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Chapter 35: The Forbidden Technique, Becoming the Devil

Faced with the arrogant and aggressive attitude of the Immortal Sword Sect Elder, how could the Gu Xie Xin School possibly endured?


Zhen Shan immediately stood up and shouted, “You’re the one who said this, so don’t even think about going back on your word this time.”
“this promise has already ridden away and not even a carriage of four horses can hope to catch up!” (Tl: same idiom: he will keep his promise)

After saying this, Zhen Shan held his iron gaze towards the direction of Tie Zhang Men.

It was all about reputation, and it had come to a point where he could not refuse; so Tie Zhang Men hardened his heart and gently nodded.

“Since young elder decided to have a match set up, I cannot decline. Zhen Shan!” Tie Zhang Men said.

“Patriarch!” Zhen Shan immediately stood up.

“Come get a disciple out.”

After Zhen Shan heard this, his brow tightened, “Why should we agree to do this battle?”

“Stop your blathering and just quickly go,” Tie Zhang Men shouted.

Zhen Shan looked at the female disciple beside Xiao Shen Ming and hesitated for a moment. Then, he motioned to the side of the hall to summon a disciple down.

As soon as he called, a tall and thin male disciple, elegantly dressed in a light robe, quickly arrived at the grounds.

The male disciple had no weapons, but his hands were equipped with a pair of gauntlets. He had an extremely glass-like build, which, in turn, made him seem very fragile. However, his body held an atmosphere of great power.

After arriving at the main hall, he cupped his fists in respect and bowed in respect.

“Disciple Lin Jue pays respects to Patriarch Zhang Men and to the Grand Elder and Second Elder.”

Tie Zhang Men’s tense face finally showed a hint of a smile. Then, he said, “These are the guests from the Immortal Sword Sect who came to discuss important matters to me. However, they were also sent to learn skills and gain experience. Therefore, disciple, you must utilize all your years of training to demonstrate your skills and communicate it to them… carefully.”

“Yes, patriarch! I understand,” Lin Jue cried out.

“Remember! You are representing the Gu Xie Xin School!”

“I will honor patriarch’s command completely,” Lin Jue boomed and turned in the direction of Xiao Shen Ming to analyze his opponent.

“Is there a problem?” Xiao Shen Ming said with a huge grin on his face as he was looking at Bai Yan Shan.

Bai Yan Shan did not speak, he just stepped forward.

“Please,” called Lin Jue.

“Please,” returned Bai Yan Shan.

The two disciples went outside from the main hall. They arrived at the Gu Xie Xin School’s open field behind the main gate.

The patriarch and two elders both quickly followed. As they arrived, more and more disciples of the Gu Xie Xin School gathered around the open field. They were excited about the battle they were going to witness…

Meanwhile, at another open field at the bottom of a mountain.

An enormous array of blood with a diameter of over ten meters appeared.

The blood array was extremely complicated. There were actually hundreds of images of beasts painted on top of the array. It gave a strange and eerie atmosphere. The array was a grand structure in the grounds.

At the end of the large array, there is a figure dressed in black clothes and equipped with a blade. He was holding a beast heart, which he was constantly squeezing in his hand. The blood was leaking out from the heart and dripping onto the ground. As the blood dripped down, it began to complete the painted symbols of the grand array.

Finally, the last stroke of the array was finished.


Su Yun caught his breath. This technique was part of the “Lunar Devil Technique,” which required a massive amount of blood from powerful beasts.

For the sake of completing this, he brought clothes of swordsman to disguise himself. If they remembered his face, the future would bring a lot of trouble.

Everything was ready. He had already placed the materials that he collected before at each corners of the “Blood Sky Array.” He knew that only after placing everything in its correct location, would he be able to activate it.

After he carefully placed the materials in their respective places, he began the most complex and difficult part.

Filling the array.

This process exhausted Su Yun. Fortunately, Su Yun was familiar with this array so he managed to finished it after lots of hard work.

Shortly after, he took out the Heavenly Crystal and started to wait quietly.

The massive array began to emit the aura of blood, becoming more and more thick.

“Okay….what a powerful blood aura, kid…what are you using the array for?”

