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Chapter 36: A Few Steps Below

Keng Qiang! Boom! Boom! Boom! (sounds of fighting)

Sounds were echoing throughout the open field in front of Gu Xie Xin School’s main gate.

The distinct clang of steel weapons could be heard by anyone in the area, and the ground was shaking from the dull but heavy explosions caused by the clashes.

Two figures were embroiled with each other in a fierce battle. There was a mix between sword and martial arts, but it was hard to distinguish them.

The disciples of the Gu Xie Xin school that were standing around the field were continuously cheering at the intense spectacle caused by the two exceptional practitioners.



A resounding sound rang through the air. In an instant, the entire ground shook as the sword aura descended and exhibited massive martial pressure. In response to the sudden change of events, Line Jue’s expression became tense. Both of his knees buckled and he had almost collapsed from the sheer pressure caused by the sword aura. Yet, when one looked at the white, veiled female disciple, one would never think that she would be dropping from the sky like a fierce thorn. (tl: drop from sky: idiom, meaning appear unexpectedly)

Like a goddess, her beautiful figure left the disciples of Gu Xie Xin School mesmerized.

Lin Jue only had one pair of metal gloves, but they couldn’t withstand the pressure of this sword aura at all. He could not move, and it was clear he wouldn’t be even be able to to dodge the incoming strike.

Lin Jue only stared with both of his eyes, as he saw the incoming stab from her sword. His face was stricken with panic.

Then, right at the last moment, the sword twirled around, and Bai Yan Shan suddenly changed her sword attack. She gracefully spun around, raised her leg and sent a kick straight towards Lin Jue’s chest.


This talented disciple of the Gu Xie Xin School was absolutely defeated. He crashed pathetically to the borders of the field.

“Senior Lin Jue!” The disciples around the field exclaimed.

The patriarch’s expression also became very ugly. His cold heart became very regretful, and his eyes became filled with endless amounts of fury.

But he could only gaze angrily into space as both Bai Yan Shan’s feet  landed gracefully back on the ground. Her beautiful face had remained calm the entire time, and with a quick motion, her sword was back in her sheath.

She took a few steps forward, gently saluted and politely announced, “Thank you for the battle.”

Lin Jue could only grind his teeth and furiously glare at Bai Yan Shan. He disdainfully sucked in a breath and then cupped his fists. He turned to face the patriarch Tie Zhan Men and knelt down while saying,, “This disciple has failed you. Patriarch, please deliver the punishment!”

“We actually trusted you to succeed, yet with your pathetic ability, you only succeeded in being completely beaten to the ground by the Immortal Sword Sect’s disciple! You have basically sealed the fate of the school! You…you piece of trash!”

Suddenly, Tie Zhang Men coldly ordered, “Come, bring him down from there, get up!”

“Yes, patriarch!” The elite disciples around the field quickly sprung into action.

“Patriarch Zhan Men, this…this isn’t very appropriate, right?” Elder Chang Lao asked, then continued, “Patriarch Zhan Men, Lie Jue is your heir. He has only been training for a few years, so his spirit cultivation is only in the early stages. Winning and losing is a commonplace in the martial world, so please rethink your decision. This…this…”

“He not only made the Gu Xie Xin School lose a lot of face but also  cost us the most valuable treasure of our Gu Xie Xin School. You still want me to spare him? Bring him down!” Patriarch Tie roared.

“Yes!” The elite disciples no longer hesitated, quickly restrained Lin Jue and brought him down in front of the patriarch.

Despite the incoming punishment, Lin Jue did not resist at all; though he still held a dejected expression evident on his face.

Xiao Shen Ming calmly surveyed the situation in his eyes and could not help himself from chuckling loudly, “Tie Zhang Men, I have remained true to my words and allowed the battle to take the place. Nevertheless, the result of the battle is evident, so please, Tie Zhang Men, patriarch of the esteemed Gu Xie Xin School, remain true to your words. Bring out the Everlasting Stone. You mustn’t go back on the agreement!”

Tie Zhang Men remained silent. With so many disciples witnessing this event, how could he just hand the Gu Xie Xin School’s most valuable treasure as if nothing was wrong?

The second he handed it over, what would all the disciples think of his school?

However, if he did not surrender his treasure, he would be offending the Immortal Sword Sect, and they would have a reason to attack the Gu Xin School. If that occurred, not to mention the Everlasting Stone, he was afraid that the entire Gu Xie Xin School would be destroyed. As the patriarch, he was just trying to weigh the pros and cons.

“Patriarch Tie Zhan Men, are you actually going back on your promise?”

“Elder Xiao, you are pressing this matter too urgently; but this is an important matter, so can we discuss the terms?” Elder Zhang Lao decided it would be best to try and tactfully delay the situation.

Nonetheless, it was obviously useless.

As soon as Xiao Shen Ming heard this, he spoke up.

“To be honest everyone, this battle against the Gu Xie Xin School, was just an order from one of my elders of the Immortal Sword Sect. They only wanted to give Bai Yan Shan some experience. However, I respected the Gu Xie Xin School’s terms and risked my entire mission in betting the Everlasting Stone. If you do not give me any respect, I’m afraid that these tactics from elder Zhang Lao is just making this worse.”

