3rd Month Recap

Well well, it’s been three months, since I’ve started translating. The community seems pretty big now, wow!

Big thanks to the editors, since now I have less things to worry about! (I still do edit chapters, just doesn’t need that much time anymore)

Thanks for the support everyone! Your gratitude and comments keep me going!

Alright, now for some stats:

# of Posts 87, will be 88 after this (from 63)

# of Views: 916,536 page views (from 514,315)

# of Visitors:157,267 unique IP (from 89,109)

Average visitors/day @ chapter release: ~4500 (roughly same as last month)

Average visitors/day with no chapter: ~2200 (from ~2000)

Best Day of Month: 20,243 views (October 20) (lower than 27,057, but makes sense, since then, I was still releasing pictures from manga, but now the light novel has surpassed the manga raws)


WordPress Followers: 359 amazing people (from 258)

Email Followers: 146 amazing people (from 98)

I’m also at 342 comments, lol. (from 229)

Also, # 4 in google search: “novel translations”, from #10 a month ago 😀

Anyways, very happy with the site growth and community we have here!

Onward to the first million views of the site!


  1. Gratz on the site improvement 🙂


  2. HoronXI says:

    Congratz~~ Keep up the good work and thank you for translating~~


  3. Sora-kun says:

    Congratulations! ^^ i’m in need of more chapters~ hahaha


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