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Chapter 38: A Sky Shrouding Sword

“Patriarch! ! ! !”

The nearby elders and elite disciples of the Gu Xie School all screamed out. Regardless of the current situation, one by one they all rushed over.

At this time, they only saw the blood blades flying out of Tie Zhang Men’s body and began surrounding iron masked blademaster, who was fleeing through the mountains.

The ten thousand blood blades surrounding the fleeing blademaster was really a majestic sight.

The elders and disciples that were the most loyal to the Gu Xie Xin School just stood there. None tried to chase the blademaster.

“Truly sinister! Eleventh elder, you have been used!” Bai Yan Shan exclaimed.

“I…I have been used?” Xiao Zheng Ming asked, startled.

“Right from the start, this person included you in the plan. If you remember, as you pulled out your sword, the blood blades that all flew here weren’t really aimed for disposing you. Even if you weren’t in the battle at the start, the blood blades compelled you to take action. Since all the blood blades were actually controlled by the blademaster, he exploited that Tie Zhang Men was near you as the blood blades flew over for the kill. Using the sudden moment that you arrived, he managed to kill Tie Zhang Men! !” Bai Yan Shan said.

Xiao Zheng Ming pondered for a moment and suddenly his expression drastically changed as he finally understood what he did.

“My sword technique…can produce astonishing sword aura, yet this person actually used my blade technique’s aura as a cover for his attack on Tie Zhang Men. As soon as his blood blades’ auras were hid, the blood blades ruthlessly pierced Tie Zhang Men near me. Right after Tie Zhang Men suffered the massive assault, when I attracted Tie Zhang Men’s attention, he made his final move!”

“Not bad! It seems that he was confident he could kill him, so Tie Zhang Men was never really his opponent. Right after, he quickly retreated. Not letting the disciples of Gu Xie Xin to act! If that was the case, how could that person succeed! This was all actually part of his plan! This person is very ruthless! The moment this person took action, he never gave the Gu Xie Xin disciples any chance to help!”

“In the end, who is this guy?” Xiao Zheng Men asked with a pale expression.

“It doesn’t matter who is this person! We must get revenge for Tie Zhang Men! Kill, we must capture this person ! !” Yuan Zhen Shan angrily roared.

“Kill ! !” All the furious Gu Xie Xin disciples also roared.

However, at this moment, a snow white streak was soaring through the sky, rushing straight here.

“Gu Xie Xin disciples do not panic, help has already arrived to dispose of that person!”

After this was said, a sword aura streaked through the vast sky above. It’s speed was comparable to the iron masked blademaster.

“Elder Shi Long!”

A delightful sound came out from all the Immortal Sect disciples.

One after another, the Immortal Sword Sect male disciples rose up a little higher, as they gazed up into the sky and gazed at the white streak that was already distant.

Furthermore, the female disciples of the Immortal Sword Sect eyes were full of worship.

Tl: if you don’t remember, elder Shi Long is the Immortal Goddess that Su Yun fought before for the Heavenly Crystal…