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Chapter 31: Su Family’s Punishment

On the iron-like fist, it seemed to be covered with a juice like substance, colored red and white…

The entire surrounding area was deathly silent.

Everyone’s facial muscles seemed to have been frozen, so it was difficult for anyone to make any expressions. All that remained was extremely exaggerated emotions of shock…

Whether it was in the inner or outer sect, the sight of the match stupefied them. They could not react at all.

An accidental murder? This kind of thing had occurred in the tournaments before, but this time it was a head strike…which was extremely rare.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Just then, some bells sounded.

Subsequently, the arena of this match was lit in a red light as a large number of guards from the inner sect marched towards the arena.

These guards were all from outstanding inner sect disciples. Everyone was wearing high quality armor and weapons from the host family. About twenty-five people rushed to the arena. As they approached, they began to surround the entire arena. The audience around the arena began to quickly disperse.

“Contestant 998, Suyun has committed serious violations!!!”

The judge loudly screamed.

The silence of the crowd began to boil away.

Many people’s faces were now filled with dismay, surprise and doubt.

Many of the people far away from the match still could not react.

“Who…who committed violations?” A young man asked the female companion beside him.

“It seems….it seems it is Suyun?” The female companion responded.


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