LSG Ch33 Teaser

Alright, so here is the teaser. As a side note, since I’m busy usually, the chapters are usually uploaded with little editing (I finish like a few hours before scheduled release times), but are then edited later in 24 hours, which I then update.

Just to let you guys know, HoronXi and Brian both do spend/volunteer a lot of their time to edit, so make sure to say some thanks to them, not only me, since it is a team effort 🙂

Anyways, enjoy the teaser, read at your own risk 😛

Chapter 33: First Sword: Engraved Dragon Blade

“What is going on?”

The sword elder voice came from the <Limitless Sword Arts>: “Who activated the everlasting sword sheath?”

“It’s me!” Su Yun said.


The sword elder remembered. Then he became startled and said: “Kid, your cultivation is not even at spirit intermediate realm and you dare venture inside the sword sheath? Are you trying to court death?”

“I’ve been practicing the sword aura!”
“You can form sword aura? How can that be? How long has it even been?”

The sword elder was stunned again and again. He did not believe what Su Yun had just said.

Su Yun could only raise his sword and activated his spirit power. Sure enough, a sword aura began to cover the entire length of the sword.

As the white sword aura enveloped the sword, it began to slowly make the sword seem unquestionably powerful.

Upon seeing this, the sword elder just remained stunned.

After a moment, he asked: “What do you plan to do?”

“I’ve come to take a fine sword.”

“What are you trying to accomplish?”

“Of course it is for killing someone!”

“Killing someone….”

The sword elder remained silent. Then he just sighed and continued: “Well, since you are taking a sword, I will teach you something. You should pay close attention to the Avenue of Swords.”

Sword Avenue?

Tl: just really busy this week, sorry if teaser is kind of short, cya Thursday!


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