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Chapter 40: Spirit Lord Qi

Su Yun had memories of his past life, but he did not know if he should reveal this information to the sword elder. Nonetheless, the sword elder did not try to press the issue much further and instead expressed concern. “Kid, Devil techniques can clash with a thousand different techniques, but there is high recoil. This array techniques is so powerful…yet, could there be no serious side effects on you body at all?”

“Of course there are side effects.” Su Yun continued, “After using this array, for the next ten days, I cannot use the slightest amount of spirit power, especially any type of cultivating method. This array could be called a desperate technique, only to be used as a last resort. Once the effects of the array has ended, the spirit power within the body will go down the drain. It will be hard to even find traces of it during the ten days, and the user will basically just become an ordinary person. In the demon continent, this array is extremely well known, so once you use this array, the opponent will probably just stall, wait for you to turn into a normal person, then take action and behead you! I only dared to use this array here because the cultivators of Sky Martial Continent do not know about it. If it weren’t for the effects, I would probably not risk using this method, since I would have lost if they come with an army looking for me!”

“Nonetheless, the power of spirit intermediate realm disciples, in the demon continent are basically all devils…that is really scary.” Sword Elder said.

Su Yun smiled and remained silent. He removed the piece of jade from the necklace and said, “With this Everlasting Stone, which can even increase ordinary people’s power by ten times, I will be able to increase my latent-talent by multiple times over. It will drastically accelerate my cultivation speed, and with it, jumping thousands of leagues will soon not be difficult.”

“The Everlasting Stone, Everlasting Stone…” The sword elder said and took another breath, “Kid, you given me far too many surprises; even though you are obviously a spirit novice realm, you managed to behead the patriarch of the Gu Xie Xin School. You even went head to head against the elders of the Immortal Sword Sect…obviously you shouldn’t even be able to fight them, yet…”

“They were left with no chance to beat me.” Su Yun smiled as he finished the sword elder’s thought. “In actuality, it is all thanks to the Heavenly Crystal. If I didn’t have this Heavenly Crystal, then I would just be a useless person. It could even be said that I would indeed be just a baby!”
“Ah…” The sword elder could not think of any words to speak. Then he asked, “What will you prepare for next?”

“Since we cannot practice sword arts within the next ten days, naturally I will prepare to use the item that I just obtained. With this Everlasting Stone, I should be able to step into spirit novice ninth stage in one swoop.”

“This is not difficult for you.” The sword elder said. Then after thinking for a bit, he asked, “Little Su Yun, have you determined which route will you take for the spirit aura? Scarlet Star Aura? Maybe Frigid Aqua Aura? Or will you take the difficult and peerless path of True Divine Aura?”

Scarlet Star Aura had the properties of fire. Frigid Aqua Aura had the properties of water, while True Divine Aura had properties of earth. On the other hand, Fiend aura required the practice of devil arts. Swift Wind Aura was used mostly by sword wielders. There were many more thousand types of aura, each of them were different.

“For sword wielders, naturally I will strive to practice “swift wind aura!””

“Swift Wind Aura…” The sword elder shook his head, “It is very common type of spirit aura, since almost all cultivators that use swords walk on that path. Although it is very suitable for sword wielders,  I am the Limitless Sword God Master. Naturally, I will have much more powerful techniques for spirit auras. Are you interested?”
After Su Yun heard, he immediately brightened and quickly said, “Please enlighten me with you knowledge!”

“Ha ha ha ha, I knew that you would be enthusiastic to learn it. Kid, your desire for power is not weak, otherwise you would not have risked your life countless of times to obtain your treasures! Alright! You must learn carefully what I’m about to teach you of the “Limitless Sword Arts.” I will pass on everything to you, for this sword elder is not stingy! If you can take the hardships of practicing, I believe that you will be able to completely master the first sword of the “Limitless Sword Arts!”

Su Yun became overjoyed.

“However, before that, you will have to collect some materials for you to cleanse yourself. Especially you meridians, for this particular sword arts are really dangerous. If you do not cleanse your meridians, then during the practice, when you activate your spirit aura or power, your body will just explode!”

“Please enlighten me with your vast knowledge!”

