LSG Chapter 39 Teaser

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Chapter 39: Simply Not Giving Up

The gigantic scarlet blood blade seemed to have come alive from the technique. As the blood aura descended upon the area, it seemed like the a legendary dragon had come down with a tidal wave of blood.




Numerous negative elements pervaded the area around the immortal goddess and began to erode her state of mind. It made her feel complete despair.

“Why is it that during this time of using the Heavenly Crystal, would the effects be so powerful?!” The immortal goddess paled as she suddenly retreated.

No, under these current conditions, I will only be wounded! I can only retreat for the time being!

The immortal goddess did not dare to go all out, so she used one of her divine skills to flee. Within a few breaths, she was already far away.

Yet, the massive blood blade pierced through the air behind her…

Boom! Boom!

Violent noise exploded filled the sky as the mountains shook. It seemed like the end of the world.

The massive blood blade continuously sliced through three mountain peaks of the Gu Xie mountain range before it stopped. The entire Gu Xie mountain range was sliced into flat levels.

After this move was completed, the iron masked blademaster quickly soared and increased his speed to his limit as he fled.

The massive blood blade dissipated and the dense smell of blood in the air around the disciples began to disappear. The immortal goddess surveyed the situation from a distance and was surprised to find that the blademaster disappeared without a trace.

How ruthless! Unexpectedly, engaging in direct combat with the blademaster would be risking being sliced in half from his profound techniques! Looking at his current actions, although he could not slash me, but he could still push me back easily.

Fear lingered in immortal goddess’ heard. However, after waiting for a moment, while she was still standing on her white sword, she decided to drop down to the Gu Xie school grounds.


To be continued….


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