute force and raised his fist. He was ready to strike Su Yun.

For those waiting for treatment that were watching the scene, they began to become discouraged; but they couldn’t do anything.

“Wait a minute!”

Just then, a slightly hoarse voice broke through the chaos.

The young man was surprised and quickly stopped his fists.

Everyone turned to look at the origin of the voice. They gazed as a group carrying baskets of medicine ingredients coming inside. These were all elite disciples of the Blossom Heart Valley. Leading them was the famous Ghost Hand!

“Grand Ghost Master!” Several disciples welcomed him.

“So it seemed that Ghost Master has arrived!”

“Ghost Master, long time no see!”

“Ghost Master, since you have come. Here is a kid with some arrogance, so how about you teach this kid a lesson!”

“Master, I think this child is crazy. Something must be wrong with his head. Maybe you should treat his brain?” The disciples said as they came over to greet the ghost master.

Yet, Gui Mo Jue did not pay attention to anyone. He just quickly walked towards Su Yun.

As the young man saw this, he quickly let go of Su Yun and hastily saluted the white-haired old man.

Gui Mo Jue nodded at him, then his eyes fell on Su Yun’s body. He loudly shouted, “Young man, I did not think that you were actually headed to our Blossom Heart Valley!”

“As it turns out, the ghost master is polite! You even greet me with respect.” Su Yun dusted off his wrinkled clothes and immediately bowed.

“Hm.” Gui Mo Jue nodded as his old eyes analyzed Su Yun. Then he continued, “Young man, in the event before, you already corrected another disciple of Blossom Heart Valley. However, in a short amount of time, you have caused another commotion between my Blossom Heart Valley disciples. You are only spirit novice realm stage one, very weak and powerless, but is somehow extremely familiar with medicine and herbs. Their medicine is not that bad! Why do you say that my sect’s medical practices are clumsy? Not to mention…the treatment was carried out in the building, so how do you know how it went?”

“The ability to actually identify fake Nine Leaf Grass made you carried away and now you have come to bother us?” The male disciples beside him cried, “Master, this person is unworthy of conversing with you, let us just kick him out from Blossom Heart Valley!”

“Teacher Mo Fei said it very well. This person is speaking nonsense, insulting Blossom Heart Valley, we can’t forgive him!”

“Let us just quickly kick him out!”

“Banish him from here!”

The angry disciples kept on shouting.

Gui Mo Jue raised his hand and the crowd’s voice quickly stopped.

He glanced at the crowd of people, and then continued, “Today, there are many people in my Blossom Heart Valley, so I, Gui Mo Jue, cannot be indifferent about this matter for it affects the reputation of my Blossom Heart Valley…little brother, this time, you will have to enlighten me on the matter. Should I be aware of some negligence on some medical practices and procedures that the disciples of Blossom Heart Valley completed? If so, please enlighten me!”

After he finished speaking, he gestured Su Yun to give an explanation.

This gesture shocked everyone present.

With a high level of cultivation, knowledgeable, compassionate,  no hubris, modest nature, this elder was one that everyone admired.

Su Yun did not hesitate and stepped forward to face Gui Mo Jue in the center.

“Elder of high cultivation is the role model of everyone here. You are even courteous about this matter, while the juniors are raving in anger. Really admirable! Praiseworthy!” Su Yun laughed.

“I don’t dare act like that. Little brother, your age is young, but you can easily distinguish the characteristics of Nine Leaf Grass. I just want to know how are you able to do this while being so young!” Gui Mo Jue responded.

Su Yun thought for a moment, and glanced at the circle of people around him. Then he said, “Ghost Master, although your disciples had clumsily approach, it should still be able to deal with minor illnesses that occur. However, if you encounter people with some major illnesses, then you can let them see me. Let me be the one that will correctly cure them!”


The surrounding Blossom Heart Valley disciples gazed at Su Yun as he glared back at them. In their eyes, doubt was evident.

Many of the Blossom Heart Vallet disciples could not stand Su Yun. They wanted to punish him, however they were all stopped by Gui Mo Jue.

“If that is the case, how about you broaden my horizon?”

