Chapter 26 Teaser

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Chapter 26: No Mercy in Battle


Suhei suddenly shortened the distance with a few strides as he quickly neared Suyun. Moreover, in an instant, his aura increased, as he expelled his spirit power. The punch was aiming straight for Suyun’s chest.

With this strike, even if it could not kill Suyun, with the massive amount of spirit power infused in the fist, if Suyun did not try to block, he would be mortally wounded. Furthermore, even if it was blocked, because of the spirit power infused with the fist, Suyun could become heavily injured.

Very ruthless!

This strike was really meant to kill or heavily injure.


Just as the fist neared its target…


Suyun’s palm firmly grabbed the terrible iron fist strike as if it was just a breeze in the wind.

The strike’s power immediately dispersed and smoke ripple from the clash…

“What?” (Tl: More like: Dafuq)

Dongmu almost jumped up in the air, as both his eyes opened wide, looking at the strange situation in the arena with a flabbergasted expression.

The disciple, Suyun, that was kicked out of the inner sect of the Su Family, had caught the mighty iron fist strike with one hand easily. Suhei had infused a lot of spirit power into the fist!

“Suhei, did you not eat lunch?” Dongmu shouted stiffly.

The crowded remained silent.

Suhei was flabbergasted, for he could not believe the scene in front of him.

Only after looking at the situation carefully, did he recover. It must have been a trick. He did not imagine that Suyun would be a hard opponent to deal with.


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    Instead of
    “Suhei, did you not eat lunch?” Dongmu shouted stiffly.
    I think this would be more appropriate,
    “Suhei, do you even lift ?” Dongmu shouted stiffly.
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    1. yaoz889 says:

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