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Edited by HoronXI, Brian L. and J. Serret.

Chapter 27: Eating Raw Marble

Su Nanye remained expressionless as he stepped into the arena. He stood in front of Su Yun.

The audience for this match increased even more.

Even though he was in the outer sect, Su Nanye could be considered as a major contestant. Therefore, many disciples paid attention to his matters.

“I never thought that this little rascal Su Yun would have any strength to him! However, since he is fighting against this young master, I think that Su Yun’s luck has already run out!”

“You can’t say that. Su Yun did not fully use his strength in his previous matches, so he should be able to fight against Su Nanye for a bit!”

“Oh, can he? If he can beat Su Nanye, I will eat a chunk of marble in public!”

“You’re on! Just remember, you said it!”

“When a nobleman makes a remark, it will be difficult even for a 4-horses carriage to catch up!” (Tl: it is a proverb, but basically: since you uttered those words, you must honor those words!)


The audience whispered.

Xin Yue’s complexion remained extremely pale. Her eyes were full of concern.

She never thought that Su Yun, like Xing Yang, would be so  unlucky as  to also encounter a thornbush like Su Nanye.

“What will happen? Is big brother Su Yun going to be alright? Or…or maybe it is better for him to just give up.”

Xin Yue anxiously walked around in circles, not knowing what to do…she desperately wanted convey to Su Yun that he should just give up the tournament, but…

The arena was already closed off.

The audience began to quiet down. and their attention shifted towards the ring.

In three more breaths, the two will begin fighting.

The surrounding area remained silent. There was a tense atmosphere.

Su Nanye narrowed his eyes as he glared at Su Yun.

“Awfully unexpected, isn’t it?” Su Nanye began to speak.

“It seems that you pulled a few strings.” Su Yun did not think that this match was coincidental. Within thousands of events, both Su Yun and Xing Yang were matched up with Su Nanye, so there was obviously something happening behind the scenes.

“Although the regulations do not allow authorized exchange of tickets, with a very serious punishment as a warning, it always is very difficult to monitor the affairs of the disciples. That is to say that tickets can not be replaced, but there are usually disciples willing to pay to buy some tickets. After all, people will only recognize your face and not your ticket number.” Su Yun continued.

Su Nanye glared coldly at Su Yun.

But after hearing his speech, Su Yun just remained silent.

“From before, I figure that little guy (Tl: referring to Xing Yang) should now understand what real strength is. Now, I will also let you and everyone else understand, that compared to Qian Ge, I am by far the number one disciple of the outer sect,” Su Nanye whispered as he had already begun to change into his fighting stance.

“Then, why did you not arrange a direct confrontation with Qian Ge,” Su Yun suddenly asked.

Su Nanye frowned but said nothing.

As Su Yun saw this, he laughed, “Even you know that you are no match against Qian Ge, why do you still insist that you are the number one disciple in the outer sect?”

“Shut up!” Su Nanye was furious with Su Yun’s words. His eyes became red, but he remained silent. Instead, he immediately charged forward.

No one could use weapons during this battle. Therefore, it was basically a fist and spirit power clash. Su Nanye did not hold back, utilizing both his hands as he quickly struck ten times. The spiritual energy burst forth, like an incoming tsunami, rolling towards Su Yun.

Su Nanye’s speed was very high, but he also had great strength. He was even near Su Yun’s own strength. So as the spiritual energy came closer, it pressured Su Yun’s entire body.

If he was an ordinary person, he would have had no way to cope with the spiritual energy of the opponent in front of him. They would just have move on to find another opponent after he had been swiftly beaten. If one encountered Su Nanye, they would also need a method to counter the spiritual energy strike.

Su Yun remained indifferent, kept his posture and then stepped a few steps back to avoid the spiritual energy strike.

It seemed that Su Nanye automatically used a powerful punch.

He was obviously different from the previous disciples. He was faster, stronger and more sinister.

He had no mercy!

Once he began, his strikes were already lethal from square one.

Su Yun hastily readied himself.


A fist flew past his head, and the flow, coming the wind from the strike infused with spirit power, whirred in everyone’s ears.

Nonetheless, this single punch was not that simple.

Su Nanye was certainly an elite in the outer sect. He was skilled in offense and defense.

Su Nanye turned with a few steps and suddenly appeared behind Su Yun. His own fist quickly countered, but was parried once again, even though it had been aimed at Su Yun’s back. The spiritual energy was controlled again, as it was infused into the fist, converging into it. This concealed strike astonishingly managed to penetrated the spiritual aura around Su Yun’s body, but it was still avoided.

The audiences’ eyes widened, because they were not able to catch Su Nanye’s figure; his speed lacked no bounds.

Yet, Su Yun was not any worse off. He agilely dodged the incoming strikes and extended his right foot, in an attempt to trip Su Nanye and disrupt Su Nanye’s pace.

Despite this trick, Su Nanye’s eyes gave a magnificent shine, as it seemed that he had been waiting for this moment.

After seeing Su Nanye suddenly stop his onslaught, he immediately received a follow-up from Su Nanye, who was stomping down both his left and right foot directly on Su Yun’s right leg. Infused with spirit power, the momentum pressed against Su Yun’s leg, like a mountain coming down.  It was impossible to block.

The audience immediately sucked in a breath from the change of events.

“Careful, big brother Su Yun,” Xin Yue cried anxiously.

Just then, Su Yun also unleashed the spiritual aura around his body, countering Su Nanye’s strikes.

