Limitless Sword God Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Do you admit you are an idiot?

After Su Yun uttered his words, Zhang Zhi Yuan’s face became very ugly.

“Young man. Listening to you, it seems that you have a very thorough understanding of the Nine Leaf Grass, yes? That’s fine, just talk about some of the properties of the Nine Leaf Grass, so we can determine its value! In here, there are many herb experts, especially in Blossom Heart Valley. Be careful what of you say, otherwise, don’t expect anyone to forgive you!”

After Su Yun heard this, he suddenly understood why the grass seller actually evaded arrest.

The fake spirit grass was beyond the level of ordinary people to identify. It had even be difficult for Zhang Zhi Yuan to correctly identify it.

Nevertheless, Su Yun did not hesitate to speak as he gazed at the audience, “Nine leaf Grass, grows in a very dense spiritual place and takes about thirty years to sprout, fifty years to grow and then it takes another sixty more years before it is ready to be harvested. After all of that it can finally be considered Nine Leaf Grass. It has nine leaves, and every single leaf has magical properties. However, the fifth leaf would normally have a simple leaf design on the back, while the ninth leaf would have a knife design on the back. These are the natural markings of the grass when it grows. Any other markings are artificially painted on. This is how you can validate the authenticity of the spirit grass. The Nine Leaf Grass greatest value is not in the effects of the leaves, but lies in its rhizome(Tl: underground stem) where magical energy is stored. After the Nine Leaf Grass’s rhizome is digested, the energy will be transferred to the human body for a period of time. During that time, when the cultivator ingests any type of medicine, the process will be quickened and will result in the maximum effects that medicine can provide! Nine Leaf Grass uses are not to scoff at, and it is difficult to grow. A conservative estimate of only hundred thousand spirit coins, which this person advertised for about one hundred and twenty thousand spirit coins, must be a crook. He is just bullying others who know nothing about it!”

After he said, many of the audience members began to nod. The things said were basics, but only those who were trained the craft would be able remember. This proved that the person was not just talking nonsense.

After Zhang Zhi Yuan heard this, his anger subsided a little. He brought the Nine Leaf Grass towards Su Yun and asked, “Then, tell me. Why is Nine Leaf Grass just an imitation?”

“The reason is very simple.” Su Yun did not even glance at the grass, but continued, “It’s because, on the back of the grass leaf, there is no leaf pattern and knife pattern.”


Zhang Zhi Yuan was stunned, but hastily opened the fifth and ninth grass leaf. With a closer inspection, he shouted, “There are obviously right there!”

“With real leaf markings, the venations will cover throughout the entire leaf, but this one’s does not. It is just a copy or imitation. It was deliberately injected with spirit power. If you look carefully, you can see that it does not follow the natural venations of a Nine Leaf Grass! Therefore, it is a fake!”

After Zhang Zhi Yuan heard this, he quickly looked again.

Just as expected, the things that Su Yun said was correct. The top of the leaf was very complex and simply did not follow the venations on the leaf.

“Nonsense! He is just spouting nonsense, this thing about following the venations of the leaves, nobody has ever heard of it. These is only his words! This man is absolutely just spouting nonsense!” The grass seller anxiously shouted as he began to panic.

The audience began to converse with each other, but currently who really knew about validating the spirit grass with venations? Was every herb expert in the audience going to remain silent?

However, at this point, the crowd gave way to a group of people in white attire who wore the symbols of the medical school. It was led by a white haired elder with a slender beard at the front.

“Well said, little guy! This strain of Nine Leaf Grass is indeed a fake!”

With a simple remark, everyone was in uproar.

“This is the renowned Grand Ghost Master of Blossom Heart Valley!”

“Is this the person known as Ghost Hand, the distinguished Grand Ghost Master, too?”

“Yes he is! A while ago, I had the privilege of meeting him in Blossom Heart Valley, so I know this is for sure that person!”

“Grand Ghost Master has revival techniques and is extremely skilled and has massive amount of medical knowledge. He absolutely cannot be wrong!”

