Limitless Sword God Chapter 33

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Edited by HoronXI, Brian L. and J. Serret

Chapter 33: First Sword: Engraved Dragon Blade

“What is going on?”

The sword elder’s voice came from the <Limitless Sword Arts>, “Who activated the everlasting sword sheath?”

“It’s me,” said Su Yun.


The sword elder remembered. He was completely startled as he said, “Kid, your cultivation is not even at spirit intermediate realm, yet you dare venture inside the sword sheath? Are you trying to court death?”

“I’ve been practicing with my sword aura!” Su Yun said.

“Huh? You can form sword aura? How can that be? How long has it even been?”

The sword elder was being stunned again and again without end. He could not believe what Su Yun had just said.

Su Yun could only raise his sword and activate his spirit power. Sure enough, a sword aura began to cover the entire length of the sword.

As the white sword aura enveloped the sword, it began to slowly make the sword seem unquestionably powerful.

Upon seeing this, the sword elder became stiff as a statue.

After a moment, he asked, “What do you plan to do?”

“I’ve come to take a high quality new sword.”

“What are you trying to accomplish?”

“Of course it is for killing someone!”

“Killing someone….”

The sword elder remained silent. Then he just sighed and continued, “Well, since you are taking a sword, I will teach you something good. Pay close attention to the avenue of swords.”

What avenue of swords?

Su Yun looked towards the white road in front of him and noticed that the supposed fences on either side, surrounding the white avenue were actually made of many lustrous swords that were emitting a divine power.

Every single sword was a hundred percent evenly spaced, each seeming to contain dominating divine power from the natural sword aura they were emitting.

“On the avenue are just ordinary swords, but inside the palace is the master sword. The five godswords are also located there…however, you should not be delusioned, to control the master sword is something that you can’t do right now! Since you require a sword for killing, the first white sword that you see in front of you will be you current goal. Relax, even though it is an ordinary white sword here, it is comparable to a million of your trash sword that you are currently holding.”

“How can I take control of it?”
“You just need to pick it up!” The sword elder responded.

Just pick it up?

Both of Su Yun’s eyes turned and stared at the right hilt of the sharp sword in front of him.

This thin lustrous sword was light blue in color, had a slightly long hilt, and was engraved on its blade with a coiling dragon. It did not disappoint when he looked at it.

“Engraved Dragon Blade? It is a good name!”

Su Yun looked at the name floating above the sword as he said loudly. Then his hand reached for the hilt of the sword.

“Hey, kid wait! It’s the left sword that should be easier!” The sword elder hastily said as he remembered something.

However, Su Yun’s hand had already touched the sword.

He gave a heavy pull.


A light note rang through the air.

The sword elder nearly had a heart attack again.

Su Yun’s face was in intense concentration. He was waiting for something to happen.


The engraved dragon blade had no reaction.

After four breaths, it remained as tranquil as calm sea: no ripple, no waves…

“Does this mean that I now control it?” Su Yun asked, somewhat dazed.

“Not yet, every single of these sword has a blade spirit and their personalities varies. The way that every single sword recognizes its master is different. This sword…should have a distinct event to recognize its master! I rarely see this sword…hmmm, I can’t seem to remember anything about it. It seems that it really has been a long time.” The sword elder said after pondering a while.


Suddenly, a domineering roar was emitted out from the sword. It was soon followed by the sword flying out of Su Yun’s hands and flying up into the sky. Then it suddenly transformed into a dragon and shot straight towards Su Yun.

The dragon opened its mouth. It seemed that no one could do anything against this dragon.

A complete transformation!

“What happened? It should have been just an ordinary sword, so why is there such a majestic sword spirit inside? How is this possible? This is impossible!”

The sword elder growled, for he could not comprehend how there was such a powerful sword spirit in this blade.

Seeing the massive domineering dragon, any ordinary person would have already just given up because of the sheer terror.

After he saw the dragon, Su Yun analyzed the situation.  Although he body could not fully react, he still managed to dive down with his stiff body, in an attempt to try to dodge the incoming blast.

But the avenue was narrow, and both sides were walled off. Farther down the path, the avenue ended, and there was only the abyss. Where could he escape to?

The grand dragon circled in the air, but as it turned around it sent one explosion near Su Yun’s body.

Nevertheless, Su Yun’s body did not experience pain right away. But in an instant, a piercing pain struck his head and he soon fell unconscious. He awoke inside a mysterious void space.

