Limitless Sword God Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: Grass

As the immortal goddess neared the city, she lifted her veil aside, revealing some dimples on her delicate face.

The peerless beauty’s allure attracted the eyes of many people wherever she went. Her beauty shook many people to their core.

However, this beauty had no desire to attract the gazes of countless souls lost in awe, so she quickly left the crowded area and covered her face with a veil again.

Nonetheless, the effect was miniscule. As a slim woman, and even with a veil, her graceful movements were enough to depict her as a peerless beauty. It was especially true as her starry eyes still shone visibly to the point where they would leave lasting effects on the souls of onlookers.

When she entered into Broken Rush City, both sides of the street to either side of her were filled with sounds of laughter and music. Quite a few men were shocked silly and as still as statues, carefully gazing at the peerless beauty that was walking through.

Concealed with a veil, her faintly discernible face still matched her beautiful body. Many men couldn’t even concentrate on anything after glancing at her.

The immortal goddess only coldly humphed, and a small amount of her spirit aura rippled through the streets. One by one the people on both sides of the streets was awakened by the spirit aura. They became terrified as they felt the sheer power of the aura that was leaked out. Many of the men quickly averted their gazes.

This woman was not someone one should want to trifle with.

Instantly, everyone understood this in their hearts.

However, the deterrence was only temporary. After a few moments, many people’s eyes once again began to glance over at immortal goddess. The immortal goddess could only knit her eyebrows as she increased her pace to her destination.

However, after traversing for a while through a huge city such as Broken Rush she began to doubt.How could she find Sword God in such a huge crowd? If Sword God was now wearing a disguise, then how would she even know if she encountered the Sword God?

As the immortal goddess walked through two blocks, she still found nothing. In the end, she could only wander around in hopes of finding the person she was looking for.

After a few more days, her strength would return to her,then her “Ten Thousand Miles Tracking Technique” could once again be displayed. Once activated, it would be able to accurately determine Sword God’s location, so no matter how good his disguise would be at that time, she would be able to pinpoint him. Then she would be able to easily single him out from the crowd.

Right now, she only needed to prevent him from leaving.

The Immortal Goddess took out her round mirror and quickly glanced at it.

Still here.

“Sword God! This time, this deity will not let you leave!” She whispered under her breath.

After a moment, she took out some medicine bottles from her spatial ring and was preparing to drink some. Utilizing the medicine, her recovery speed would increase dramatically. Then she would be able to use her divine techniques again. But just as she was about to ingest the medicine, she stopped.

“These medicine bottles of the Immortal Sword Sect are very effective, but a product of Blossom Heart Valley: “Nine Leaf Grass” is very helpful in allowing one to absorb the effects of the medicine. The efficiency of the medicine would skyrocket…Nine Leaf Grass? Let’s go looking for some purchase some and see how it works!”

Afterwards, she stopped pondering, turned around and walked towards the center of Broken Rush City, the prosperous central herbal exchange area.

“Exquisite Red Autumn Spider Silk! Discounted and for sale!”

“Ice Toad Eggs for eight thousand spirit coins! Do miss this amazing opportunity!”

“Fresh cultivation pellets! Want to increase your cultivation, just buy some!”


Inside and outside of the exchange area, there were cries everywhere. All types of rare and valuable medicine and cultivation materials were being sold here.

Broken Rush City’s elite disciples helped maintain order, so at Blossom Heart Valley, no one dared create any chaos. Anyone could complete business transactions without any worries of any robbery or inconveniences.

“Nine Leaf Grass! Pick up your Nine Leaf Grass here! In the entire Broken Rush City, this is only one place to get it! Quickly come and take a look!”

Just then, a loud cry came from the entrance of the exchange area as a door slid open.

Nine Leaf Grass? It will be very beneficial.

Many people quickly gathered around and looked up.

As the incoming crowd began to see that the auction prices were reaching the hundred thousand spirit coins mark, many people just quickly left while shaking their head.

Upon seeing the scene, the seller of the Nine Leaf Grass could only shake his head. However, he could only continue to shout.

“I want this Nine Leaf Grass!”

Just then, a cold voice broke out from the crowd.

The grass selling person became very happy and quickly turned. He was surprised to find a beauty dressed in white, covered with a veil, which blurred her flawless face. Her graceful movements was seducing every man while she walked towards him.

What a beautiful female!

The grass seller was stupefied for a moment, before he awakened. His heart could not relax.

“Hey! Girl, you are really smart. This Nine Leaf Grass, I just found it. I quickly harvested it and rushed here to sell it. You have come just in time,” The man exclaimed as he placed the grass on a small platform that said, “Here, the Nine Leaf Grass.” The female just glanced at the product on the platform.

Nonetheless, the female remained expressionless and coldly said, “Enough with the chatter, how much is it?”

Wow! Had he just encountered a rich noble?

The grass seller was rejoicing and with a glance, he quickly articulated his price, “one hundred and twenty thousand spirit coins!”

“Fine, deal!”
The female said directly without even blinking.

After the grass seller said this, he almost couldn’t stay standing. Then he quickly nodded, “Well…go ahead, girl, how about we finalize the deal?”


The female nodded.

“He he he he, you…just you wait!” The grass seller secretly laughed under his breath.

“Please hurry this up.” The female hurriedly urged.

“Really ignorant!” At this time, a nearby shout sounded.