Everyone around the Ghost Master was in awe….

Zhang Zhi Yuan immediately walked towards the elder and gave a salute, “Greetings, Grand Ghost Master.”

“No need Overseer Zhang. A rotten person was found selling fake cultivation ingredients. After seeing this happen, it is certainly a special event!” The Grand Ghost Master laughed.

“Master laughed!” Said Zhang Zhi Yuan.

Then he smiled and turned around. He quickly waved, “Grand Ghost Master has determined the Nine Leaf Grass is fake. Those who dare try to break the city’s laws on selling fake ingredients only give the entire city a bad name. You have violated our district’s rules! Therefore, you will have to accept the consequences!!”

“This…this…” The grass seller completely broke down in panic.

“Guards, quickly arrest this fraud! Bring this criminal to justice!” Zhang Zhi Yuan cried out.

“Yes! Overseer!” The guards immediately answered.

The grass seller’s face instantly became as white as paper. While trembling, he knelt down and hastily shouted, “Your honor, ah, overseer, ah, please…this small bug will never do this again!”

However, no one showed him any mercy. The guards relentlessly picked him up and brought him away.

No matter how he struggled, he could not escape.

The commotion of the Nine Leaf Grass finally ended.


The audience around Su Yun immediately burst into cheers.

As Su Yun saw this, he did not utter a word. Then he turned towards the group of experts and quickly walked past them and vanished.

The Ghost Master and Zhang Zhi Yuan conversed a bit and then looked at the surrounding for Su Yun. However, it seemed Su Yun had already vanished.

“Teacher, what are you looking for?” A disciple of the Blossom Heart Valley Medical School asked.

“I was just looking for the young man!”

The Ghost Master, Gui Mo Jue quietly responded: “This Nine Leaf Grass is priceless. Therefore many people have never seen it before, so the number of people who can create descriptions of Nine Leaf Grass are extremely rare. The veins that mark the venations are recorded only in the Blossom Heart Valley records of secret validation techniques, so why does this man know…he must have a vast amount of knowledge on cultivation ingredients!”

“That high? This man is so young, so how high could his expertise even be?” The male disciple asked with disdain.

“You cannot judge a person based soley on appearances. You have to remember that an expert does not necessarily have to be an elderly person.” Gui Mo Jue shook his head and turned to leave.

The disciples behind him only looked at each other and quickly followed after him.

Right now, Su Yun was quickly leaving the exchange area. He was keeping a rapid pace to the outskirts of Broken Rush City.

At this time, a cold shout sounded through the air.

Then, before he could utter a word, a white figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

Su Yun quickly analyzed her and found it was actually the female that was trying to purchase the fake Nine Leaf Grass.

“Oh? Do you admit you are an idiot?” Su Yun smiled as he said this.

“Truly bold!”

The female became furious. However, she managed to calm her anger and coldly continued, “If you had evil intentions, don’t blame me if I react. I may even cut you down!”

“Who are you? Such an aura, such powerful spirit power?” Su Yun as he analyzed her.

“I am…” As the female began to say her name, she closed her mouth. Then she continued, “You do not need to know who I am. Just understand that you should not provoke me!”

“Alright, then I will not provoke you, okay?” Su Yun shook his head and quickly moved on.

However, the female flashed over in the next moment. It was instant and her previous silhouette disappeared.

“I say, little girl, you didn’t fall for me right?” Su Yun said with an annoyed expression.

No matter how good his patience was, it was beginning to wear thin after the current events.

He was surprised to see the female suddenly removed a plate of fine jade from her belt. Then, she gave it to Su Yun.

“Although one hundred and twenty thousand spirit coins is not much money, if I was ingesting fake herbs, it could have led to incalculable consequences for my cultivation. You saved my life. I owe you one, so here is a jade plate the I wear. If you have any difficulties, you can rely on this jade plate to ask help from the Immortal Sword Sect! I will help you one time!” The female said.

“Immortal Sword Sect?”

