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Chapter 31: Su Family’s Punishment

The iron-like fist seemed to be covered with a juicy-textured substance, colored red and white…

The entire surrounding area was deathly silent.

It was difficult for anyone to make any expressions, as everyone’s facial muscles seemed to be frozen in place. All that remained were extremely exaggerated emotions of shock…

Whether they were in the inner or outer sect, the sight of the match stupefied them. They could not react at all.

An accidental murder? This kind of thing had occurred in the tournaments before, but this time it was a head strike…which was extremely rare.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Just then, a few rings of the bell sounded.

Subsequently, the arena of this match was lit up by a red light as a large number of guards from the inner sect marched towards the arena.

These guards were all outstanding inner sect disciples, and every one of them was wearing high quality armor and weapons from the host family. About twenty-five people rushed to the arena. As they approached, they began to surround the entire arena. The audience around the arena began to quickly disperse.

“Contestant 998, Su Yun, has committed serious violations!!!”

The judge shouted loudly.

The silence of the crowd began to boil away.

Many people’s face were now filled with dismay, surprise and doubt.

Many of the people far away from the match had yet to comprehend the full extent of what had happened during the match.

“Who…who committed violations?” A young man asked the female companion beside him.

“It seems….it seems to be Su Yun?” The female companion responded.

After the other disciples heard the commotion, they rushed towards the front of the stadium to see what was happening.

However, the disciples quickly saw the corpse of Su Kuang still standing. As the disciples gazed at the sight, they only saw that it was only a headless corpse covered with scattered blood and crushed bone.


Many of the female disciples that came to look instantly vomited.

Suddenly, the entire square became a chaotic mess.

“What seems to be the problem?” Just then, an elder said as he rose up from his seat.

Subsequently, a high-pitched voice called out, “The elder has arrived!”

As the crowd saw the elder arrive, they immediately made a path. Afterwards, the other elders that had been sitting in the elder audience area began to walk alongside the first elder towards the stadium.

Su Shilong face darkened as he arrived at the stage and glanced around him. Then he asked, “ What happened?”

“Esteemed elder, contestant Su Yun fought against Su Kuang in a fierce battle. Su Yun carelessly killed Su Kuang!”

“Su Kuang was killed?”

As Su Shilong asked this, he raised his eyes to glance at Su Yun who still had a calm demeanor as he stood on the stage. Su Yun appeared to be unaware of the waves he just created.

Just then, a large group of people were walking over to their location. Leading the group was Su Dong Fang.

Just looking at the darkened face, a face full of bitterness, Su Dong Fang shouted, “Elder Shilong, please take the appropriate actions! Su Kuang was my nephew, yet now, in this tournament, he was brutally murdered by Su Yun. Please bring justice to this avenge my nephew!”

“Elder, please bring justice to avenge Su Kuang!” Su Dong Fang shouted again.

Su Dong Fang was one of the sons of the main elders of the Su Family. Although he directly did not have much power, he did have the backing of one of the main elders. Only with aid like this, would he dare to act like this.

Su Shilong acknowledged Su Dong Fang’s outburst and said, “Rest assured disciple Dong Fang, you will obtain your justice!”

After finishing, Su Shilong turned around, coldly gazed at Su Yun, and said, “Bring him down!”

“Yes! Elder!”

The guards immediately began to take action.


At this time, Xin Yue could not help but cry out.

“Which person asked us to stop,” Su Shilong angrily asked.

“Elder, it was a disciple from the outer sect called Xin Yue!”
Xin Yue stepped in front of the crowd and with a determined and serious faced, she continued “Elder, it was inevitable that there would be accidental injuries caused in the match. Fist have no eyes. You can not blame brother Su Yun for the death of Su Kuang!”

“Accidental killing?” Su Shilong said coldly, “How can this killing be considered as accidental?”

“Why not? The judge was here, there were thousands of disciples around that witnessed the match. They saw every moment and the incident. During a fierce battle, who can easily stop the match? If elder took brother Su Yun today, wouldn’t it mean that you were ignoring the rules of the tournament?”

Xin Yue said with a unfaltering gaze.

Everyone couldn’t help but admire this female disciple’s courage. Xin Yue was speaking in a clear voice, and the speech was directed to an elder of the inner sect.