These words could only be perceived as a threat to those of the Gu Xin School.

The anger within Patriarch Tie Zhang Men’s eyes was quickly growing more intense.

With so many disciples as witnesses, this elder had still dared to utter those words. This Xiao Shen Ming was intentionally putting him in a bad position.

Tie Zhang Men’s cultivation was indeed very high, so he was just giving face to the Immortal Sword Sect, but his patience was beginning to run out. So far, he had done nothing. But when he could not take this humiliation any longer, his terrifying aura quickly exploded.

He quickly gazed at elder Zhang Lao beside him. He was also unable to tolerate such humiliation, but could only lower his head and ponder on what to do.

Apparently, making him publicly surrender was not possible. The reason was simple. Xiao Shen Ming was not at the level to justify his treatment. Even after he gave out the Everlasting Stone in any agreement, the Gu Xie Xin School future would be doomed.

At this point, the female disciple who was covering herself with a veil quickly came forward. After a few steps into the light, she respectfully saluted.

“Tie Zhang Men, Yan Shan has a few words she wants to say. I urgently request that you listen to what I have to say, Tie Zhang Men.”

“Speak!” Tie Zhang Men coldly said.

“Tie Zhang Men.” Bai Yan Shan said in a clear and melodic voice, as she paused and glanced around the field. Soon after, her cherry lips continued.

“Today, the continent is peaceful. However, that is only on the surface. There is a crisis hidden below, especially in this region. West of central Min country, south of the Swallowing Sky Sect, all had witnesses of massive influx of demonic beasts. These regions are places where not a blade of grass grows, where not a life form has ever been able to habitate. However, there are countless demonic beasts appearing, and the Immortal Sword Sect has determined the origin. These demonic beasts are seeds that have originated from the Demon Continent and they are  seeds that need to be exterminated.”

“Demon Continent?” Everyone was shocked.

“How is that even possible?”

“My god, have the demonic beasts of the Demon continent finally begun to stir?” The surrounding disciples all began to panic.

As Bai Yan Shan saw this, she immediately continued, “Therefore, my sect wants to quickly prepare as soon as as possible. To be honest, Tie Zhang Men, Yan Shan has a special physique, which is only something that occurs once every hundred years. Therefore, I will be very effective against the evil demonic beasts, if I carefully cultivate in my sect. This is the reason that I came to borrow the treasure of the Gu Xie Xin School. It is actually for the Sky Martial Continent, but I hope that Tie Zhang Men will not hold any grudges about this matter. For this end, Yan Shan needs to borrow the Everlasting Stone from the Gu Xue Xin School. Yan Shan will vow that she will utilize it fully to cultivate and will personally compensate Gu Xie Xin School afterwards!”

After she said this, she once again saluted respectfully. It wasn’t an artificial or conspicuous routine,  just a natural action.

Speech, action, even the voice were all natural and clean, and everyone was influenced by her.

Upon witnessing the speech, the disciples all raised thieir eyes and looked at patriarch Tie Zhang Men. They were all expecting something.

Tie Zhang Men was stunned for a bit. Then he whispered, as he uttered a few words.

“This disciple…is extraordinary, ah.”

Elder Chang Lao only sighed and shook his head.

“If she said it like this, she can be considered to be truly clever. She not only gave me a few steps to save face, but she also made me unable to refuse her request. Otherwise, my Gu Xie Xin School would have not only offend the Immortal Sword Sect, but it would have risked being cast aside by the other major factions. But as it is now, they had even sent their genius disciple. What she said were words that seemed as righteousness as any that inspire reverence.(Tl: idiom meaning: power to make people follow her) Xiao Shen Ming had just needed lower it down a notch.”

“Patriarch…” Elder Zhang Lao asked as he awaited his decision.

He only saw Tie Zhang Men fiercely took a breath and heavily nodded his head.

As Bai Yan Shan saw this, her face flashed with a small smile.

However, no one witnessed the small smile…

Tie Zhang Men took a deep breath, glanced around and made his decision. He shouted: “For the sake of the SKy Military Continent’s security and prosperity, this patriarch…trusts you with the Everlasting Stone…”

Roar ! ! ! !

Just as Tie Zhang Men was about to announce that Gu Xie Xin School would loan the Everlasting Stone to the Immortal Sword Sect, a shrill and terrifying roar passed like a tsunami into the sect. The sound waves shook the entire mountain.

Then, the a mysterious spirit gas burst into the sky, and the air began to fill with the heavy stench of blood.

As one looked up into the air to see a person on a flying sword. This person was wearing full black attire and was surrounded by an deathly and blood atmosphere. On his face was an iron mask, and his hand was clasping a slender sword. He then flew and went straight to his target. It was clear that he wanted to kill Tie Zhang Men.

As Su Yun activated his sword technique, his demonic aura descended upon the grounds, and everyone in the area just remained utterly stunned.

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