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Chapter 34: Borrowing and Taking

Gu Jue Xin School, a school with history that went back thousands of years in the martial arts world. Every single disciple within the school that cultivated spiritual power followed the way of the king. In other words, it was an extremely tyrannical path. By this nature, they were famously fierce and unforgiving. Even the attribute of their spirit power was special: “Scarlet Sun Power.” This type of spirit power was extremely powerful. It could be used to ignite anything, making the disciples seem like deities of flame, which could manipulate their flames in all directions. This type of power caused true terror in the hearts of many.

Every single disciple’s spirit power was different. The Gu Jue Xin School’s cultivation methods were concerning. With many of the disciples being excessively violent, the school incurred the hatred of many other sects and schools. The disciples of the Gu Jue Xin School often bullied the surrounding disciples from nearby sect, so their reputation had become the worst in the entire region.

For this exact reason, every time the Gu Jue Xin School made rounds to recruit disciples, the amount of disciples that joined became fewer and fewer. In addition to the grudges and hatred from other sect and schools, the school was under a lot of pressure. Their influence became smaller and smaller.

However, even though the Gu Jue Xin School was suffering, there was still many cultivators that stayed because the school still had one very precious treasure, which people would drool over.

The unyielding Core.

Rumour had it, that if someone was able to obtain this and use it to cultivate, the person’s talent would jump by leap and bounds. The person’s practice speed would also increase by thousands of miles. Therefore, every disciple that cultivated would dream of obtain this treasure.

However, this was only in the hands of the headmaster. People could only look and not touch.

Today, at the front gate of the Gu Jue Xin School, there were two lines of people. These teams were all assigned to the bottom of the mountains. They were not from Gu Jue Xin School.

While walking the middle, was only a dozen men and women consisting in the team.

These disciples were each equipped with a sword, dressed in battle armor and every single disciple’s chest was imprinted with a golden sword pattern, making them very imposing.

The Immortal Sword Sect disciples!

The Gu Jue Xin School was not that bad, but compared to the Immortal Sword Sect, they were a minor sorcerers in the presence of a great ones. (Tl: idiom: meaning paled in significance)

These groups were composed of only elite and exceptional disciples. Leading up front, was a handsome young man equipped with a white sword. Beside him was a female disciple wearing a thin veil.

The female had long silky hair as dark as black ink. She had a light and graceful posture and seemed to be a delicate flower. Anyone would feel she seemed to be a delicate lotus.

Beside her, the young man also had very fierce eyes and extremely handsome looks. His hands was grasped on his sword, a smile was on his face and he proudly stepped forward.

“Yan Shan, you are the most pampered disciple a major elder, but also my important partner. Therefore, today I am bringing you to experience the world a little so you can open your eyes. In a few moments, you will see the headmaster of the Gu Jue Xin School. You must not be confused. You must maintain a dignified appearance. In front of my Immortal Sword Sect, this school is nothing much!”

The young man said earnestly to the veiled female disciple.

“We shall carefully follow elder’s order!” Bai Yan Shan said. Her voice really sounded like the drips of spring water, making people feel truly carefree and relaxed.

“Ha ha, Yan Fan, you do not have to be so polite. Do not look as me as an elder, I am not that old. I am called Xiao Shen Ming. You can just call me Shen Ming!” The young man from the Immortal Sword Sect did not portray any strictness. He felt free and relaxed. However, his eyes were gazing over the body of Yan Fan.

“Yan Fan does not dare.” Bai Yan Shan lightly said.

Shen Ming just laughed a bit, but did not continue.

The young master continued forward and arrive directly in front of the gate of Gu Jue Xin School.

At the gate, three elders of the Gu Jue Xin School was waiting.

“Welcome young elder of the Immortal Sword Sect! This is really an honor for you to grace us with your presence! Please excuse us for not coming to directly meet you before. Forgive us! Forgive us!”

The three elders of the Gu Jue Xin School apologized profusely while bowing their heads.

“Elders, no need to be so polite!” The young elder said as he cupped his hands in respect. He smiled and then said: “Today, the major elders of the Immortal Sword Sect sent me to complete a mission. We would like to borrow an object from the Gu Jue Xin School, but we did not know if the patriarch of the Gu Jue Xin School was still here. If he is here, I would like to meet with the elder face to face.”

After the three elders heard these words, their face became very ugly.

Wasn’t this person’s way of talking just the same as treating everyone as truly beneath him? Complete arrogance! Basically, he was saying: you three elders aren’t even qualified to talk to me, so bring your patriarch out to talk to me.

Since the Immortal Sword Sect disciples were always treated with respect whenever they were completing their own matters, they almost never gave face to minor figures.

The disciples that were behind the three elders became absolutely furious. However, the high stage cultivation elders quietly determined a compromise to quell the anger that was building up in their disciples.

“Ha ha, young elder, please come in! Come inside and the patriarch will be waiting in the main Hall for you. Please just come in!”

The three elders kept their polite appearance and laughed.

Xiao Shen Ming remained calm and rudely laughed as he stepped into the grounds.

“Simply too arrogant!”

“Is the Immortal Sword Sect going to cause trouble in the Gu Jue Xin School?”

“Nonetheless, the Gu Jue Xin School has just never been the equal of the Immortal Sword Sect.”

