Limitless Sword God Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Inside the World of the Everlasting Sword Sheath

Although he had defeated Su Kuang, he still lost the qualification to enter the inner sect. This was a deviation from his original plan.

Nonetheless, Su Yun did not regret this. He could easily adapt his plans, but he would never change his principles.

Since the opposing side had intended to kill him, as Su Yun saw it, it was necessary to eliminate the threat in the same way.

Although he was trying to avoid using devil techniques, the knowledge of them was already ingrained into his bones. Even though he was reborn, it would be hard if not impossible to change that fact.

“Forget it. So what if we can’t just enter the inner sect quickly. It doesn’t matter.”
As Su Yun said this, the Yue Yang siblings quickly followed him. They tried to comfort him endlessly until Su Yun was smiling again. Then they stopped.

It wasn’t until they seemed sure that Su Yun didn’t have any problems about the resulting circumstances that they took their leave.

After Yue Yang siblings left, Su Yun did not waste any time. After calculating the time, he determined that the side effects of the Heavenly Crystal would still require ten or more days of cultivating. After making sure that he had the everlasting sword hilt, he went back to the old shopkeeper to buy another stallion. He immediately stormed out of Su Family’s territory and headed towards Mirror Lake Town.

Because he still had two thousand three hundred and fifty-four spirit coins on him, he purchased some travelling supplies and a light

new sword. Then, Su Yun headed towards the outskirts of the borders of the town.

Whether it was the Su Family, White Family or even Immortal Sword Sect, they were all considered a small part of the Sky Martial Continent.

There were only a few provinces in Sky Martial Continent. Even the provinces within the continent, powers such as the Su Family and the Immortal Sword Sect, were only just individual forces among the many different powers in the continent.

This resulted in the borders of provinces, such as the outskirts of this town, being outside the jurisdiction of any major powers. And in these sparsely populated regions, spirit beasts commonly ran rampant.

Along the outskirts of the border, there was a desolate lake. In the middle of the lake, there was a small little island.

The island was eerie, so nobody ever came to it.

Su Yun gazed at the desolate lake and could see the dark ripples slamming to the sides of the lake from the middle of the lake.

As he saw the ripples, he jumped into the lake, directly towards the center of the ripples. As he dived into the lake, he could not see anything.

However, he used his hands to explore the lake and grabbed a black object, which seemed like a strange ghost monster.

Hua la, Hua la…(Tl: sound of waves)

As the creature was grabbed by Su Yun, it started to struggle, causing ripples in the lake.

At the same time,  Su Yun suddenly broke through the surface of the water and began to chant some strange words.

After the monster heard this, it surprisingly stopped struggling.

It paused. Suddenly, with a strange urgency, it dragged Su Yun towards the island at the middle of the lake.

It happened to be that the words that Su Yun had spoken during the chant were not just part of some random chant. The words were actually from the official language of most spirit beasts in the continent.

The spirit beasts in the continent were mysterious, since most people would never go to the outskirts of the Sky Martial Continent. The official spirit beast language was recognized by all spirit beasts across the continent. Therefore, Su Yun just made a simple request to the black spirit beast tortoise to bring him to the island. Since the black spirit beast tortoise understood the spirit beast language, and witnessed that Su Yun could speak in it, it decided that Su Yun was similar to devil disciples, it would comply with the request.

After arriving at the island, Su Yun did not dare venture into the center of the island. Instead, he stayed at the shore of the island and unpacked the materials he bought from Mirror Lake town. Then he began to draw a mysterious formation on the ground.


Meanwhile, within the Immortal Sword Sect.

Inside the center of a crystal jade palace sat a pure white-skinned beauty with long hair flowing like ink and a face shrouded by a veil. She was sitting in front of a grand, round mirror and closing her eyes.

The beauty’s long eyebrows wrinkled, and her mood seemed to be very solemn. She raised her index finger and thumb pinching an extremely fine hair. Then she began to manipulate her spirit power, and the thin hair strand was immediately envoloped by the spirit power. The hair began to shine brightly with a white light.

Hua!!! (Tl: light shining sound)

Immediately afterwards, the grand round mirror in front of the beauty began to flicker with deep blue light. A large number of lines were forming on the mirror and began to create a mysterious pattern.

If one looked carefully, they would find that this pattern actually represented a map of this region!

However, the beauty then flicked her finger and the thin strand of hair immediately crashed into the grand round mirror.

Right after, a bright beam of light went up and pierced through the skies. The pattern on the grand mirror began to blur. Suddenly, the pattern wasn’t clear anymore.

“Who are you looking for?”

A hoarse voice emerged from her side.

Her eyes quickly turned to the source of the sound, an aged woman wearing red clothes and carrying a sword.

“Grand elder of the Immortal Sword Sect!” The beauty saluted. Every moment was graceful.

“Third elder does not need to be polite!” The grand elder glanced at the mirror, “Is this your famous ‘Ten Thousand Mile Tracking Technique?’”

“Yes.” The dragon female immortal nodded, “Once the mirror is powered with spirit power, it can easily track any target within ten thousand miles.”

