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Chapter 37: Battle of Gu Xie Mountain

“Who goes here!?” Tie Zhang Men shouted.

“Take out the Everlasting Stone and I’ll let you live!”

The iron masked black robed blademaster shouted. A terrifying aura was wrapped around his blade, which was pouring emitting killing intent.

The baleful aura was like a violent storm that had descended upon the school!

“Another person who desires the Everlasting Stone! Well, let’s see if you actually have the ability to take it!”

Tie Zhang Men stomped on the ground with both his legs, which caused the ground to tremble for a moment. Immediately, he waved both of his fists, as his entire body ignited in fierce and godlike flames that went straight into the sky.

The surrounding elders were all pushed back a few steps, not daring to stay near the patriarch’s flames.

Nonetheless, the black blademaster just remained in the air. Tie Zhang Man immediately took out both of his fists and sent forth a strike towards the blademaster.

Both of his fists were covered with a blazing cheetah, which flew out towards the blademaster.

As the blazing cheetahs went through the air,  the speed would quickly make one’s hair stand up. It was violent and the scorching temperature was completely burning everything in sight.

However, the blademaster did not appear to panic at all. He raised his blade, just slashed down and easily split the incoming blazing cheetahs in two fragments.

Soon after, the pressure of the blade quickly descended. The endless pressure that the blademaster was exerting had astonishingly engulfed the entire mountain. Then he made his move.

Tie Zhang Men anxiously gazed at the blademaster, took a breath as he raised both his arms  to face the incoming blade strike.

As the blade and fists clashed, it caused an explosion that sent out powerful and terrifying energy waves. The ground just shattered. The entire Gu Xie Mountain shook and the demonic beasts living on the mountain prostrated on the ground, their entire body was trembling.

The surrounding disciples were easily pushed back. Most found it difficult to stand. Even the female disciple, Bai Yan Shan face was also deathly white. Both her eyes were focused on the newly arrived cultivator.

“Who is this person? He actually dared to forcibly take the Everlasting Stone?”

“Yan Shan, are you okay?”

Xiao Zheng Ming had quickly activated his spirit power and aura. He went near Bai Yan Shan to help her stand, as he asked concerningly.

Bai Yan Shan shook her head: “Eleventh elder, Yan Shan is unharmed. Nonetheless, we must take the Everlasting Stone back with us. Even though this person is an expert, we cannot just leave empty handed…”

“Rest assured, with me, Xiao Zheng Ming here, how can he be so rash? Yan Shan, you should quickly lead the other disciples carefully out of these mountains, so you guys won’t be injured.”

Then, Xiao Zheng Ming lightly snorted, with a fast hand movement, a fine and slender whip-like sword appeared.

To be continued….


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