“Some of the materials can be bought, but the price is very expensive, while others will not be readily available. However, most of them should be circulating in the markets, you just got to wait for the stockpile to rise….but before that, you will have to prepare a massive amount of money!”

“Money?” Su Yun shook his head as he said this.

“You do not have any?”

“No, I mean it should not be a problem.”

Every single disciple who trained in the Limitless Sword Arts must complete the unique method of cleansing their meridians to train in the “Spirit Lord Aura.”

The material list was placed in front of Su Yun. As a rough estimate, he would need to spend more than two hundred thousand spirit coins.

Other than stealing money, the sword elder was afraid that there was no other way to obtain the money.

After utilizing “Demonic Blood Array,” Su Yun was no different than any regular civilian. Without spirit aura or power, how could he obtain two hundred thousand spirit coins?

He still had around a thousand spirit coins on him. If he purchased some materials and then used his Spring Crystal Furnace, he could sell some cultivation pellets in the marketplace…although it could earn quite a bit, it could not be a permanent solution for this matter.

Right now, spirit alchemists were very powerful. Although they could not make godly medicines, they could quickly process the ingredients of powerful cultivation pellets in a short span of time. They could even extrapolate the heat required to refine the ingredients. Then he would be able to just copy it and start to sell them, but it would not be very easy.

Since it has come to this, there can only be one solution.

Su Yun raised his eyebrows as he pondered a few moments. Then, he turned and  proudly marched west.

It was the well-known districts of the valley: “Connecting Secrets District” and “Jade Swan District.” It was called Broken Rush City and was located about a hundred miles west from beyond a paradise in the valley. It was in the middle of the two districts.

In the scenery around the city, there were singing birds, fragrant flowers, verdant mountains, and rushing waters. It seemed as if the spirit of a hero was safeguarding the place.

“Blossom Heart Valley” lies here, it was a majestic and beautiful place.

Blossom Heart Valley Central Pharmacy, a compassionate and fair pharmacy. Throughout the Sky Military Continent, it was famous for its practices.

Blossom Heart Valley true disciples used handed down techniques. They were skilled at making needles. They distributed medicine and herbs to relieve and cure the public’s suffering. They even had the methods to revive people from near death. (Tl: idiom, just means profound medical techniques) Many poor people went to Blossom Heart Valley Pharmacy to ask for their doctors. Most of their illnesses were resolved.

Blossom Heart Valley was not in the least bit weaker than the major faction known as Immortal Sword Sect. However, they did not exhibit the Immortal Sword Sect’s arrogance or dominating demeanor. Instead, when people travelled to the Blossom Heart Valley to seek medicine, the disciples never asked for the person’s origin. They did not discriminate against the poor and treated everyone with respect. Even towards common civilians, the disciples exhibit compassion and helped them with their illnesses.

For this reason, although compared to the combat power of the Immortal Sword Sect, it was weaker, it nevertheless held an influence that was equally as imposing as that of the Immortal Sword Sect.

As Su Yun arrived at Broken Rush City, he replaced his broken mask with a new one from his spatial ring. Then he replaced his black blademaster clothes with simple grey robes and headed towards the city.

Since Blossom Heart Valley’s Broken Rush City main industry was medicine, there were shops along the streets selling medicine and cultivation pellets. The long column of pharmacies lined both sides of the street. Many bungalows had chimneys smoking, since there were alchemy rooms inside for working.

Su Yun came to the market center, hoping to find a common herb shop. After finding one, he stepped into the line.

Right at this moment, not far from the skies above Broken Rush City, a white streak flew over.

As it neared Broken Rush City, the white streaked stopped. It was the beautiful immortal goddess, and with graceful movements, she lightly stepped off her white sword. Her whole body was covered with a snow white veil blowing in the wind.

She took the round, magic mirror and glanced at the dot on the mirror.

She was surprised to find the dot was huge and it was pointing directly between the Entwining Secrets District and Jade Swan District. This was the place.

“Is the Limitless Sword God really here?”

The dragon immortal goddess whispered as she carefully checked the dot on her mirror.

After pondering for a moment, her sword began to descend and she floated down into Broken Rush City.


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