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Chapter 38: The Sky Shrouding Sword

“Patriarch! ! ! !”

The nearby elders and elite disciples of the Gu Xie School all screamed out. Regardless of the current situation, one by one they all rushed over.

At this time, they only saw the blood blades flying out of Tie Zhang Men’s body and began levitating around iron masked blademaster, who was now fleeing out of the mountains.

The ten thousand blood blades surrounding the fleeing blademaster was really a majestic sight.

The elders and disciples that were the most loyal to the Gu Xie Xin School just stood there. None tried to chase the blademaster.

“Truly sinister! Eleventh elder, you have been used!” Bai Yan Shan exclaimed.

“I…I have been used?” Xiao Zheng Ming asked, startled.

“Right from the start, this person included you in the plan. If you remember, as you pulled out your sword, the blood blades that all flew here weren’t really aimed for disposing you. Even if you weren’t in the battle at the start, the blood blades compelled you to take action. Since all the blood blades were actually controlled by the blademaster, he exploited that Tie Zhang Men was near you as the blood blades flew over for the kill. Using the sudden moment that you arrived, he managed to kill Tie Zhang Men! !” Bai Yan Shan said.

Xiao Zheng Ming pondered for a moment and suddenly his expression drastically changed as he finally understood what he did.

“My sword technique…can produce astonishing sword aura, yet this person actually used my blade technique’s aura as a cover for his attack on Tie Zhang Men. As soon as his blood blades’ auras were hid, the blood blades ruthlessly pierced Tie Zhang Men near me. Right after Tie Zhang Men suffered the massive assault, when I attracted Tie Zhang Men’s attention, he made his final move!”

“Not bad! It seems that he was confident he could kill him, so Tie Zhang Men was never really his opponent. Right after, he quickly retreated. Not letting the disciples of Gu Xie Xin to act! If that was the case, how could that person succeed! This was all actually part of his plan! This person is very ruthless! The moment this person took action, he never gave the Gu Xie Xin disciples any chance to help!”

“In the end, who is this guy?” Xiao Zheng Men asked with a pale expression.

“It doesn’t matter who is this person! We must get revenge for Tie Zhang Men! Kill, we must capture this person ! !” Yuan Zhen Shan angrily roared.

“Kill ! !” All the furious Gu Xie Xin disciples also roared.

However, at this moment, a snow white streak was soaring through the sky, rushing straight here.

“Gu Xie Xin disciples do not panic, help has already arrived to dispose of that person!”

After this was said, a sword aura streaked through the vast sky above. It’s speed was comparable to the iron masked blademaster.

“Elder Shi Long!”

A delightful sound came out from all the Immortal Sect disciples.

One after another, the Immortal Sword Sect male disciples rose up a little higher, as they gazed up into the sky and gazed at the white streak that was already distant.

Furthermore, the female disciples of the Immortal Sword Sect eyes were full of worship.

Looking over the horizon, the disciples only saw the white streak in the sky, chasing the black blademaster and his blood blades.

The male disciples’ eyes could not look away, while females became both jealous and envious, for how could the world given birth to such a beautiful person.

Xiao Zheng Ming was even stupidly stunned for a moment, until he was woken up by Bai Yan Shan beside him. After he recovered his sense, he looked over at Bai Yan Shan, but Bai Yan Shan was no longer paying attention to him.

She was only gazing at the elder beautiful Shi Long’s distant figure, which soon reached the blademaster.

“Sword God! Just wait until you are captured, otherwise you will never feel the pain of the people you have killed!”

“Sword God?”

In the iron mask…was really Su Yun who was stunned for a moment, but managed to quickly recover.

When he was in the Moon Crescent Valley, his fake introduction to the Immortal Sword Sect disciples was that they should recognize him as Sword God, since he did not want to associate himself with his real name.

However, how could she find him here? Did she follow the Heavenly Crystal’s aura? However, wasn’t the original aura of the Heavenly Crystal already been replaced by demonic beasts’ blood?

“Sword God? He was actually Sword God?”

Bai Yan Shan began to nod after she heard this. A smile suddenly formed on her mouth.

“Is this the same person that used the Immortal Sword Sect to steal the Heavenly Crystal?” Xiao Zheng Ming asked.

“**ten out of ten, it should be him!”

“Actually, having said that, will he still have the Heavenly Crystal?”

“I don’t know! Nonetheless, looking at what just happened: his terrifying aura, which caused hearts to shudder, especially those blood blades…were those all from the powers of the Heavenly Crystal?”

Bai Yan Shan looked up into the sky, with her blazing glare: “Sword God, although I do not know who you are, I’m sure I’m going to beat you someday! I will become stronger than you!”

The veiled female disciple clenched her fists as she whispered these words to herself silently.

The immortal goddess flying palm strike came, but this time Su Yun chose not to flee anymore and turned around.

Su Yun was floating in the air accompanied by his blood red soaring blades. As all the blood blades were gathering around him, his aura became extremely bone chilling.