“Who are you trying to catch?”
“Of course it is that thief that took the Heavenly Crystal!” The dragon female immortal angrily shouted.

“Oh? He has something belonging to you?” The grand elder asked.

“In the battle that occurred, I was not prepared. Using some mysterious techniques, he managed to seriously injure the hurricane elder. Since I got a strand of hair, I decided to give up the chase. Otherwise, how could someone of his cultivation level really escape me?” The dragon female immortal responded.

The grand elder nodded, “Those that met with the culprit all said that he was wearing a disguise. Even I do not know his true face. The only ones that saw him were you and the hurricane elder. However, the Hurricane elder is sidelined with heavy injuries, so we can only rely on you to catch the culprit. The Heavenly Crystal is very important for our sect, so I hope that you can quickly bring it back. I heard some news that a group is trying to obtain the Heavenly Crystal, so before they manage to find the culprit, you must quickly obtain the Heavenly Crystal.”

“Grand elder, please rest assured.”


At this time, the grand mirror sounded emitted a clear note. Then, the hazy mist on the mirror began to gradually clear up and a dot suddenly appeared on the map.

The two females turned around and looked at the location of the dot.


Pui chi.

Wielding his new sword, Su Yun was currently face to face with a ninth ranked spirit novice realm spirit beast: “bloodthirsty hound.” Su Yun exhaled and then suddenly stomped at the ground to  propel himself forward.

As the bloodthirsty hound was slashed open, Su Yun took the spirit beast core. The spirit beast core could be ingested and it would increase one’s cultivation. The core was usually hidden inside the body of powerful spirit beasts.

Only spirit beast monsters had spirit beast cores, and spirit beast cores could only be used instantly after they were obtained.

This was also why the spirit beasts were widespread across the continent. They did not need to cultivate but only needed to ingest countless spirit beast cores to become stronger.

Compared to cultivation, the effects of ingesting spirit cores were insanely fast.

However, this method was accompanied by grave danger. One mistake could lead the cultivators to become the prey of the powerful spirit beasts.

Beneath Su Yun’s feet was very simple formation: “Guiding Beast Array.” This array was adjustable and released an aroma that would attract, at max, spirit novice stage ten spirit beasts.

Due to the climate and environment, there were countless varieties of spirit beasts roaming around. the island. Therefore, the formation could attract many spirit beasts to come, which Su Yun could kill, ingest the spirit beast core, and increase his cultivation. In this manner, his cultivation would increase much faster without spending a vast amount of time to cultivation. However, the downside was that it was just too dangerous.

Time was running out, so it did not matter that it was dangerous.

After ingesting another spirit beast core, Su Yun activated the array again to attract another spirit beast.

If the array was strong, the attracted beasts would be strong. If the array activation was weak, it would attract weak and strong spirit beasts.

If Su Yun attracted a little too many spirit beasts, he could quickly deactivate the array and sneak into the lake to hide. He would just wait by the shore for the spirit beasts to leave.

In one day, he managed to obtain ten spirit beast cores too ingest. However, Su Yun had many dangerous encounters. He was physically and psychologically drained, since this method was pure madness.

To overcome the spirit beasts, Su Yun endured by using his head and abilities to stay alive.

Nonetheless, he also trained in the Limitless Sword Arts. He tried to learn the first meaning of the sword, but it was not easy. After two days of practice, he only managed to gain a small insight on the route he should take.

Every time the sword aura was used, it would require a massive amount of spirit power. This was life-threatening, so he could only safely practice it when no beasts were around. The meaning of the sword relied on Su Yun understanding it by himself.

It wasn’t until the sixth day that Su Yun was able to completely release the sword aura.

However, the sword aura was very weak. It could not even hurt his enemy. As he kept releasing it, it only made his sword a bit brighter each time.

This was because techniques such as sword aura, they would always be very difficult to learn.

However, the sword aura was generated, and it gave Su Yun the necessary qualifications to begin practice the <Limitless Sword Art>.

Su Yun could not wait and immediately began to practice the sword arts.

However, the first sword form of <The Limitless Sword Arts>, was not something that one could learn overnight. To control and manipulate the sword aura on his regular sword was no ordinary matter.

“It seems that before practicing, I must use that object. With that object, my cultivation and practice speed would advance by leap and bounds,” Su Yun thought.

However, currently, a reliable weapon was also important. In his hands, the new sword, which he had bought earlier, was already damaged. Compared to martial weapons, it was useless. In the Sky Military Continent, the equipment was divided into different grades.

The vast majority of the equipment were divided into: white grade, green grade, purple grade, spirit grade, core grade, star grade, sky grade, sage grade, immortal grade and god grade. Every grade had three divisions. For those that were high grade would be all considered as treasures , and the competition for those items would be very fierce.

After he thought for a moment, he took out Everlasting Sword Hilt. He willed it to open and jumped inside.


The sound of a sword passed through his ears. Then, the scene had completely changed. The dangerous predicament that he was in before at the island was transformed into an avenue shrouded by a misty white fog.

The avenue seemed to be suspended in the sky. One could not see the end of it, but at the front was a huge palace.

As he gazed at the palace, he saw that white jade covered both sides, making a majestic scene.

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