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Chapter 34: Borrow and Take


Gu Jue Xin School, a school with history that went back thousands of years in the martial arts world. Every single disciple within the school that cultivated spiritual power followed the way of the king, which was basically tyranny. They were fierce and unforgiving. Their attribute of their spirit power was also special: “Scarlet Sun Power.” This type of spirit power was extremely powerful. It could be used to ignite anything, making the disciples seem like flame deities, which could shoot flames in all directions. This type of power really caused terror in the hearts of many.

Every single disciple’s spirit power was different. The Gu Jue Xin School’s cultivation methods were concerning. With many of the disciples endlessly violent, the school incurred the hatred of many other sects and schools. The disciples of the Gu Jue Xin School often bullied the surrounding disciples from nearby sect, so their reputation was the worst in the entire region.

For this exact reason, every time the Gu Jue Xin School recruited disciples, the amount of disciples that joined became fewer and fewer. In addition to the grudges and hatred from other sect and schools, the school was in a lot of pressure. Their influence became smaller and smaller.

However, even though the Gu Jue Xin School was suffering, there was still many cultivators that stayed because the school still had one very precious treasure, which would make many people drool over.

The Everlasting Core. (Tl: the translation for this is unyielding….so I made it sound a little better)

Rumour has it that if someone was able to obtain this and use it to cultivate, the person’s talent would jump by leap and bounds. The person’s practice speed would also increase by thousands of miles. Therefore, every disciple that cultivated would dream of obtain this treasure.

However, this was only in the hands of the headmaster. People could only look and not touch.

To be continued…


  1. Tie says:

    lol the MC is great remember the sword saint ppl are already hunting him. talk about killing two birds with one stone. i guess i should become devious and conniving like him it builds character


  2. Anon says:

    Lemme guess, MC is going to steal the everlasting core.


    1. Phantom Starlight says:

      Steal? Never. The headmaster was merely hanging onto it until the MC came to collect it.


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