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Chapter 32: Inside the World of the Everlasting Sword Hilt

Although he defeated Sukuang, but he still lost the qualification to enter the inner sect. This was a deviation from his original plan.

Nonetheless, Suyun did not regret this. He could easily change his plans, but he would never change his principles.

Since the opposing side intended to kill him, then as Suyun saw it, it was necessary to eliminate the threat in the same way.

Although he was trying to avoid using devil techniques, the knowledge of them were already ingrained into his bones. Even though he was reborn, it would be hard to change it.

“Forget it. We just can’t enter the inner sect quickly. It doesn’t matter.”
As Suyun said this, the Yue Yang siblings quickly followed him. The tried to comfort him endlessly until Suyun was smiling. Then they stopped.

Only until Suyun really didn’t seem to have a problem did they leave.

After Yue Yang siblings left, Suyun did not waste any time. After calculating the time, the side effects of the Heavenly Crystal still required ten or more days of cultivating. After making sure that he had the everlasting sword hilt, he went back to the old shopkeeper to buy another stallion. He immediately stormed out of Su Family’s territory and headed to Mirror Lake Town.

He still had two thousand three hundred and fifty-four spirit coins on him. Therefore, he purchased some travelling supplies and a light new sword. Then, Suyun headed towards the outskirts of the borders of the town.

Whether it was the Su Family, White Family or even Immortal Sword Sect, they were all considered a small part of the Sky Martial Continent.

There were only a few provinces in Sky Martial Continent. Even the provinces within the continent, such as the Su Family, Immortal Sword Sect, were only just one force within the many different powers in the continent.

Therefore, in the borders of the provinces, such as the outskirts of this town were outside the jurisdiction of any major powers. In the sparsely populated regions, spirit beasts were rampant.


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