Si la! (some sounds inside a vacuum or void space)

The surrounding was pitch black. Su Yun was completely confounded on where he was at the moment. He could only see that from the dark clouds in front of him, the serpent-like dragon was emerging.

It was not the world inside the everlasting sword sheath. It seemed more like…..the world inside the engraved dragon blade.

The grand dragon coiled around the clouds and then stopped for a moment. Then, it opened his mouth and roared at Su Yun.

The roar seemed to have a mournful tone, as the sound struck right into the heart.

Currently, Su Yun’s heart was beating erratically. He was in pain, especially his spirit, which was crumbling under the pressure of the dragon’s roar.

Su Yun clenched his teeth and endured with his will. He did not relax in the slightest, for he knew that once he relaxed, his mind would collapse. Afterwards, he would likely become insane as the dragon’s roar could just enter his mind unhindered.

The dragon’s roar continued. It seemed to be endless, making Su Yun becoming very desperate.

“Endure! Endure! Kid, this seems to be the blade’s test to determine if you are worthy to be considered as its master! If you are unable to conquer the first sword in your path, how would you manage to control the entire ten million divine swords found in the everlasting sword sheath?” The sword elder said.

“Who said I cannot endure?”

Both of Su Yun’s eyes became red, massive amount of sweat permeated out of his body. Nonetheless, he did not move for half an hour, remaining standing in front of the grand dragon. Su Yun was like a mountain, despite the dragon’s roar, Su Yun did not wobble in the slightest.

Excruciating pain!



A myriad of emotions emerged.

Su Yun just concentrated on surviving, he was too stubborn to give up now.

Finally, the grand dragon’s roar slowly became weaker.

As Su Yun heard the grand dragon’s roar gradually dissipate, the surrounding black void also gradually disappeared.

The world shifted back. Su Yun quickly looked around and confirmed that he was back to the real world. He was back on the central island.

His whole body was sweating profusely and his spirit power was still very weak.


In front of him was a slender light blue blade had been plunged into the ground.

The Engraved Dragon Blade!

It was a green level weapon.(Tl: 2nd rank spirit weapon, original weapon was just an ordinary weapon) Contained inside it was a sword spirit with powerful killing potential.

“Good! Ha ha, kid, you have successfully managed to conquer an ordinary sword! This is really great! Ha ha…” The sword elder celebrated loudly.

Su Yun took a deep breath and then pulled up the sword. At the instant that his hand touched the hilt of the sword, he felt that his mind calmed and his spirit power increase. Some of his spirit power also recovered.

“It turns out that this blade was designed to killing enemies equipped with spirit weapons. How strong my spirit power is will determine the strength of the blade.”

Su Yun carefully examined his blade and sighed in his heart.

“Do not be depressed, the sword sheath still has countless divine swords waiting for you to take! On how many swords can you take out…will depend on your own efforts!” The sword elder said.

“I understand, but first I must increase my current strength.” Su Yun said.

Without power, how could he even control other spirit swords?

Obtaining this blade was laborious enough. How difficult would it be for him to obtain the other swords?

After thinking about this, Su Yun’s eyes became filled with firm determination. He equipped the engraved dragon blade and went straight into the heart of the central island.

“What are you trying to do?” The sword elder asked.

“I just got to do some preparatory work.” As Su Yun said this, he jumped into the forest.

He released his sword aura, and it enveloped the engraved dragon blade. The aura only remained in the air for a moment. If this was intended to be used to kill someone, it would still be not enough.

In the central area of the island, there was a mountain range controlled by spirit beasts. The spirit beasts residing in the mountain range were just too many to count.

Su Yun did not dare to venture too deeply and only explored the borders of the mountain range. He tried to avoid most of the spirit beasts and was just searching for some ingredients.

Magic Mist Flower: Born only where spirit beasts reside. It could release a great amount of highly toxic gas to attack any organisms that approached it.

Split Magic Stone: It could assimilate anything near its spirit power. Only spirit beast that had this ability could use it to transform.

Heavenly Devil Tree Branches: Exceptional material used for making array canvases.

Su Yun focused on searching slowly. He moved quietly and was careful with every step.

The sword elder could only look confused at the scene. He had lived for a long time, yet he could not understand the actions of young Su Yun. He was still confounded on why Su Yun was at a dangerous location looking for materials.

“What a strange little guy.” The sword elder muttered.

Then he returned into the <Limitless Sword Arts> scroll.

After two days, experiencing many piercing pains, he finally obtained all the ingredients that he required. Carrying the ingredients that he obtained from the mountain range, Su Yun immediately left this place.

He headed southwest to Gu Jue Xin School.

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