The disciples in the Gu Jue Xin School whispered.

Then, Xiao Shen Ming led the disciples of the Immortal Sword Sect into Gu Jue Xin School’s main hall. Currently, the patriarch and his subordinates were seated on the throne.

“May I present to you, the patriarch of the Gu Jue Xin School, Tie Zhang Men!”

Xiao Shen Ming leaded at the front and his subordinates just followed. This time, he was neither servile or overbearing.

“Immortal Sword Sect sent one of its talent young elder to come here, but did not seek to let me know. Why do you suppose that is?”

Tie Zhang Men indifferently asked.

His voice was deep and heavy. Anyone who listened to him would have a feeling of pressure, shortness of breath and dizziness. If ordinary people listened to him, they would just collapse to their knees.

“Just a minor issue, and I am looking for the Gu Jue Xin School full cooperation!”

“Cooperation with what?” Tie Zhang Men face frowned.

“Right!” Xiao Shen Ming said and continued, “I came from the orders of my sect’s major elders. I have come to borrow the Everlasting Stone, which I hope that the Gu Jue Xin School will not refuse!”

After the words were said, the hall became completely silent. One couldn’t even hear the sound of people breathing.

The patriarch was wearing a gold and jade robe, had a long white beard and face as fierce of a tiger. He was stunned for awhile, but then asked: “Xiao Shen Ming, I am not sure if I heard the words correctly about borrowing some object…you really want to borrow the Everlasting Stone?”

“There is no mistake in my words. I also hope that the patriarch will not refuse.” Xiao Shen Ming indifferently responded.

“Your major elders just ordered for you to borrow the treasure. Did they not say anything else?”

The grand elder of the Gu Jue Xin School sitting at the right side of Tie Zhang Men said. His voice was heavy. He was clearly not satisfied with Xiao Shen Ming’s answer.

“Nothing else!” Xiao Shen Ming shouted in a high octave tone then he continued, “The major elders only said this one sentence. As for anything else, there was nothing!”

“That is to say, you are just going to take the treasure for nothing?” The anger in the elders’ eyes began to ignite.

“You guys are hesitating?” Xiao Shen Ming raised his voice coldly.


The grand elder suddenly stood up and was about to attack.

“Zhen Shan!”

Suddenly, Tie Zhang Men raised his voice to stop the grand elder’s action.

The grand elder was stunned, as he looked with surprise at Tie Zhang Men shaking his head.

“Hmph!” The grand elder calmed his anger and walked back to his seat and sat down.

As Xiao Shen Ming saw this, his smile became more rich. In his eyes, he achieved something that he should be a hundred percent proud of.

Tie Zhen Men gazed at Xiao Shen Ming, thought for a moment, and said, “The Gu Jue Xin School only has one Everlasting Stone. Therefore, it is not easily lent out to others. It is true that the  Gu Jue Xin School cannot be compared to the Immortal Sword Sect. However, this doesn’t mean that you can just ignore me and just borrow the treasure for nothing. Can you borrow the treasure? Yes! Nevertheless, it depends on your group’s strength.”

“What? Tie Zhang Men, you want to challenge me to a match?” Xiao Shen Ming just shook his head, “Although Xiao Shen is arrogant, but based on strength, I cannot even be a possible opponent to patriarch Tie Zhang Men. If Tie Zhang Men wants to have a battle with Xiao Shen, no need for the battle, I will surrender right now, because I have no chance of winning!”

“You do not need to beat me. If you can defeat the elder Zhen Shan, then you will be allowed to borrow the Everlasting Stone!” Tie Zhang Men said.

He said this because he did not want to offend the Immortal Sword Sect. This was a method to save face for both sects. With the battle, the young master had to accept or refuse the challenge. The other party had no choice, and it was advantageous for the Gu Jue Xin School.

Although, on the surface, the Immortal Sword Sect was borrowing, it was no different from taking. Nonetheless, for giving face, he still had to make some compromises.

Then, Xiao Shen Ming’s face flashed a trace of disdain while he was smiling.

He glanced at the grand elder, and sneered. His eyes were filled with disdain, “The grand elder is not my opponent, I think…how about not dueling between us!”

“Damn! You…” After Zhen Shan heard this, his anger almost exploded.

Xiao Shen Ming did not pay attention to the elder’s remark. He directly said, “Today, I came along with another person. I have with me the disciple of the grand elder of the Immortal Sword Sect, Yan Fan. Yan Fan is very talented and earned the praise of the grand elder. However, she has few achievements, as such, you are free to find another disciple to to fight a battle with her. If she wins, then we will borrow the Everlasting Stone. If she loses, then we will leave immediately and never ask the Gu Jue Xin School for another request again, how about it?”

After he said this, the female disciple with a veil over her head stepped forward. She was slightly shaking while holding the sword. Behind her, Xiao Shen Ming was presenting her with his hand. Then he gazed at Tie Zhang Men waiting for a response.

Tie Zhang Men’s eyebrows frowned, but he did not say anything.

The grand elder immediately groaned out loud, “You really dare to send this person as the opponent?”

“On if there is anyone, in a battle you will understand. Whether your disciples are elites or talented, everything will be determined if they have a battle!”

Xiao Shen Ming said completely unperturbed.

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