LSG Ch43 Teaser

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Chapter 43: One Hundred Loopholes

“What are you trying to say?”

The young man froze for a moment. After he awoke from his stupor, he approached Su Yun and grabbed his clothes. He angrily said, “No matter who you are, I forbid you to insult my benefactors of Blossom Heart Valley. Apologize quickly to me and the benefactor!”

The young man moved on impulse, since he reckoned that Su Yun was just an ordinary person. After Su Yun used the Demonic Blood Array, he did not emit the slightest amount of spirit power, so how was this guy his opponent?

However, Su Yun did not faze. The he turned to face the Blossom Heart Valley disciples and smiled as he said, “What? Obviously you guys opened the sect for treatment, but cannot take any criticism on your own mistakes! Ah, if it is like this, then the reputation of this sect isn’t worth much!”

“You…you cannot just insult Blossom Heart Valley Sect!”

The Blossom Heart Valley disciple did not come down as one by one the other disciples began to shout.

The young man grabbed Su Yun with brute force and raised his fist. He was ready to strike Su Yun.

For those waiting for treatment that were watching the scene, they began to become discouraged, but they couldn’t do anything.

“Wait a minute!”

Just then, a slightly hoarse voice broke through the chaos.

The young man was surprised and quickly stopped his fists.

Everyone turned to look at the origin of the voice. They gazed as a group carrying baskets of medicine ingredients coming inside. These were all elite disciples of the Blossom Heart Valley. Leading them was the famous Ghost Hand!

“Grand Ghost Master!” Several disciples welcomed him.

“So it seemed that Ghost Master has arrived!”

“Ghost Master, long time no see!”

“Ghost Master, since you have come. Here is a kid with some arrogance, so how about you teach this kid a lesson!”

“Master, I think this child is crazy. Something must be wrong with his head. Maybe you should treat his brain?” The disciples said as they came over to greet the ghost master.

Yet, Gui Mo Jue did not pay attention to anyone. He just quickly walked towards Su Yun.


To be continued…


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