Chapter 28 Teaser

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Chapter 28: The Strength Gap

Suyun looked at the arena.

Just as expected.

On the stage stood a luxuriously dressed inner sect disciple. The disciple’s body was equipped with many magical jewelries, such as gold trimmed emerald ring, faint glowing bucklers, etc. Compared to the outer sect disciples’ shabby appearances, this guy was like an emperor.

“Another outer sect disciple, Tian Yuan, your luck is too good, right?”

In the arena sidelines, an audience member who had  a bald head, equipped with a sword, blew a whistle and smiled as he said this.

“Each and every one of you guys are bastards! Basically, you guys use no energy, yet I have to compete with inner sect disciples, this is not fair! So unfair!” A young female disciple angrily shouted from the audience.

“This is what the heaven decrees, we have no say in this!”

These male and female disciples continued to argue with each other.

The female disciple’s anger just kept on rising.

Suyun just bit his lower lip, keeping his head down and walked toward the arena, while watching the scene caused by the inner sect disciples. It even seemed like the atmosphere of a family.

Keeping reserved, will not move mountains.

Spirit Intermediate Realm.

This was not the a cultivation of eighth stage spirit novice realm. Suyun is afraid that even two Sunanye could not be this inner sect disciple’s opponent.


  1. Thanks for the teaser btw


    1. yaoz889 says:

      You’re welcome!


  2. As far as I’m aware, the story has not mentioned his specific cultivation level


  3. arucchi says:

    I’m kinda wondering… do we precisely know Suyun’s cultivation level? I’m lost here, I can’t seem to remember it being explicitely said. Does anyone remember/know?
    It’s confusing with all the cultivation levels of opponents being given while I have no clue where Suyun stands exactly.

    Thanks for the teaser


    1. yaoz889 says:

      Peak 8 stage spirit novice realm as of end of ch28


      1. arucchi says:

        “This was not the a cultivation of eighth stage spirit novice realm.”

        Ok I thought it was referring to Sunanye’s cultivation! You’re doing great work thank you!


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