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Chapter 30: The Hidden Devil Technique, One Move to Kill

“My My, this is really beyond my expectations. I never thought that you could have survived until now. Perhaps the rumors were wrong, since you don’t seem like a trash,” the handsome Su Dong Fang gently said. As he looked at the pathetic man stranded on stage, he lazily narrowed his eyes and smiled.

“No, the rumor is surely right.”

Just then, an arrogant and rough voice rang throughout the staging area.

People turned to see the source of the voice only to find a fierce looking man smiling. It was Su Kuang, who was viciously glaring at Su Yun. As he arrived at the arena, he stepped up onto the stage. His posture straightened and steadied himself; the spirit aura surrounding his body looked as if it would burst out. It was mighty and domineering.

The mountain of pressure was aimed at the front!

Just then, every member of the audience near Su Kuang uttered their complaints of the aura.

He is like a tiger; No, like a giant; what person in their right mind would want him as an enemy? Because of his lofty status, an average person could simply not afford to offend him.

“Su Kuang! Su Kuang! Win! Win!”

“That inner sect disciple known as Su Kuang… it’s been said that ever since he was born, he had terrifying strength unparalleled to even beasts.”

“Looking at this situation…Su Yun is in a bad situation.”

“Even though this guy still managed to win a couple rounds, by just comparing his strength to Su Kuang’s, he is far too weak!”

“You can’t say all of that. Luck was a part of it, but to come this far, strength is certainly required. Nonetheless, seeing him against Su Kuang, it is, at best, unknown if he can win.”

Everyone in the audience was whispering amongst and discussing with one another. However, it was clear that the majority supported the prediction that Su Kuang would win this match.

“Su Kuang looks great setting such a pace,” Qian Ge said as he looked at the two opponents.

“This seems to be a technique within the inner sect called ‘Tiger Step’: used to enhance the practitioner’s power during movement from utilizing spirit power to activate the technique,” said the long haired juvenile beside Qian Ge.

“Really? Then, since Su Yun is within the area of the technique, isn’t he at a disadvantage now? Ah, but let’s wait and see if he has other techniques in this match.”

At the northwest corner of the arena.

“Su Yun this kid, he actually dared to come here! It seems that he what he said before was true, since a spirit novice sixth stage disciple could have never beaten an inner sect disciple otherwise. However, did he not say…that he was a secret weapon that the master arranged? Why would he participate in this tournament? If he wanted to enter the inner sect, why couldn’t he just ask his master?”

Su Gui Mu was completely puzzled.

“Maybe it is to stop the gossip about him, so if he entered the inner sect, no one would dare say anything about him anymore,” A junior disciple behind him suggested.

“So it is like this?” Su Guimu felt that he could not wrap his head around this at all.

“Boss, if we encounter Su Yun in the future, let’s just speak to him politely. This little guy will become pretty powerful in the future unlike us.”

“Good idea.”


The bell sounded.

The conversations near the arena quietened,  and everyone’s attention shifted towards the center of the arena.

At this time, the judge yelled out, “Get ready!”

The two opponents on the stage glared at each other.

Su Yun intently gazed at his opponent. Meanwhile, Su Kuang changed into his fighting stance, ready to begin his assault.

The judge glanced around the arena. As he did some sweat dropped involuntarily from his cheeks. He carefully held his breath before yelling out, “Begin!”
The announcement was made! A fierce and predatory atmosphere descended and began to shroud the entire arena. Suddenly, Su Kuang roared and came rushing towards Su Yun like he was his prey.

He did not hold back.

Su Yun lowered his gaze and posture. He managed to dodge the attack. However, he did not counterattack.

After Su Kuang failed in his first attempt, he immediately took advantage of the spirit aura that was pressuring Su Yun and renewed his assault in order to try to lower Su Yun’s chances of evading his attacks.

On Su Kuang’s hand, blades of spirit power extended from his fingers. Su Kuang quickly spread his hands and sent the spirit claws towards Su Yun’s spirit aura around his body.

“External Spirit Power Essence Release!”

Someone in the audience shouted.

This was actually very difficult to accomplish, even for inner sect disciples. It required deep understanding of spirit power as well as the ability to proficiently manipulate it. If one had those requirements, they might be able to accomplish this once they reached spirit intermediate realm.

The audience only witnessed Su Yun dodging hastily. Since he dodged hurriedly, a piece of clothing on Su Yun had a big hole cut into it. Fortunately, this strike missed and did not injure his body.

Again, Su Kuang saw an opportunity. He immediately renewed his assault, not allowing Su Yun any time to react. Once again, he extended his hands and sent the spirit claws flying through the air straight into Su Yun.

Nonetheless, Su Yun seemed well prepared. He kicked one foot out into Su Kuang’s arms while the other aimed for Su Kuang’s head.

Despite this, Su Kuang did not even panic. Instead, a trace of happiness started to form on his face.