After saying this, Gui Mo Jue waved his hand to order some disciples to prepare some medical supplies.

These disciples that were normally elites were now cursing Su Yun in their hearts. Indeed, they were unable to control their anger, but they decided to let Su Yun treat some patients without any distractions. However, they made sure that he had no escape routes if anything went wrong.

Therefore, soon after, they directly went to one of the patients who was receiving some medicine from the sect. However, with before a stick of incense burned, an old woman who was suffering from pain knelt down on the floor.

The elderly woman was very grateful and gave thanks to the disciples.

The disciples were enjoying the patient’s praise as their faces were evident with pride.

At this time, Su Yun was just shaking his head as he listened to the praise.

“Unlucky, this one is certainly unlucky!”

Listening to Su Yun’s words, Gui mo Jue felt really strange, “Little brother, is this what you intended to do?”
Su Yun did not respond. Instead, he went straight to the female disciple handing out the medicine and said, “Sorry to trouble you, fellow female disciple, but three inches above of the Tian acupuncture region, lies a embedded silver needle.”

The female disciple was startled as she could look at Gui Mo Jue for approval.

Since the Tian acupuncture region was not difficult, it would be fairly easy to remove the needle.

Gui Mo Jue just nodded.

After the female disciple saw his approval, she decided to see if there was an actual problem with the needle in the Tian acupuncture region of the elderly woman. She walked over to the elderly woman and asked her to wait. The female disciple took off part of the clothing to access the Tian acupuncture region on the back of the elderly woman.

She was shocked to find a silver needle embedded in the Tian point and the whole needle had become pitch black.

“What?” Gui Mo Jue indifferent eyes widened in shock.

The fellow female disciple who was giving the treatment and medicine face instantly became pale as she just stood there, dumbfounded.

“This elderly woman seemed to really have Spirit Heart Disease. Many people these days try to cultivate their spirit power, but countless people have to give up due to various reasons. Some of them quit because they do not have proper cultivating lessons and do not know how to start. Therefore, they can only abandon cultivating. Nonetheless, improper cultivation of spirit power and aura resulted in blocked veins. It is well hidden, and usually remains undiscovered. Only until one becomes older does the illness flare up and begins to damage body, leading to the patient suffering a lot of pain. Usually, the Spiriti Heart Disease patients die within a year. This disease is very common and it is very scary to people. However, it is not difficult to cure and there are even several ways. How about this little brother here uses some of the equipment of Blossom Heart Valley sect to correct this mistake, alright?” Su Yun asked.

The female disciple recovered herself and nodded her head as she gave her explanation, “This procedure was elder Yao Wang creation. It involves the use of the pollen Bleeding Blood flowers to be refined and smeared on the silver needles. In the body’s two acupuncture points: Ju He and Liang Ge, the treatment was applied. It is currently the treatment that eliminates the unwanted spirit power from the body in the shortest possible time and thereby curing the patient. The implementation of this procedure was a few months ago. Everyone was cured with no problem! Not any problem!”

“Not now, but that does not mean nothing will occur in the future. Although the Bleeding Blood Flower’s pollen is non-toxic, after it is refined, it will release an exotic fragrance. This fragrance cannot be allowed to stick on spirit power, for if this occurs, it will absorb the spirit power and the toxins will remain hidden in the body. How can this cure Spirit Heart Disease? Of course, it is not even a cure. Instead, it just absorbs the excess spirit power and the body’s spirit power will decrease. However, her body will become more and more toxic as time goes on! Eventually, if you fail to correct this, within three months, the elderly woman will inevitably die. Even an immortal god (Tl: highest known cultivation) cannot stop it!”

“This…how is this possible?”

The surrounding disciples’ faces became looks of horror.

Gui Mo Jue was also completely stupefied.

They really did not want to believe Su Yun. However, the needle’s acupuncture points on the elderly woman illustrated otherwise.

Soon after, Su Yun walked towards a middle-aged man currently being treated.