Once again, the sword elder within the <Limitless Sword Arts> was awakened from his slumber. He suddenly asked Su Yun since he felt a little fear of what was happening.

“Demon technique rank 8: Demonic Blood  Array!” Su Yun responded.

“Demon…demon technique…you…you haven’t even reached spirit intermediate realm yet, so how…how would you even know about demon techniques? You…who are you really? Kid…what are you really trying to do?” The sword elder asked panically.

“Calm down Sword Elder, I am me, just Su Yun!”

Su Yun took a deep breath and focused on the Heavenly Crystal. As he looked at the dark crystal, it suddenly flashed with a bright light. Then, the crystal quickly turned black again.

“The time has come.” Su Yun said.

“You…what are you trying to do?” The sword elder asked.

“Extract it!”

After Su Yun said this, the Heavenly Crystal began to spin and hovered above the massive blood array. Then, the Demonic Blood  Array began to activate.

Hua! ! ! (Tl: bright light sound, do leave a comment if you know something better)

As the light dimmed and the winds from the spin crystal lessened, the blood red lines of blood of the array began to rapidly rise of the ground and swirled around the Heavenly Crystal. Wave after waves of blood came up.

The Heavenly Crystal became scarlet red again.

“Demon…a Demon Technique…” The Sword Elder said.

The Sword Elder has experienced a lot when he travelled around the demon continent. The devil technique that was demonstrated just now, it certainly was not as simple as it looked.

As Su Yun held the scarlet red Heavenly Crystal, he directly placed it on his chest yet again.

Shuaaa! ! !

Suddenly a sinister sound emerged. The crystal was burning Su Yun’s body as it was activated.

The Heavenly Crystal was rapidly integrating with his chest and veined patterns began to generate. However, it was unlike the golden color that occurred during the event in Crescent Valley. This time, the Heavenly Crystal was actually emitting a sinister blood-red color.

“This spirit aura…Amazing! Very powerful! Kid! You are crazy! What are you even trying to do? Are you going to destroy the Gu Xie Xin School?”

The Sword Elder practically shivered as he voiced his concerns.

Su Yun clenched his teeth. Both of his eyes were now blood red and an inscription of a blood lotus appeared on his forehead. His entire body was covered with a faint red mist, emitting a chilling aura. He seemed as if he was the devil.

“Elder.” Su Yun exhaled deeply. The sound that he spoke was similar to the devil.

“Kid, you…”

“The Gu Xie Xin School may be a minor sect, but there are numerous elites within it. This time, I am aiming to battle with the patriarch, so if I cannot use the full power of the Heavenly Crystal, I would never be able to succeed. Therefore, I used a rank 8 demon technique: Demonic Blood  Array, which allowed me to re-use the power of the Heavenly Crystal. Furthermore, I do not know if the Immortal Sword Sect is still actively searching for me, so I will risk using this. Nonetheless, I want to tell you, Sword Elder, this is how I do things…I leave nothing to chance.”

“You…are you not scared of becoming a demon?” The Sword Elder frighteningly asked.

“Becoming a demon?” Su Yun pondered a bit. After a while, his mouth raised into a smile.

“Long ago, I did become a demon…” Su Yun admitted.

After the Sword Elder heard this, he remained silent for a long time. Then he spoke.

“Your heart is obsessed.”

“With no obsession, I would perhaps not be standing here today.”

The Sword Elder could not understand his words and would never understand these words.

“That being the case, it is fine.” The Sword Elder said.

Su Yun nodded: “Elder, you are using a lot of soul power. You should just quickly return to the <Limitless Sword Arts> scroll.”

“Be careful.” After saying this, the Sword Elder quickly returned back to the scroll.

Su Yun took another deep breath. Then, he took out a metal mask from his spatial ring that he prepared beforehand. He covered his face and took out the engraved dragon blade from his everlasting sword sheath.

He stabbed it straight into the ground.

Violent spirit sword energy was released out of the engraved dragon blade and crashed into the blood array. The energy just disappeared into the Demonic Blood  Array.

Suddenly, a blood mist flew into the air and rushed to the blade. It began to circle around the blade.

<Limitless Sword Arts> First Sword Form: Ten Million Godswords.

Roar! ! !

An earth shattering roar shook the entire mountain near the Gu Xie Xin School.

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