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Chapter 36: A Few Steps Below

Keng Qiang! Boom! Boom! Boom! (sounds of fighting)

The sounds was echoing at the open field in front of Gu Xie Xin School’s main gate.

The clanging sounds of swords were evident. The ground was shaking from the dull but heavy explosions caused by the clashes.

Two figures were embroiled with each other in a fierce battle. There was a mix between sword and martial arts, but it was hard to distinguish them.

The disciples of the Gu Xie Xin school that were standing around the field were continuously cheering at the intense spectacle caused by the two exceptional practitioners.



A resounding sound rang through the air. Then, the entire ground shook as the sword aura descended and exhibited massive pressure. Following the change of events, Line Jue’s expression became tense. Both of his knees buckled. He had almost collapsed from the sheer pressure caused by the sword aura. Yet, when one looked at the white veiled female disciple, one would never think that she would drop drop from the sky but was as fierce as a thorn. (tl: drop from sky: idiom, meaning appear unexpectedly)

Like a goddess, her beautiful figure basically made the disciples of Gu Xie Xin School mesmerized.

Lin Jue only had one pair of metal gloves, but it couldn’t withstand the pressure of this sword aura at all. He could not move. He wouldn’t even be able to dodge a strike.

Lin Jue only stared with both of his eyes, as he saw the incoming stab from her sword. His face was panicstricken.

Then, right at this moment, the sword twirled around and Bai Yan Shan suddenly changed her sword attack. She gracefully spinned around and raised her leg. Her kick went straight to Lin Jue’s chest.


This talented disciple of the Gu Xie Xin School was absolutely defeated. He crashed pathetically to the borders of the field.

“Senior Lin Jue!” The disciples around the field exclaimed.

The patriarch’s expression became very ugly. His cold heart became very regretful and his eyes became filled with endless amounts of fury.

He could only gaze as Bai Yan Shan’s both feet gracefully landed back on the ground. Her beautiful face still remained calm and with a quick motion, her sword was back in her sheath.

She took a few steps forward, gently saluted and politely announced: “Thank you for the battle.”


To be continued….


  1. There’s one thing that I find a bit worrying. He used the crystal once to save himself from a person several ranks than him. That’s fine, but he’s using it again for the same purpose here.

    How are we suppose to deal with the regular him being so weak when he can fight with incredibly strong ( for the moment ) opponents.?

    It’s like reading another novel and having glimpse of the future, and then woops we back when I was just a weakling.


    1. yaoz889 says:

      He needs the Everlasting Stone to become stronger, but he is using the Heavenly crystal to achieve that. Note: xianxia novels never take like 30 chapters to allow the MC to become really strong. Furthermore, most likely, the MC will have countless other techniques and methods. Remember, he was an experienced cultivator in his past life, but not the strongest, since he used too many forbidden techniques and was chronically ill


      1. That’s exactly my point. Since the growth of a character is hundreds and hundreds of chapter, sometimes even thousand. It’s not wrong to assume that before he reaches the raw strength of what he’s about to do ( and did previously ) will take many chapters. Most probably in the 3 digits.

        The author can keep it fresh with techniques he knows and sword techniques he’s learning now but it still feels strange that the author is showcasing such might multiple time and it will be a long time before he can equal that under normal circumstances.

        That’s why this feels odd to me.

        I do like the new layout a lot though!


        1. yaoz889 says:

          Thanks for the support, but you have to look at his background, he was the failure in his previous life, so he just using his past knowledge


  2. Kazekid says:

    Looks like there is going to be an epic fight. I hope it doesn’t end on another cliffhanger.


  3. crazyboy1200 says:


    Suyun descends from the skies and with one slash, everyone died.


    1. yaoz889 says:

      Not that easy, he is not a god……yet


      1. rynersama says:

        Some day he will be


        1. yaoz889 says:

          but not today, lol

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        2. yaoz889 says:

          anyways, at least there is progress 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

    2. Simon says:

      More like they see Suyun running off with the treasure.


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