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Chapter 37: Battle of Gu Xie Mountain

“Who goes there!?” Tie Zhang Men shouted.

“Take out the Everlasting Stone and I’ll let you live!”The iron masked black robed blademaster shouted. A terrifying aura was wrapped around his blade, oozing killing intent.

The baleful aura was like a violent storm descending upon the school!

“Another person who desires the Everlasting Stone! Well, let’s see if you actually have the ability to take it!”

Tie Zhang Men stomped on the ground with both his legs, which caused the ground to tremble for a moment. Immediately, he waved both of his fists, and his entire body ignited in fierce, godlike flames that shot straight into the sky.

The surrounding elders were all pushed back a few steps, not daring to stay near the patriarch’s flames.

Nonetheless, the black blademaster just remained in the air. Tie Zhang Man immediately unleashed both of his fists and sent forth a fearsome strike towards the blademaster.

Each of his fists were covered with a blazing aura shaped like a cheetah, which seemed to fly straight towards the blademaster.

As the blazing cheetahs went through the air, their speed alone was enough to  quickly make one’s hair stand on end. Not only was it was violently fast, and the scorching temperature was completely burning everything in sight.

However, the blademaster did not appear to panic at all. He raised his blade, and with just a simple slash, easily split the incoming blazing cheetahs in two fragments.

Soon after, the pressure of the blade quickly descended. The endless pressure that the blademaster was exerting had astonishingly engulfed the entire mountain. Then he made his move.

Tie Zhang Men anxiously gazed at the blademaster and took a breath as he raised both his arms  to face the incoming blade strike.

As the blade and fists clashed, it caused an explosion that sent out powerful and terrifying energy waves. The ground just shattered. The entire Gu Xie Mountain shook and the demonic beasts living on the mountain prostrated themselves on the ground, all of their bodies trembling in deference.

The surrounding disciples were easily pushed back, and most even found it difficult to stand. Even the face of the female disciple, Bai Yan Shan had turned a deathly shade of white. Both her eyes were now focused on the newly arrived cultivator. “Who is this person? Does he actually dare to forcibly take the Everlasting Stone?”

Directly following the oppressive sword strike, Xiao Zheng Ming had quickly activated his spirit power and martial aura and  went near Bai Yan Shan to help her stand. When he arrived at her side, he asked concerningly, “Yan Shan, are you okay?”

Bai Yan Shan shook her head, “Eleventh elder, Yan Shan is unharmed. Nonetheless, we must take the Everlasting Stone back with us. Even though this person is an expert, we cannot just leave empty handed…”

“Rest assured, with me, Xiao Zheng Ming here, how can he be so rash? Yan Shan, you should quickly lead the other disciples carefully out of these mountains, so you guys won’t be injured.”

Then, Xiao Zheng Ming lightly snorted, with a fast hand movement, a fine and slender whip-like sword appeared.


Despite the words he had said to Bai Yan Shan,  he waited for the opponent to make a move. It was apparent to him that the opponent just condensed and formed sword aura. In an instant, the clear-blue sky suddenly became covered with a massive amount of bloody spirit blades that were all formed from this sword aura. These spirit swords could be guided to anywhere, and it was clear that at any given moment these spirit swords could pierce through the sky.

The bloody atmosphere filled the air, and killing intent engulfed everything under the sky. Then, in an instant, the temperature of the surrounding area dropped by a third.

Xiao Zheng Ming was considered as an expert, but when had he ever witnessed a scene of blood spirit swords flying through the air? At that point, his complexion quickly changed, and he immediately felt the urge to flee the battlefield.

“Is this Imperial Sword Arts?” Bai Yan Shan and the surrounding Immortal Sword Sect disciples just remained completely dumbfounded.

Yet, it seemed to be Imperial Sword Arts. Otherwise, how could any use this many spirit blades at the same time? But when could Imperial Sword Arts so easily control every sword’s movement?

Sou Sou Sou Sou…

The blood spirit swords were chaotic. Then they flew straight towards Xiao Zheng Ming, who quickly activated his sword aura to defend against the incoming strike. As he prepared himself, he realized that he had become very uncomfortable.

Xiao Zheng Min’s complexion paled as he strengthened his grip around his sword. A thin layer of white sword aura wrapped around the entire blade and extended around his body. The sword aura was powerful.

The blood spirit swords were like a blade tornado, with ten thousand blades simultaneously attacking, these swords could rip through any sword aura defence. Nonetheless, their use were cut short as they clashed with a body in the air. They clashed with the opponent endlessly.

Xiao Zheng Ming was completely enveloped by the blood spirit swords. He was basically on his last legs.

“This person’s strength is godly. Who the hell is this guy and how is he  able to use this many blades!?”

Bai Yan Shan’s eyes were full of passion.

Originally, she just a regular disciple. Ever since she was born, she always aimed for the pinnacle of spirit cultivation. She always revered the powerful, so she had thought that the Immortal Sword Sect was the place of the most powerful people. The patriarch of the Immortal Sword Sect was one of the supreme experts. He was at the pinnacle of his power who taught the elders. Yet, she never would have thought that was an existence that could completely overpower elder Xiao Zheng Ming. The elder couldn’t even retaliate, even though this battle was extremely important…

He was still just bombarding Xiao Zheng Blade with the blade tornado.

