English Character Names Poll

Alright, so there is many times that the Chinese names really seem similar to each other and the readers are always very confused. Therefore, I am proposing that I will change the names to English instead of just Chinese names. However, if it seems fine, then it will not be changed. For instance, Suyun and Qing Er names will stay. However, Suguimu may be changed to William, and etc. This is what happened in Coiling Dragon. I just want to know if you guys want it?

*Poll ended*


  1. Duck of Death says:

    When the setting of the novel is purely “Eastern”, like LSG is, then I think it’s better to keep the names consistent with that. In novels like CD, where the setting spans many different cultures, or is substantially a “Western” cultural setting, then using English (or Germanic, etc) names makes sense.

    Just my 2 yuan.


  2. windstrike says:

    at first its indeed weirdo when heard english name on chinese novel..

    but seriously,,i became mixed up with mga and atg..


  3. I left Coiling dragon, war of the supreme mysteries e.t.c because of English names, so please don’t do that.


    1. Blcktron says:

      If you left Coiling Dragon because of the names, you missed out and also didn’t read the Faq that ren put up, the names were written like that in the actual novel


      1. I always thinks twice whenever i see those 20 books completed but the names are just that barrier I can’t cross, cant be helped truly. Chinese names bring that full immersion, (hard to imagine ancient English men with mystic arts).


  4. thereallad says:

    please don’t use english names, its horrible and destroys the original feel.. (war of the supreme mysteries got me so pissed because the guy used dogshit english names)


  5. Grawler says:

    well, in Coiling Dragons case, Ren said I Eat Tomatoes made the names in a westernized fashion and ren only adapts the names he doesnt completly make them up


  6. evilairy says:

    Err, I believe Coiling Dragon used English names written with characters and were approximated back to English by Ren.


    1. Derpy says:

      You are indeed correct its even in the FAQ on WW


  7. kerfirou says:

    …..I have to ask, how Suigumu become William?


    1. yaoz889 says:

      Based on first name that comes to mind, lol, but I’ll probably use a listing to officially decide


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