Su Shilong’s face became ugly, but the tournament rules were set by the patriarch. Under such a  large crowd, would he dare just disregard them?

He glanced at Su Dong Fang and thought for a moment. Then he asked the judge, “According to the rules, for manslaughter in the tournament, is there any punishment?”

“Immediate disqualification, the loss tournament ranking and possible ten year ban to participate in inner or outer sect matches of the Su Family.” Obviously, the judge did not understand the current situation and just gave the direct instructions according to the tournament rules.

“So light,” Su Dong Fang asked.

“These were the rules set by the patriarch,” The judge answered.

After Su Shilong heard this, his face changed.

After the judge said this, then this matter could not be easily settled. If he publicly ignored the rules and the patriarch heard about this, then he would be doomed.

He could not afford to offend the patriarch. Not to mention the patriarch, this matter was better settled by the main house.

Aftering contemplating, he turned his head and with a face full of grief, as he said, “My nephew, your uncle can understand your emotions, but the death is done. You can only endure!” After finishing, he just waved his hand, “ Make a burial for Su Kuang and send some reparation money to his family.”
“Elder, Su Kuang had no family, his master has always been Su Dong Fang.”

“Uh…then for the time being, just make a burial.”

“Yes, elder.”

“In addition, immediately disqualify Su Yun and abolish all his rewards from this tournament. Immediately sent him back to the outer sect!”

Su Shilong shouted angrily.

“Yes, elder!”

The guards that were surrounding Su Yun immediately took action and directed Su Yun to leave.

Su Yun did not say anything, jumped off the stadium and walked directly towards the exit.

As he passed Su Dong Fang, he was blocked.

“This matter will not be settled this easily.”
Su Dong Fang calmly said. The charming smile was gone without a trace.

“It seems that I won. The bet that was set should still be in effect right?” Su Yun asked.

“Of course!” Su Dong Fang coldly said.

Su Yun nodded and directly headed towards the exit.

However, after walking for a few steps, he suddenly stopped for a moment and turned around. Then he loudly said, “Still good, still good…”

“Still good?” Su Dong Fang was puzzled.

“Hmm, fortunately, it was not you that I was matched up against.”

As Su Yun said this, the entire audience became silent.

When Su Dong Fang heard this he face immediately darkened and became ugly.

This ******* naked threat, how could he not recognize this…

“Su Yun? Su Yun? This name, where have I heard of this before?” Su Shilong seemed to have remembered and asked, “This Su Yun was the Su Yun that was expelled from the inner sect of the Su Family?”

“Esteemed elder, that is correct.”

“Wasn’t his cultivation speed extremely slow? For eight years, he could not reach seventh stage cultivation? Now, somehow he managed to enter the top 50 in rankings?”

“This guy probably just got lucky and made a breakthrough!” Since the person next to him could not understand exactly what had happened, so he just made something up.

“Really?” Su Shilong frowned as he thought about it. Then he just shook his head and turned to leave.

“I never thought that Su Yun could be this vicious. He actually killed Su Kuang on accident!” The distant long-haired juvenile still had not recovered from the shock as he said this with a bewildered look on his face.

“He did not make a mistake. He deliberately killing Su Kuang,” Qian Ge responded.

“Intentionally kill Su Kuang?” The long haired juvenile was shocked even more, “Senior, why did Su Yun decide to kill Su Kuang?”

“This, I do not know,” Qian Ge said as he shook his head. Then he continued, “This man is unfathomable, so we must be careful if we meet him later.”

Meanwhile, located at the other end was Su Gui Mu. He was already so scared that he could hardly stand up straight; his legs felt like noodles.

“Sweet merciful heavens! This guy was actually so daring as to actually commit murder during a tournament.”
“In the future…in the future, I will never mess with this guy again. This guy is completely nuts, completely insane!”

“The patriarch of the house sheltered him. He can indiscriminately kill anyone, boss…we…we should really be careful when we meet this guy again.”

A group of disciples near Su Gui Mu stammered uselessly amongst themselves.

With just this battle, Su Yun had really shocked the inner and outer sects. His fame spread quickly, and the outer sect disciples worshiped and feared him.


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