Limitless Sword God Chapter 25


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Chapter 25: An Overnight Reversal

Xing Yang was baffled.

“Big brother Su Yun, why is he doing this? I did him no wrong…yet…yet why is he looking for trouble?”

“What did you do wrong? You are a complete fool!”Xin Yue angrily said, “Su Nan Ye’s cultivation is high, so he is more sensitive to the criticisms than an average disciple. With his short temper and his personality he will never accepted that Qian ge was better than him. He must have heard the words that you uttered. How can he not be angry? Fortunately, big brother Su Yun helped you apologize this time. Otherwise, the consequences would have certainly been more serious!”

After Xin Yue finished, she glanced at Su Yun with a face full of gratitude. As for what had happened between Su Yun and Su Nan Ye earlier,, she also stood behind and did not witness anything abnormal. She just thought that Su Yun’s apology was just accepted by Su Nan Ye, because he had been in the inner sect before.  If it wasn’t for this why would Su Nan Ye have left so easily?

However, Xing Yang remained dumbfounded, because even he, who had been standing in front, did not notice the lightning fast events that had just occurred.

“Xing Yang, outside of your home, you can say many things. However, you cannot just blabber anything you want. The elites of this tournaments have very high cultivation, and they usually are tolerant to petty conversations. Nonetheless, if you really manage to anger their heart, you could be doomed. Su Nan Ye has a spirit novice cultivation of stage ten, so you could not even be considered as an opponent. I hope his next opponent does not fight him, otherwise, their chances of entering the inner sect would disappear,”Su Yun said carefully.

Xing Yang and Xin Yue nodded their heads in agreement.

“Come on, let’s strive to enter the inner sect.” Seeing the two becoming a little nervous, Su Yun decided to comfort them.


At this point, Su Yun’s hands suddenly lit up, and the crimson glow illuminated him.

“Big brother Su Yun, it’s your turn!”

Xin Yue was ecstatic.

“Ah!” Su Yun nodded and turned his eyes away and headed to leave.

“You can do it!” The Yue and Yang siblings encouraged.(TL 加油!)

“Just give me a moment!”

One light response floated back.


“Number: 807 contestant is done Number: 998 contestant vs. number: 173 contestant.”

The judge called out loudly.

Soon after, the two figures arrived at the front desk.

“Look. Look. Isn’t that Su Yun?”

“Su Yun? The trash that was kicked out from the inner sect?”

“That’s him!”

“Who is his lucky opponent? To actually meet this type of person? It isn’t really a fight anymore, right?”

“Oh! Why did I not encounter this person in my match? The previous matches made me waste a lot of spirit power and took a lot of physical effort. I do not even know if I can take my opponent in the next round!”

“Just resign yourself to fate!”

Eighty-seven disciples on the sidelines were conversing loudly with each other.

Because of Su Yun’s appearance, the audience area was crowded with people.

“This is really my lucky day. I did not expect to encounter a trash like you in my first duel! Good! Very Good! Very Good! Ha ha ha…”

On the opposite side of the arena, a yellow robed man was staring at his opponent. Then, he suddenly laughed ecstatically.

Su Yun: “ ………..”

“Hey, you can’t even win against your own mother, so your mother should just beg to eat shit then!” (TL note: Chinese Yomama jokes truly have a way with words, basically means f*** you, lol)

The disciples cried with laughter, as they nodded in approval.

“If I really can’t win, I will eat shit in public,” Su Yun’s opponent, Su Da, replied with his chapped lips. Then Su Da laughed, “Then I will not try too hard. hey, Su Yun, since you are my first opponent, I will certainly treat you well!”


Then, a crisp bell sound rang in the air and everyone waited for the judge’s announcement.

“The eighty-seventh match officially starts now!”

After he uttered these words, Su Yun’s opponent immediately began walking up to Su Yun while shaking his head back and forth. He had no defensive stance and did not even use his spirit power much.