“There is also this elite disciple who using Meridian Flush Method to cure spirit power irregularities in the veins and arteries. Although this method is very good, it is also very dangerous. Once even a small error occurs utilizing this method, the man’s spirit power core would become completely shattered resulting in possible death. Although you are very skilled, it might not be this good in the future. To date, not a single tragedy has occurred, which is really lucky, but if this continues, I believe a tragedy will soon happen!”

As  the surrounding people heard his explanation, the surrounding people were beginning to become afraid. Gui Mo Jue was even beginning to have difficulty caling the crowd.

After Su Yun finished his explanation on the drawbacks of the medical methods used in the Blossom Heart Valley, the scene became very quiet. The patient and the disciples of Blossom Heart Valley were deathly silent and the atmosphere was very tense.

After the speech, the scene had become like an uninhabited area, where no one dared to utter a word.

Gui Mo Jue lowered his head as he pondered the explanations. However, as one gazed at the Ghost Master, they could still feel the matchless authority he emitted.

He was the only person that was not completely shaken by Su Yun’s speech. However, his heart was still pumping very quickly.

“Little brother, you seem to be quite knowledgeable in medicine and it even seems to surpass my Blossom Heart Valley’s knowledge…Since you have said the disadvantages of these medical procedures, do you have any way to improve these methods?” Gui Mo Jue asked.

“Of course!”

Su Yun said, “Not only do I have a way to improve the methods, it also will be much more convenient for your disciples to apply. From countless time spent researching spirit power of the human body, I have found another way to eliminate it, utilizing the Profound Spirit Power Heart pill.”

Profound Spirit Power Heart pill: a rare pill that is refined by Blossom Heart Valley Sect, which is refined from a large quantity of precious medicine ingredients. It is commonly used to recover or increase spirit power. It can even increase the effectiveness of the cultivation medicine. Therefore, it was once produced by Blossom heart Valley. However, it is well known that the spirit eyes would be completely ineffective for one hundred days. Therefore, the medicine’s effectiveness was never fully shown.

From this side effect, the drug quickly became useless trash, since no cultivator would take the medicine because of the detrimental side effect.

After Gui Mo Jue heard this, his calm expression suddenly became excited, “You…what did you say? You managed to solve the Profound Spirit Power Heart pill’s side effect? This is impossible, many elders spend countless years researching a way, so how could you know?”

“If you do not believe me, I can demonstrate it for you to see.” Su Yun lightly said.

Gui Mo Jue spoke without thinking, but continued, “Well, little brother, quickly come with me into the Blossom Heart Valley Sect. Quickly come!”

Then, he took Su Yun’s hand and quickly headed inside.

“Wait a minute.” Su Yun said.

“What?” Gui Mo Jue responded.

“There is no problem to tell you the medical procedure of this method, but…you have to pay me two hundred thousand spirit coins and two Profound Spirit Power Heart pills. Otherwise…I will not tell you my exclusive recipe!” Su Yun said.

“Two hundred thousand spirit coins?” Gui mo Jue frowned.

That was not a small number.

“It is currently a loophole in your medical expertise and it is a near perfect method for creating the Profound Spirit Power Heart pill…I can explain both of those to you. If you think they are wrong, then you can refuse to pay.” Su Yun added.

As Gui Mo Jue heard this, he considered the situation for a moment. Then he immediately stood up, “Although two hundred thousand spirit coins is not a small number, but compared to what you said, it isn’t much. Fine! Little brother, this time, this time, I, Gui Mo Jue will follow through. If what you said is true, the money will be given to you! Please!”

“Please!” Su Yun smiled as he stepped into the room.

Finally, the Blossom Heart Valley Sect restored calm and order.

People continued to line up, waiting for treatment.

Meanwhile, as Su Yun and Hui Mo Jue went inside Blossom Heart Valley Sect, it didn’t take long for a white figure to suddenly descend from the sky…

“Why did the tracking technique for the Sword God lead to Blossom Heart Valley? Did he actually come to Blossom Heart Valley?”
Immortal Goddess gently said, as she was holding the round mirror and she gazing at the mountain top.

After pondering for a few moments, she put away the mirror and directly landed on the outskirts. Then she proceeded towards Blossom Heart Valley Sect.

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