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Chapter 41: Grass

As the immortal goddess neared the city, she propped her veil to one side, revealing some dimples on her delicate appearance.

The peerless beauty’s allure attracts many people’s eyes whenever she went. Her beauty shook many people to their soul.

However, this beauty did not want to attract countless gazes of lost souls in awe, so she quickly left the crowded areas. Then she covered her face with a veil again.

Nonetheless, the effect was minuscule. As a slim woman, and even with a veil, her graceful movements was enough to depict her as a peerless beauty. It was especially true because of her bright eyes, which would result to permanent effects to the soul.

As she went into Broken Rush City, both sides of the street she was walking through was filled with sounds of laughter and music. Quite a few men was shocked silly and stood in place to carefully gaze at the peerless beauty walking through.

Concealed with a veil, her faintly discernible face still matched her beautiful body. Many men couldn’t even concentrate on anything after glancing at her.

The immortal goddess only coldly harrumphed and a small amount of her spirit aura rippled through the streets. One by one the people on both sides of the streets was awakened by the spirit aura. They became terrified as they felt the sheer power of the aura that was leaked out. Many of the men quickly averted their gazes.

This woman was not someone one wanted to trifle with.

Instantly, everyone understood this in their hearts.

However, the deterrence was only temporary. After a few moments, many people’s eyes glanced over at immortal goddess. The immortal goddess could only knit her eyebrows as she increased her pace to her destination.

However, after traversing for a while through a huge city such as Broken Rush, how could she find Sword God in such a huge crowd? If Sword God was now wearing a mask, how would she even know if she encountered the Sword God?

As the immortal goddess walked through two blocks, she still found nothing. In the end, she could only wander around in hopes of finding the person.

After a few more days, her strength would return. Then her “Ten Thousand Miles Tracking Technique” could once again be displayed. Then, it would be able to accurately determine Sword God’s location, so no matter how good his disguise would be at that time, she would be able to pinpoint him. Then she would be able to easily single him out from the crowd.

Right now, she only needed to prevent him from leaving.

The Immortal Goddess took out her round mirror and quickly glanced at it.

Still here.

“Sword God! This time, this deity will not let you leave!” She whispered under her breath.


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