Chapter 29 Teaser

Alright, my bad on the title on novel I recommended, it’s called Wicked Soldier King, not Evil Warrior King.

I’m really getting busy in college now, lol. Got to organize more, so far, won’t affect the schedule I have, but we’ll see.

Anyways, here is the teaser as promised.

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Chapter 29: The Surprising Victory

Is it possible?

An outer sect disciple actually beat an inner sect disciple, furthermore…he also did it so quickly?

If the audience had not personally witnessed this, nobody would have believed it.

“9..contestant 998 is the winner!”

The judge was also shocked and had to take a moment before he announced the result.

After the judge’s announcement, the stunned audience woke up from a trance.

“Tian Yuan, he…he fought a weak brat of the outer sect, what happened?  This…this isn’t possible!” A female disciple shouted.

“Did you guys clearly not see what happened? As they struggled in the fight, suddenly, Suyun changed his hand movements. He managed to change the spiritual aura’s outflow of his opponent with a mysterious method.

“Just by changing his hand movements in this battle, a cheap strike to finish his opponent by creating an opportunity, this man is so bold, did he really dare? Impossible! Absolutely impossible!”

“You are all just looking down on this person! This disciple isn’t so simple, although I do not know the method that he used to overpower Tian Yuan, but his strength…I’m afraid might be much higher than what we might think!”

“A eighth stage spirit novice disciple overpowered a first stage intermediate realm disciple…wow, how is this possible?”

“Higher stage fighting, it is very difficult, this disciple actually managed to overcome three cultivation stages…this is really frightening!”

“I’m just afraid that this battle will remain in Tian Yuan’s heart for life.”

Tl: You don’t say…


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