The woman’s eyebrow rose as she was surprised to find a man dressed in yellow robes, who was glancing at the transaction and just shaking his head as he walked away.


As the female said this, she flashed instantaneously and appeared in front of the man.

The male could only say, “What? How?”
The female just coldly asked, “Who do you find ignorant?”

Su Yun brows twisted and faced the female in front of him. Then he lightly said, “you.”

“You…” The female tensed and her eyes began to fill with fury.

However, after looked at the massive people around her, she did not initiate the attack. Instead, she just took a deep breath and said, “Why am I ignorant?”

After Su Yun heard this, he turned and pointed at the grass seller who was still holding the Nine Leaf Grass. Then he said, “This is just fake Nine Leaf Grass. You bought some without looking or asking any questions. If this is not ignorance, what is?”

“Ah! Fellow brother, how can you talk like this? How is my Nine Leaf Grass fake in your eyes? You…what do you mean?”

The grass seller suddenly became anxious, but he did not dispute it directly. After a moment of squirming he directly face the woman and said, “Girl, do not listen to that man. He does not understand herbs. My Nine Leaf Grass is authentic, not fake! You still want to buy it, right? Fine, if you don’t have one hundred and twenty thousand, it can be one hundred and ten thousand spirit coins!”

“One hundred and ten thousand spirit coins?” After the sudden price cut, the female hesitated.

As Su Yun saw this, he just shook his head. He quickly turned to leave.

However, in a manner of seconds, the female grabbed and pulled his arm towards her direction.

“What?” Su Yun lightly asked.

The female froze for a moment and then was awoke by an electric shock was transferred from her hand.

“What else do you want?” Su Yun disdainfully asked.

The female took a deep breath, a ripple formed in her eyes as she said, “Since you say that is fake, how about for senior…help senior a bit and identify the right herb that I should buy?”

“Are you an idiot? You still want to buy a fake one?” Su Yun could not help, but laugh.

“You…” The female suppressed her anger as her body began to tense up.

Nonetheless, she did not say anything. The grass seller beside them was furious.

Suddenly, the grass seller cried out, “Quickly come brat and judge to see if this Nine Leaf Grass is a fake. Come judge and give me your reason!”

As the shout sounded through the area, a lot of passersby gathered around to see the commotion. Even the person in charge, Zhang Zhi Yuan, came after he heard about the commotion at the auction center.

“What’s going on?”

Zhang Zhi Yuan asked as he led a pair of Broken Rush City elite guards.

“Your honor, you came at just the right time!”

As the grass seller saw the overseer coming over, he quickly rushed past and took Zhang Zhi Yuan’s arm. Then he pointed at Su Yun and shouted, “You honor, I am innocent, yet this man is accusing me of selling fake Nine Leaf Grass. He is framing me, so I’m asking if overseer can help me resolve this!”
In Broken Rush City, selling fake Nine Leaf Grass is an extremely serious crime. According to the Broken Rush City’s laws, it would lead to at least three years in prison; and after they were freed, that person would be banished from Broken Rush City forever.

Why was this grass seller not fleeing? Instead, he was shouting and creating a big commotion. Wasn’t he afraid of being publicly exposed?

Su Yun began to have a headache. He casually said one sentence without much thought and it gave him so much trouble.

Zhang Zhi Yuan glanced at Su Yun and also the white female beside him. When he saw the peerless beauty at her prime, he could not help but admire her for a moment as he remained astounded.

After a deep breath, Zhang Zhi Yuan said, “Give me the Nine Leaf Grass for me to examine! Should I find that it is fake, you will be arrested and receive capital punishment!”

“Fine…” The grass seller rolled his eyes and said without the slightest hesitation. He handed over the Nine Leaf Grass and humbly said, “Overseer, please examine it! If I was a king, I would be willing to bet my entire fortune that this grass is real. I guarantee that it is real!”

Zhang Zhi Yuan took the herbs and quickly activated his spirit aura which began to cover the grass. Then, he widened his eyes and carefully analyzed the effects of the turquoise Nine Leaf Grass.

The audience held their breath as they stared at Zhang Zhi Yuan. No one dared to speak.

The grass seller was sweating profusely and constantly wiping the sweat dripping down his cheek.

After nearly half and hour.

“It is real!”

As Zhang Zhi Yuan said this…

“Oh!” The grass seller became relieved and laughed again and again. Then he pointed at Su Yun and clamored, “How was I lying before? You said the the Nine Leaf Grass was fake! Freaking bastard, you tried to frame me! You almost ruined my business!”

After saying this, he turned around and shouted to Zhang Zhi Yuan, “Senior, please deliver justice for me. This person tried to frame me, so please deal with him accordingly.”
“Wild speculations cannot be said carelessly in Broken Rush City. If every person was shouting rumors, how would everyone’s business continue?” Zhang Zhi Yuan nodded and then waved, “Take him away! Framing someone is also a crime!”
“Yes, sir!”
Both of the guards immediately took action.

As the female saw the situation unfolding, she decided not to take action. As she gazed at Su Yun, she was not surprised to find a panic look on his face.


Finally, the silent Su Yun decided to speak.

Everyone shifted their attention to him.

“Do you still want to argue?” The grass seller said.

“Argue?” Su Yun smiled, “How can one argue with the truth? However, even after saying this, in a place with so many people, is there really no one who can correctly identify Nine Leaf Grass?”


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