He did not dodge as the necklace hung on his neck suddenly burst into yellow light, which covered his head and formed a mask.


The foot collided with the forehead.

Su Yun felt that his kick just collided with solid metal, but Su Kuang did not feel the slightest hit.

“He actually decided to use armaments.”

“This method is really too shameless,” said Xin Yue, since she could not tolerate the situation.

In the tournament, there was no rule that prevented the use of armaments, but not everyone had armaments.

However, if one took a close look at Su Kuang’s arms and down to his legs, they would have been startled. After the armament was used, a dominating strength was fiercely pressuring the surroundings.

Su Yun was thrown to the edge of the arena from Su Kuang’s block. He hit the barrier and fell to the ground. Even though he was still unsteady, Su Kuang launched his techniques yet again.

A thunderous roar shook the arena causing many of the audience members to cover their ears. Many felt really miserable from hearing the sound.

However, even though the sound was painful to bear, the surrounding audience was soon shocked even more.

This sound only came from extremely powerful spirit techniques.

Since even the sound of the spirit technique was deafening, then what was the actual level of the spirit technique?
The protective barrier of the arena cut off most of the spiritual aura and atmosphere being projected. Therefore, the audience were never directly in any danger. However, it was different for Su Yun who was on the arena. One could not guard against a sonic wave, so he was still unsteady. After eating this strike, he actually felt disoriented and his legs were not stable.

“A good shot!”

Someone shouted as they understood the situation.

“Slaughter this little brat that does not know the immensity of heaven and earth!”

“Go boss Su Kuang!”

The shouts were coming in constantly.

Even Su Dong Fang was smiling. Then, he glanced at Su Kuang and nodded.

Any regular person could discern that the Spirit aura Su Kuang was projecting was pressuring Su Yun in the arena. How could Su Yun just wait to be bombarded by Su Kuang’s assaults? Yet, when he fought head on, Su Kuang easily countered him and broke through his defence. Then he would just launch another sonic wave.

This kind of attack came off as very mysterious. It was apparent to the audience that Su Kuang’s combat experience was one level higher than Su Yun’s.

“It seems the outcome of the match is set!”

The handsome Qian Ge shook his head, “I still look forward to what Su Yun will do now!”

“Senior, there will be a chance,” The long-haired juvenile beside said.

Su Kuang did not let up. He took every opening that Su Yun gave and attacked in quick succession. With spirit claws on his hands, he actually aimed from Su Yun’s heart.

This person was aiming to ruthlessly murder him.

The audience held their breath and stared intently at the battle.

The judge at the arena, however, did not conclude the match, because Su Yun was still standing.

But everyone understood Su Kuang’s intentions.

Su Dong Fang liked Qing Er, but Su Yun was a thorn. Not only did Su Kuang want to use this match to get rid of Su Yun, he also wanted to curry favor with Su Dong Fang.

Fist had no eyes. Even though the Su Family had some protective measure in place, it did not mean that there were no incidents in the tournament. Not being able to account for all of them was an inevitability.

Su Kuang understood that killing Su Yun would not cause a commotion. Su Dong Fang would not only help him, but he would also reward him.

Therefore, he dared to use lethal moves to kill!


Just as he was near Su Yun, his whole body shook, and he became so unstable that he couldn’t even stand. Suddenly, his body was a statue.

At the same time, a pair of ruthless eyes with deep killing intent gazed into Su Kuang.

Those eyes were deep, sinister and as dark as a black hole.

Traditionally, a person’s blood was the medium used to activate devil techniques. However, one did not necessarily require patterns to be drawn with the blood. All that was needed was for markings to be inscribed into one’s soul.

In this case, many things can be said to be completely different.

In a split second, a chill went through Su Kuang’s body from head to toe. His blood even seemed to solidify itself.

He stood still, only to see Su Yun suddenly raising his fist, exhausting all his strength in his body. Su Kuang suddenly felt that his neck was violently being crushed. Then the hands wrapped around his head. They were infused with spirit power, the very sight of which was suffocating.





The hand was stunning peerless.

Su Yun’s previous poor performance was all for this one moment to execute his devil technique.

All of the previous pathetic performance was merely meant to execute this one lethal move!


This person never counted me as the “alpha predator!”

Sukaung shivered, and his heart trembled.

He wanted to escape, but it was already too late.

The fist had already been closed, and the vigorous force of the spirit power from the devil technique was finally utilized.

Su Dong Fang sensed that something was wrong and his face immediately paled. He quickly stood up and yelled, “Su Yun, how dare you!”

But as the while he was shouting…


An explosion. The clenched fist of Su Yun was touching the air around what used to be Su Kuang’s head. It had burst open. Su Kuang’s whole head had been crushed. Brains and blood splashed all over the ground.

In an instant…

The entire tournament grounds went dead silent. Everything seemed to be covered with dust.

A headless body was still maintaining its fighting stance in front of Su Yun on the stadium…

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