Chapter 27 Teaser

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Chapter 27: *title withheld*

Sunanye remained expressionless as he stepped onto the arena. He stood in front of Suyun.

The audience for this match increased even more.

Even though he was in the outer sect, Sunanye was considered as a major contestant. Therefore, many disciples paid attention to his matters.

“I never thought that this little rascal Suyun would have some strength! However, since he is against this young master, I think that Suyun’s luck has run out!”

“You can’t say that. Suyun did not fully use his strength in his previous matches, so he should be able to fight against Sunanye a bit!”

“Oh, can he? If he can beat Sunanye, I will eat a piece of marble in public!”

“Sure! Remember, you said it!”

“A nobleman’s remark, it will be difficult for 4 horses carriage to catch up!” (Tl: it is a proverb, but basically: since you uttered those words, you must honor those words!)


The audience whispered.

Xin Yue’s complexion remained extremely pale. Her eyes were full of concern.

She never thought that Suyun was as unlucky as Xing Yang, to both encounter a thorn like Sunanye.

“What will happen? Is big brother Suyun going to be alright? Or…or is it better for he just give up.”

Xin Yue anxiously walked around in circles, not knowing what to do..she wanted convey to Suyun that he should just give up the tournament, but…

The arena was already closed off.

The audience began to quiet down and their attention went towards the ring.

In three more breaths, the two will begin fighting.

The surrounding area remained silent. There was a tense atmosphere.

Sunanye narrowed his eyes as he glared at Suyun.

“Awfully unexpected, right?” Sunanye began to speak.


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