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Chapter 42: Do you admit you are an idiot?

After Su Yun uttered his words, Zhang Zhi Yuan face became very ugly.

“Young man, listening to you, it seems that you have a very thorough understanding of the Nine Leaf Grass? That’s fine, just talk about some the properties of the Nine Leaf Grass so we can determine its value! In here, there are many herb experts, especially in Blossom Heart Valley. Be careful what you say, otherwise, don’t expect anyone to forgive you!”

After Su Yun heard this, he suddenly understood why the grass seller actually evaded arrest.

The fake spirit grass was beyond the level of ordinary people to identify. It would even be difficult for Zhang Zhi Yuan to correctly identify it.

Nevertheless, Su Yun did not hesitate to speak as he gazed at the audience, “Nine leaf Grass, grows in a very dense spiritual place and takes about thirty years to sprout, fifty years to grow and then it would take sixty more years before it ready to be harvested, becoming Nine Leaf Grass. It has nine leaves, where every single leaf has magical properties. However, the fifth leaf would normally have a simple leaf design on the back, while the ninth leaf would have a knife design on the back. These are the natural markings of the grass when it grows. Any other markings are artificially painted on. This is how you can validate the authenticity of the spirit grass. The Nine Leaf Grass greatest value is not in the effects of the leaves, but lies in its rhizome(Tl: underground stem) where magical energy is stored. After the Nine Leaf Grass’ rhizome are digested, the energy will be transferred to the human body for a period of time. During that time, when the cultivator ingests any type of medicine, the process is quickened and maximum effects of the medicine will result! Nine Leaf Grass uses are not to scoff about and it is difficult to grow. A conservative estimate of only hundred thousand spirit coins, which this person advertised for about one hundred and twenty thousand spirit coins, must be a crook. He is just bullying others who know nothing about it!”

After he said, many of the audience members began to nod. The things said were basics, but only those who were trained the craft would be able remember. This proved that the person was not just talking nonsense.

After Zhang Zhi Yuan heard this, his anger subsided a little. He brought the Nine Leaf Grass towards Su Yun and asked, “Then, tell me. Why is Nine Leaf Grass just an imitation?”

“The reason is very simple.” Su Yun did not even glance at the grass, but continued, “Since on the back grass leaf, there is no leaf pattern and knife pattern.”


Zhang Zhi Yuan was stunned, but hastily opened the fifth and ninth grass leaf. With a closer inspection, he shouted, “There are obviously right there!”

“Real leaf markings, the venations will cover throughout the entire leaf, but this does not. It is just a copy or imitation. It was deliberately injected with spirit power. If you look carefully, you can see that it does not follow the natural venations of a Nine Leaf Grass! Therefore, it is a fake!”

After Zhang Zhi Yuan heard this, he quickly looked again.

Just as expected, the things that Su Yun said was correct. On the top of the leaf was very complex and simply did not follow the venations on the leaf.

“Nonsense! He is just spouting nonsense, this thing of following the venations of the leaves, nobody has ever heard of it. This is only his word! This man is absolutely just spouting nonsense!” The grass seller anxiously shouted as he began to panic.

The audience began to converse with each other, but currently who really knew about validating the spirit grass with venations? Every herb expert in the audience just seemed to remain silent?

However, at this point, the crowd gave way to a group of white attire people who wore the symbols of the medical school. It was led by a white haired elder with a slender beard at the front.

“Well said, little guy! This strain of Nine Leaf Grass is indeed a fake!”


To be continued….


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