Chapter 30 Teaser

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Chapter 30 *Title Withheld*

“My My, this is really beyond my expectations. I never thought that you could have survived until now. Perhaps the rumors were wrong, since you don’t seem like a trash,” the handsome Su Dong Fang gently said. As he looked at the pathetic man stranded on stage, he lazily narrowed his eyes and smiled.

“No, the rumor is surely right.”

Just then, an arrogant and rough voice rang throughout the staging area.

People turned to see the source of the voice only to find a fierce looking man smiling. It was Sukuang, who was viciously glaring at Suyun. As he arrived at the arena, he stepped up onto the stage. His posture straightened and steadied himself; the spirit aura surrounding his body looked as if it would burst out. It was mighty and domineering.

The mountain of pressure was aimed at the front!

Just then, every member of the audience near Sukuang uttered their complaints of the aura.

He is like a tiger; No, like a giant; what person in their right mind would want him as an enemy? Because of his lofty status, an average person could simply not afford to offend him.

“Sukuang! Sukuang! Win! Win!”

“That inner sect disciple known as Sukuang… it’s been said that ever since he was born, he had terrifying strength unparalleled to even beasts.”

“Looking at this situation…Suyun is in a bad situation.”

“Even though this guy still managed to win a couple rounds, by just comparing his strength to Sukuang’s, he is far too weak!”

“You can’t say all of that. Luck was a part of it, but to come this far, strength is certainly required. Nonetheless, seeing him against Sukuang, it is, at best, unknown if he can win.”

Everyone in the audience was whispering amongst and discussing with one another. However, it was clear that the majority supported the prediction that Sukuang would win this match.

To be continued…


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