Su Yun’s opponent did not even acknowledge him and only gazed at Su Yun in contempt.

It appeared that Su Yun’s opponent thought the victory was already in his grasp!

However, just then, Su Yun made his move.

His strides were amazingly fast!

His might moved him forward.

Like a lightning strike, the a strong spirit aura covering his entire body was just waiting to explode out. He rushed towards his opponent like a torrent. As he flew in his opponents direction, his fists were soon covered with a whirlwind of spirit power.


Su Da was stunned and could not even react as Su Yun rushed in front of him.

With just a step and a firm stance, Su Yun’s fist roared out towards him with violent force.


Su Da’s chest was hit square on, and his body was suddenly sent flying out. He hit the edge of the isolation barrier of the front desk, rolling a few times before he landed. He remained motionless and even seemed to have lost consciousness.


“Contestant number 998 is the winner of the eighty-seventh match,” shouted the judge.


All the audience gasped.

The arena was filled with many disciples with both eyes opened wide. Many rubbed their eyes, because they thought that what they saw was just wrong.

“I….there is no problem with my eyes, right? Su Yun…actually won? Furthermore…he only used one strike?”

“This…this is not possible, his opponent must be just too weak.”

“That disciple’s cultivation was seventh stage, and he was too weak? So the seventh stage disciple could not even withstand one strike from a sixth stage disciple?

“Will….will Su Da have to eat shit…he led himself to his own demise….”

The onlookers were all stunned as they looked at each other.

Su Yun just patted the dust off and stepped off from the arena.

The crowded automatically broke apart and give him a small path. There was no criticism and no shouting. There was not even any whispers…

Su Yun went back to the tournament square.

Xing Yang was in a match, so only Xin Yue was still there.

“Big brother Su Yun! I saw it all, holy shit!” Xin Yue laughed, “You really have become strong! Wow!”

“My opponent just took me too lightly,” Su Yun laughed.

The outcome of the first match was unexpected. No one had expected Su Yun to win, since many thought he was still at sixth stage cultivation and took him too lightly. To underestimate an enemy was taboo, and it gave Su Yun a huge advantage.

Soon, the second round of matches began.

*In the thirty-seventh front desk.*

In the other matches, a small amount of people were gathered, ranging from a dozen to a few dozen; but surprisingly, this desk had around a hundred gathered gathered it.

Su Yun’s match was at the 37th arena, and he strode towards it.

Not surprisingly, a roar sounded again from the crowd as they saw Su Yun.

“Boss, seems like they didn’t even fight! There was no battle at all!”

“Do not say that, this kid can hear you. I’m only afraid how his cultivation improved. Is it from before he left the inner sect or something else? Just allow me to take it easy,”A young bare chested man shouted.

The disciples who let out sounds of disdain quieted down.

Su Yun gazed over at the bald disciple and observed his appearance.

This disciple was called Dong Mu, and he was a boss of a minor force of the outer sect. He was involved in many events, so he had high prestige, which also meant that many disciples knew about him.

Su Yun looked at the opponent, since it was already in the tickets. Indeed, there was no mistake, Dong Mu really managed to win against Su Hei.

At a spirit novice realm of 8th stage cultivation, coupled with a well-toned body and fierce, young  eyes, which seemed to have experienced many battles, his strength was very dominating. It was said that Dong Mu took part in many conflicts. Therefore, it was not surprising that Su Hei was this person’s lackey.

In his previous two matches, Su Hei had already beat his opponents really badly. This tournament is his chance to to enter the inner sect.

This disciple could not be compared to Su Da, for Su Hei was stronger than him by several cultivation levels.

A match of two disciples.

The young bald disciple Dong Mu just chuckled, “Clean up this crap!”

“Yes, elder brother Dong Mu!”

Su Hei glared at Su Yun.


After the bell rang, Su Hei immediately leapt towards Su Yun. He was covered with spirit power and his overbearing aura was enveloping Su Yun.

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