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Chapter 26: No Mercy in Battle


Su Hei suddenly shortened the distance with a few strides, as he quickly advanced to Su Yun’s position. In an instant, his aura increased, as he released his spirit power. The punch was aimed straight for Su Yun’s chest.

With this strike, even if it could not kill Su Yun right away, with the massive amount of spirit power infused into the fist, if Su Yun did not try to block, he would have a high chance of becoming mortally wounded. Furthermore, even if it was blocked, because of the spirit power infused within the fist, Su Yun could become heavily injured.

How very ruthless!

This strike was only meant to kill or heavily injure.


Just as the fist neared its target…


Su Yun’s palm firmly seized the terrible iron-fist strike, as if it was just a breeze of light wind.

The strike’s power immediately dispersed, and smoke rippled from the clash…

“What!?” (Tl: More like: Dafuq. Editor’s note: WTFNANI?!?!)

Dong Mu almost jumped up in the air, as both his eyes opened wide. Looking at the strange situation in the arena, his face couldn’t help but be plastered with a flabbergasted expression.

The disciple, Su Yun, that was kicked out of the inner sect of the Su Family, had actually caught the mighty iron-fist strike so easily with one hand. Su Hei had definitely infused a lot of spirit power into his fist!

“Su Hei, did you not eat your lunch?” Dong Mu shouted stiffly.

The crowded remained silent.

Su Hei had the same look of flabbergast as well. He could not believe the scene in front of him.

Only after looking at the situation carefully, did he recover himself. It must have been a trick. He could not imagine that Su Yun would be a hard opponent to deal with.

Moreover, with his boss and fellow disciples watching in the audience, how could he afford to lose?

Su Hei took a deep breath, and his face hardened up, becoming serious. He covered his entire body with spiritual aura again and jumped forward. He lifted his legs to deliver a fierce kick straight through Su Yun.

Despite this speed, in the next second, an even faster kick had struck Su Hei’s abdomen.


Su Hei’s entire body was flung across to the edge of the arena and  crashed on the edge of the ring. He clutched his stomach and trembled in pain.

However, with resolute determination, he managed to quickly stand up again.

There was no clamor in the audience, no critics. They remained absolutely silent.

They were not fools. Just then, Su Yun’s fast kick allowed them to understand what was really happening…

According to the rumors, Su Yun was just trash. But that wasn’t really the case. He wasn’t weak at all.

“He truly is not so simple,” Dong Mu said.

Su Yun began to step forward towards Su Hei.

Su Yun’s eyes were not the indifferent eyes from the beginning of the match, but ones from which emerged a terrifying killing intent.

Su Hei looked up at Su Yun, saw that the sword, and began to realize the utter terror of an impending death. His forehead began to feel numb, and his heart began to pound quickly in fear.


A foot suddenly kicked straight at Su Hei and went straight for the head without any sense of mercy.


Again, Su Hei was sent flying through the air. The spiritual aura that covered his head began to break. Su Hei rolled a few times on the arena before he had stopped. Then, his body remained still. It was unknown if he was dead or alive.

However, Su Yun still did not stop there.

He continued towards Su Hei, step by step. The spiritual aura that surrounded him was slowly rising up, thickening, sharpening, encompassing, and oppressing the entire space within the arena. In an instant, it had covered his body entirely.

“Match thirty-seven, stop immediately!” The judge understood something was wrong and quickly called out.

“Su Yun! What are you doing? This is a tournament…do you really want to murder him?” Dong Mu stood up, leapt into the arena,  and called him out.

“Su Yun! You have obviously won, why do you still need to fight?”

“Stop immediately,” Dong Mu growled.

The four other judges of the match raised their eyebrows.

The judges began to rush towards Su Yun to restrain him.

After Su Yun saw this, he stopped.

If the judge was indifferent to this match, Su Yun would have still been indifferent and easily killed Su Hei on the spot.

He did not even have any hatred or grudges towards Su Hei.

The only reason he acted in such a way was because Su Hei had the intent to kill during his first charge.

Since Su Hei intended to take his life, so why should Su Yun be polite?

However, this was the end of the match. Furthermore, in order to enter the inner sect of the Su Family and continue his plan, he would have to comply with the current competition rules.

The judge anxiously rushed towards Su Hei’s side and lifted his head. After the situation was reviewed, they came to the conclusion that even if the spirit aura was very weak now, the brain was just in shock, so Su Hei had fainted. Su Hei did not die, and the judge immediately asked Dong Mu to take him to treatment.

“You honor, he cheated! He actually wanted to kill Su Hei! He broke the rules!” After Dong Mu saw the judges indifferent attitude towards the result of the match, but he wanted Su Yun to be punished. Therefore, he was not content and shouted out his emotions.