The scene right now made one word enter the minds of everyone who were watching.


Su Nanye was a tenth stage novice spirit realm disciple. How could an average disciple’s body, protected with spiritual aura, hope to compare? Wasn’t he just courting death. If not, what was he aiming for?

However, at the current moment, what choice did Su Yun have in the matter.

For this time, he was forced to take Su Nanye’s strike head on.

Su Nanye was indeed very experienced. Excelling at both offense and defense, he had been calculating the actions of his opponent, and as a result, Su Nanye managed to control the entire fight!

“It seems that Su Nanye’s ability was not that of an average outer sect disciple. Few can fight like this. I’m just afraid, that in the next bouts, he will still remain in control.”

The audience below shook their heads.

Many disciples sighed.



A mild explosion occurred.

They were just able to witness the clash of spiritual energy that had created the explosion. It was instantly followed by a figure being flung out of the smoke and hitting the barrier of the arena, only to fall heavily to the ground.

The disciples held their breath and looked closely.

Is it Su Yun?

No! It was actually Su Nanye that was flung out.

After the audience saw this, they were absolutely stunned.

They saw Su Nanye struggling to get up, with his entire body laced with heavy injuries. Not waiting for Su Nanye to stop shaking, Su Yun moved forward.

Two heavy fists flew forward, infused with spirit power, and viscously hit Su Nanye’s body like a hammer.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang…

Su Nanye’s body shook from the incoming strikes. The spiritual aura surrounding his body was easily broken through. He was being beaten to the point that he could not counter at all.

However, after a couple of powerful strikes, Su Nanye’s body had more than a dozen wounds. On his body, his body armor caved in, while his nose was bruised horribly.

Su Nanye struggled to maintain his composure utilizing his fists to counter, but right after Su Yun let out a few punches, his resistance instantly became futile. Su Yun did not desire to negotiate anything. Not allowing Su Nanye to avoid or escape,  he relentlessly kept on his assault.


“Winner: Contestant 998,” The judge shouted.

The masses of disciples in the audience remained completely silent.

Everyone’s eyes were bulging out of their sockets, as they looked at each other, completely confounded by the result of the match.

The spirit novice realm of tenth stage cultivation disciple, Su Nanye had also lost….furthermore this was utter defeat.

Then what is the cultivation stage of Su Yun?

Is it possible…

That it is Spirit Intermediate Realm? (Tl: realm after tenth stage novice = intermediate)

The people thinking about this immediately trembled with their bodies.

“How is Su Yun…how is Su Yun this powerful?”

Xin Yue felt that she could not wrap her head around what had happened. Even though she witnessed Su Yun’s past matches, even knowing that Su Yun cultivation stage rose, she still never expected Su Yun to have become so powerful. To even beat one of the top disciples of the outer sect, Su Nanye. Furthermore…even after eating some punches, there was still no visible injuries.

Su Yun jumped off the arena and exhaled. He felt that adrenaline was still pumping, so he was unable to calm down.

Although on the surface, Su Yun easily defeated Su Nanye, but in reality, it was just a lucky outcome. Su Nanye’s agility surpassed Su Yun, but Su Nanye was still very arrogant and decided to compete with Su Yun in spirit power.

Using the five cultivation medicine pellets and Crescent Moon Fruit, Su Yun had deep and immeasurable spirit power within his body. When Su Nanye tried to compete with spirit power, Su Yun had been able to seize the opportunity and achieved victory.

If Su Nanye used only his agility to launch quick attacks, it would not have been this easy for Su Yun.

Su Nanye was sent away for treatment.

The crowd gradually dispersed.

“Hey, everyone, don’t go!”

A disciple shouted, trying to hold up some disciples from leaving, while he was chuckling.

“Where is the disciple that said that he would eat raw marble?”

A few people chuckled.

The disciple that spoke these words face turned green as he saw the marble rock.

There were a lot of people that noticed Su Yun’s strong opponent. In this crowd, even the top disciple of the outer sect was here, Qian Ge.

“Strength is good, but Su Nanye was simple-minded. Even though he had the strength, I did not expect him to be defeated so badly,” the tall and handsome Qian Ge laughed.

“Is Su Nanye worth anything? It does not mean anything to defeat him, I can use a finger to kill him,” snorted a long haired and tender face male disciple next to him.

“You cannot say that. You must never underestimate anyone, especially if you do not know him.” Qian Ge said.

“En…” The disciple nodded.

At the public square. Su Yun was resting for a moment. He was currently sitting cross-legged and calming his nerves.

It would take a while for him to recover fully.

Xin Yue prepared a fresh cup of water and handed it to Su Yun.

Su Yun got up and drank it all with a few breaths.

As Xin Yue raised her head as she laughed.

After a moment.

Both of the tickets for the next round lit up.

“Come on! Xin Yue, if you win this, we will be able to enter the top five hundred ranks. Afterwards, if we win the next round, we will enter the top two hundred rankings. At that time, you and I will be able to enter the inner sect,” Su Yun spoke to Xin Yue.

Xin Yue nodded as a trace of determination emerged on her delicate face.

The two went to their respective matches.

Soon, Su Yun found the arena for his match.

In the arena, there was still a crowd of people, but they seemed to not number many. This time there were only a few people. However, these people could strike fear into the hearts of anyone.  For they were all inner sect disciples.

Su Yun’s heart was startled.

Could it be…


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