“The thick scent of blood…you’re really a cultivator of the demon continent?”

After the immortal goddess said this, her white sword was already swirling with sword aura from top to bottom. Then, she swung her sword aura strike, sending a energy blast straight to Su Yun.

Shou shou shou shou…

As the energy rushed through the sky, the blood blades began to move. They quickly arranged themselves in layer by layer and managed to formed a shield. The shield easily blocked the sword qi strike.

The immortal goddess’ eyebrows creased, but since the spirit power dispersed, she rushed forward. With a slick wrist movement of her white sword, ten thousand sword images surged towards Su Yun.

The sword images was like a beast opening its mouth, ready to swallow Su Yun.

However, the blood red eyes behind the iron mask did not have the slightest hint of panic. He only quickly retreated, flicked his left hand and used his own sword arts. Immediately after his wave, a massive surge of spirit power erupted out from his fingertips.

They were just like spirits, which wrapped around the soaring blood blades. It created a matchless cage composed of blood blades, allowing not one drop to leak out.

Suddenly, all of the blood blades bursted from their formation. These blades created an image of a ferocious beast ready to swallow the immortal goddess.

“This person has no moves of his own. He can only imitate someone else’s moves!” Xiao Zheng Ming shouted as he witnessed the current battle.

“The important part is spirit power, the techniques are not really that important.”

The immortal goddess quickly retreated, but against the tornado of blood blades, she simply had no place to hide.

Under this crisis, the immortal goddess remembered that she still had one of her life-saving treasures: “Thunder God Artifact.”

Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, the sky darkened, and five lightning bolts shot down. The immortal goddess became surrounded by a lightning cage. As the blood blades clashed with the cage, the blades easily became eroded from the lightning. Immediately, Su Yun’s body trembled, with a bang, his iron mask was broken in half.


For Bai Yan Shan who was carefully witnessing the battle from below, she saw his exposed face. Her heart shivered: “This person…somehow I feel that he is really familiar, maybe I saw him from somewhere?”

“You saw him before?” Xiao Zheng Ming smiled: “I see that his face is rather ordinary, so he is probably from a regular background. Regular faces, everyone has them.”

Bai Yan Shan did not speak.

In the sky, as the iron masked blademaster understood that he could use his blood blades to kill the immortal goddess, he immediately put away his blood blades and fled.

“Don’t flee!” The immortal goddess yelled.

Her sword spinned like a drill and sent a sword qi strike soaring through the air aiming straight for the iron masked blademaster.

Despite this, the blademaster did not dodge, but instead used his blood blades to block the strike.

After taking the immortal goddess’ sword qi strike head-on, the blood blades began to crack. Moreover, the blades began to shake and the spirit aura around the blades became much weaker.

How does his blood blades continue to lose spirit aura?

The immortal goddess wondered endlessly: is this the day where he utilized the Heavenly Crystal, where once he loses his powers, he will show his true colors?

Most likely!

After pondering for a bit, the immortal goddess endlessly attacked, she began to frantically send sword qi strikes.

The sharp sword qi strikes rained down as the assault continued on the iron masked blademaster. The blood blades were nearly all gathered around him and blocking the sword qi strikes. As the clash was occurring, a lot of sparks flew and blood fell.

However, the blood blades were gradually chipping. Their surface was almost entirely out of spirit power and the blademaster did not inject more spirit power. It seemed that he was at the end of his rope.

“It looks like it it really the effect of the Heavenly Crystal! Good! That being the case, let this goddess kill you and take the Heavenly Crystal!”

As the immortal goddess’ eyes oozed with killing intent, she swung the sword in her hands.

An empty shudder caused a massive windstorm and a myriad of vegetation and creatures on the ground were easily blown away.

Her sword aura exploded forth, igniting like a mighty flame that sprang into the air.

The sword aura covered the entire area, like a mountain with no top, in the presence of these people, they really seemed to be like tiny grains of sand.

With this one sword, it could really crush any person to fine powder, causing the person to be extinguished from existence.

Yet, just before the last breath of the technique was completed…

The iron masked blademaster’s whole body suddenly overflowed with a bone chilling devil spirit aura.

This aura was deep and overbearing. As if it was being restrained for a prolonged period of time, it was utterly berserk and possessed pure wrath.

It desired to explode.

It desired to kill.

It desired destruction.

It desired endless silence.

The aura was as cold as a knife that was soon surrounding the area!

Devil spirit aura?

The immortal goddess’ expression changed and her face paled: “Oh, this person has actually been charging. He was waiting for me to get close before making his move. He is really despicable ! ! !”

She quickly retreated. As she finally made some distance from him, she was surprised to find that the iron masked blademaster suddenly turned around. The slender engraved dragon blade was unknowingly a sinister scarlet red hue now. The blade was now several feet long. The blademaster just slashed the blade down at the immortal goddess.

Sky Shrouding Sword Technique!

Compared to the immortal goddess’ previous sword qi strikes, this sword aura was infinitely more frightening and dreadful.

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