LSG Ch40 Teaser

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Chapter 40: Spirit Sage Aura

Su Yun had memories of his past life, but he did not know if he should reveal the information to the sword elder. Nonetheless, the sword elder did not try to pester more and said, “Kid, Devil techniques could clash with a thousand different techniques, but there is high recoil. This array techniques is so powerful…yet, there is no serious side effects on you body at all?”

“Of course there are side effects.” Su Yun continued, “After using this array, within the next ten days, I cannot use the slightest amount of spirit power, especially any type of cultivating. This array could be said as a desperate technique used as a last resort, since once the effects of the array has ended, the spirit power within the body will go down the drain. It will be hard to even find traces of it during the ten days and the person will basically just become an ordinary guy. In the demon continent, this array is extremely well known, so once you use this array, the opponent will probably just attack and just wait for you to turn into a normal person. Then he will take action and behead you! Therefore, I dare use this array here, because the cultivators of Sky Martial Continent do not know about it. Otherwise, I would probably not risk using this method because of the effects, since I would have lost if they come with an army looking for me!”

“Nonetheless, the power of spirit intermediate realm disciples, in the demon continent are basically all devils…that is really scary.” Sword Elder said.

Su Yun smiled and remained silent. He removed the piece of jade from the necklace and said, “With this Everlasting Stone, which can even increase ordinary people’s power by ten times, it will also be able to increase my talent multiple times. It will accelerate my cultivation speed! With it, jumping thousands of leagues will soon not be difficult.”


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