His real target was actually the Gu Xie Xin patriarch, Tie Zhang Men!!


Just who was this guy!

Bai Yan Shan intently glared at the person as her heart was frantically pondering.

Yet, no one was able to give her an answer.

At the moment, Tie Zhang Men was truly upset. The person that had just arrived not only possessed enormous strength, but also used unknown techniques!

Especially the mysterious spiritual aura that the blademaster was emitting; although it was not noble and profound, there was clearly a violent and chaotic property in the aura. Most techniques that used spiritual aura were calm and tranquil like Tie Zhang Men’s spiritual aura. His spirit aura was a calm but violent entity.

However, the opponent’s spirit aura was actually a type of technique that was used to eliminate cultivators. Once his opponent initiated the battle, Tie Zhang Men would have to be reckless, because he would not hesitate to kill a thousand people, even if only eight hundred are guilty. (Tl: idiom: better to be safe than sorry, basically.)

Scarlet red flames blazed into the sky. A huge pillar of flames was created, and Tie Zhang Men was trapped in the middle of it. The entire Gu Xie Xin School seemed to have been thrown into a stove, for the temperature began to rise sharply inside the school. Most of the disciples were forced to retreat back. Even the elders were finding it hard to resist the flames. The elders were curious of battle as they gazed at the huge pillar of flames, but they did not dare go to close to it.

However, at the center of the Gu Xie Xin School, a large number of elite disciples still dared to go towards it. As they surrounded the battle, they seemed to be waiting for an opportunity to strike.

The flames erupted and continued to blaze for ten breaths before it ceased. After it ended, a person who was adorned with an armor of flames stepped out from the smoke. Tie Zhang Men’s skin was completely flaming red.

He raised his eyes and gazed at the blademaster in the air. He quickly walked towards the blademaster with his eyes filled with endless fury.

“I do not know who are you, but the aura you emit is dark and evil; therefore you must have come from the demon continent! Vagrant, quickly surrender without a fight or I will make sure you become a dead man!”


After Tie Zhang Men finished speaking, he rose up into the air and equipped a sword. Walking in line (Tl: idiom:basically meaning following an order), the blademaster actually used the same move as the battle that just occurred with Bai Yan Shan defeating Lin Jue with “Heavenly Aerial Strike.” The blademaster flew straight for the kill.

“Ha ha ha ha, you think that I am actually the same of the incompetent trash, Lin Jue? To actually injure me, you are simply looking to die! Blademaster, I will let you witness the most powerful spirit techniques of the Gu Xie Xin School! Blaze of Heavenly Wrath!”

After he finished, Tie Zhang Man roared one last time. His entire body blazed with a three meter tall flame. Then, a dominating black spirit aura began to envelop his entire body as the flame was igniting. The endless flames were so massive and oppressive, that the blazing sun up in the sky unexpectedly seemed afraid to come out during this raging inferno and even dimmed to some degree.

The flames transformed into a dragon, which soared forth.

It would determine everything with one strike. At a distance, the blademaster just gazed at the Gu Xie Xin School on the mountain to see a long and massive blazing  dragon rushing towards him in the sky.

Many disciples were stupefied.

It was as if a miracle had descended.


The blademaster did not use his engraved dragon blade to face Tie Zhang Men.  In a split second, he reached out with his hand and grabbed the incoming horizontal strike of Tie Zhang Men. Then this person flew straight towards Tie Zhang Men.


Tie Zhang Men was startled.

However, in an instant, the entire sky suddenly darkened, everything around Tie Zhang Men began to turn into darkness. From the surrounding areas, many dark clouds began gathering. Then, among the clouds, a ferocious and massive legendary storm dragon, whose length was many tens of meters descended.

Roar! ! !

The massive roar of the legendary storm dragon echoed through the mountains.

Tie Zhang Men hastily retreated and carefully gazed at the legendary storm dragon, but did not show any fear. The earth shattering roar that erupted was a spirit attack, aimed at the mind.

The surrounding dark world began to dissipate, the dark clouds disappeared and the legendary storm dragon vanished. Everything was restored back.


Puchi puchi puchi puchi.

The sound of blades puncturing a body.

Tie Zhang Men entire body shivered a few times.

His eyes suddenly widened.

He lowered his head to gaze at his body. He was surprised to discover a myriad of blood blades had instantly ran through his chest.

These are ..blood blades?

Tie Zhang Men blanked.

How can this be? If any of the blades had killing intent, I should have been able to sense it, so how…did this happen?

He turned his head around and saw Xiao Zheng Ming was practically standing only a few meters away from him. At the moment, he was holding up his whip-like blade, which was currently pierced through him…


Tie Zhang Men barely managed to whisper these words because he was heavily injured.

“I…I did not intentionally do that. These blades were actually aiming for me, so I do not know why did they suddenly tried to kill you…”

Xiao Zheng Ming scratched the back of his head as he said embarrassingly.


Tie Zhang Men still wanted to say something. However, in a split second, a figure appeared in front of him and a piercing cold blade flashed at his head. He was beheaded in an instant. Then the person stretched out his hand and quickly pulled off the necklace around Tie Zhang Men’s neck.

The jade-like stone, which had been so quickly snatched away, was actually the Everlasting Stone!

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