Su Yun heart jumped, “You are from the Immortal Sword Sect?”


“This ah…” Su Yun stammered as he began to think about the current situation.

He had already plundered the treasures that the Immortal Sword Sect wanted, so his relationship with the Immortal Sword Sect was already in shambles, right?

After thinking for a moment, Su Yun came to a decision. Then he said, “Why don’t you just give me two hundred thousand spirit coins?”

“What?” The female’s eyes lit up in surprise.

“That…I just need some money. I do not want this jade plate. I just need you to give me two hundred thousand spirit coins. Didn’t you say that you did not care about one hundred and twenty thousand spirit coins? I believe that you don’t really care about money, right?” Su Yun rubbed his hands together as he smiled.

The female hesitated for a moment, then she said, “I am not carrying two hundred thousand spirit coins.”
“………..” Then Su Yun asked again, “One hundred and twenty thousand spirit coins is fine, too!”

“Senior cannot spare it!”

“The spirit grass, before you were trying to buy Nine Leaf Grass? Were you just planning to use IOUs?” Su Yun was furious now.

“Why not?” The female snorted, “How is it possible that senior won’t pay back her debts?”

“This mother******…” Su Yun was completely silent now. He did not bother with this crazy woman who really had the nerve to act like that. He just shook his head and turned to leave.

“Where are you going?”

“Blossom Heart Valley!”

“Blossom Heart Valley? What are you going there for?”
“To make money!”

“To make money?” The female was thoroughly confused, as she puzzlingly looked as Su Yun vanished.

As she looked at Su Yun’s disappearing figure, her eyes raised a trace of doubt, “But why…am I feeling that this person is somewhat familiar…where have I seen this guy?”


On foot, he could probably reach Blossom Heart Valley in about half an hour.

Su Yun was carrying his belongings with the purchase of Withered Death Wood into Blossom Heart Valley.

In Blossom Heart Valley, there was a sea of people. There were nobles, spirit cultivators, but also many people who were ill.

The disciples of Blossom Heart Valley Sect were behind a reception that was arranged at one side of the sea of people. In front of the reception were people that wanted to have an audience with the disciples of Blossom Heart Valley.

Most of the people waiting were in need of medical expertise. Therefore, no one dared to be rash. The regular disciples of Blossom Heart Valley could help most of the patients. Even if the disciples were met with unknown or incurable diseases, they would ask for elders of the sect to help.

As Su Yun went in, a young man wearing plain clothe was lending an arm to a frail middle aged man walk over. They were accepted for treatment by the Blossom Heart Valley Sect.

With only a mere one stick of incense to burn out, the middle aged man came out by himself. This time, he did not even need an arm to support him.

“They are really living saints! Living saints! Thank you! Thank You!!”

The middle age man constantly gave thanks, and the young man went down on his knees and bowed. The two were in tears. They regarded these disciples as flawless saints.

Several Blossom Heart Valley disciples smiled. They quickly controlled the crowd with eyes full of pride and joy.

As Su Yun saw this, he got up and walked forward, while shouting, “Ladies and gentlemen, you guys are really truly lucky!”

“Yes, ah, yes, ah. If not for the Blossom Heart Valley disciples, I’m afraid that my father would not have lived past the next month!”

The young man cried as he wiped his tears from his eyes.

Unexpectedly, Su Yun repeatedly shook his head and said, “No, no, the luck that I was talking about was not directed to you guys. I was referring to them that they were lucky to be alive, really lucky.”

As these words were uttered, both the father, son and several Blossom Heart Valley disciples suddenly froze.

“Lad, what are you talking about?” A smooth-skinned disciple asked as he frowned.

“I just mean that you have extremely pathetic medical skills. It had a hundred loopholes. (Tl: idiom: full of mistakes) You were actually able to cure these suffering people, which really is a lucky outcome. And you two guys, father and son, were really lucky that with the mediocre treatment given, that you guys didn’t up and die! That’s what I was saying was lucky!” Su Yun laughed.


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