“In the arena, fist’s have no eyes, and as long as Su Yun did not kill the opponent, there is no punishment. This is the rules.” The judge said coldly.

Dong Mu hesitantly continued, ‘ But…just then he…”

“Are you just a sore loser?!! practice is king. The contestants are not the audience members, so this matter has nothing to do with the Su Family.”

After the judge finished, he ignored Dong Mu’s rebuttals and continued to organize the next match.

Dong Mu just stood there dumbly, and Su Yun stepped off the platform. After he came to, Dong Mu shot a fierce glare at Su Yun, as he stormed off with his lackeys.

The disciples around Su Yun no longer had contempt in their eyes. Many disciples were even fearful of Su Yun now.

With just these two matches, the disciples now had a new impression of him.

Perhaps, the title of trash no longer fit him.

In the corner of the tournament, several luxuriously dressed people were spectating the scene.

“It appears that he has some skill,” The leader of the group said.

“Bah! That is all he is capable of.” The people beside him scoffed with faces full of disdain.

“I’ve already arranged everything. so if he survives his next few matches and meets you in a match, you better not be incomponent!”

“Master, why are you so worried that I will lose?”

“Do I look worried?”


“We shall see!” The master smiled and turned to leave.

Su Yun went back to find Xing Yang and Xin Yue was. He saw the pale face of Xing Yang sitting at the meeting area.

With a glance at Xing Yang, Su Yun noticed that his body was riddled with scars, and he had many bruises on his face. Xin Yue was applying medicine to Xing Yang’s wounds.

“What happened,” Su Yun asked.

“We just met a bastard,” Xing Yang hoarsely said with a depressed face. With the wounds on his face, it pained Su Yun to see him this way.

“An inner sect disciple?”

“No, it was that Su Nanye.”

Not waiting for Xing Yang to continue, Xin Yue spitefully cursed, “My brother was matched up against him. Even though Xing Yang lost over ten times, Su Nanye just did not relent. He actually continued and intensified his attack on my brother. Now my brother is really injured! That Su Nanye really is despicable!”

“You already met him in just three matches,” Su Yun frowned.


“Damn, I only got a little lazy, and I lost! I…I really am useless,” Xing Yang bemoaned as he clasped his head and he grounded his teeth.

He had practiced so hard and only achieved this result. How could Xing Yang possibly accept this?

“Su Nanye is pretty strong and has had no shortage of cultivation medicine. Furthermore, he is wearing armor, so it is not your fault that you couldn’t take him. These things just happen, and your only choice is to work harder in the future,” Su Yun consoled.

Xin Yue nodded and Xing Yang sighed heavily.

Flash…. (Tl: light sound, idk)

Suddenly, the tickets in Su Yun and Xin Yue emitted bright light…

After three days, the tournament had already eliminated many disciples. Most of the trash students of the outer sect were cut. The majority of the disciples that remained were the elites or inner sect disciples.

Su Yun easily went through to the second round, contrary to everyone’s expectations. Since Xin Yue did not face anyone really strong, she also passed unharmed to the next round. They were allowed to rest for one day, and then, the matches would resume.

Over half of the outer sect disciples were removed from the tournament, so the chances of facing any of the inner sect disciples increased greatly.

Most of the disciples in the outer sect would just forfeit, if they met an inner sect disciple.

Xing Yang went home to recuperate from his injury. Xin Yue and Su Yun were at the square , waiting. They were waiting for the next set of matches to be displayed on the board.

Flash… (Tl: light sound, idk, if anybody has any suggestions, please comment)

Just then, the ticket in Su Yun’s hands lit up.

Xin Yue said, “ Su Yun, I’m going to the audience to cheer for you!”

“Okay!” Su Yun nodded.

The duo went their separate ways. Xin Yue went to the audience to find a place to cheer for Su Yun. Meanwhile, Su Yun stepped up onto the first arena.

The opponent did not come out yet. Su Yun calmly waited. There were a lot of onlookers gathered for this match. Nearly a hundred.

When Su Yun’s figure appeared in fellow disciples line of sight, they began to gather around his match, as if waiting for another amazing performance.

Many people could not believe that Su Yun would have a winning streak. Therefore, more and more people came to the match. Seeing was believing.

Just then, commotion suddenly erupted out from the side of the arena.

Su Yun and Xin Yue looked towards the sound of the commotion and saw Su Nanye was walking towards this arena.

Xin Yue’s face suddenly paled and with very pale lips, lightly said, “Could it be…that big brother Su Yun’s opponent is really him?”

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